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Published: Thursday, July 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Get over it

Fez would gain nothing from this mess. I have watched 3 games so far and it was a waste of time and also a waste of Jazz money. A week of practice would be worth more.

This summer league stuff is nothing more than a show case for Euro bound try outs. It does not benefit the real Jazz players in any way. It is also a chance to get needlessly injured.

It is a stupid NBA ritual that provides little benefit other than to case out potential players that could be picked up for cheap.

If you draft a clown

Don't be shocked when he shows up with shiny red nose.


Dumb and dumberer move.

I like you Fes but ... not showing up for summer league was STUPID.

The Jazz are one team that values loyalty and commitment. And you just slapped them in the face.

You'd better come to veteran's camp improved and in the best shape of your life. That's the only way OConnor is going to forgive your youthful indiscretion.


What is everyone so upset about? CJ Miles proved you don't have to play in summer league and you can still get a big fat contract.

Drop It

O'Connor doesn't like what? The organized mass confusion of summer leagues flat out doesn't benefit anyone other than new rookies, and that just lets them know what kind of offensive, and defensives schemes they play, which are as old as the game of basketball. Fess will get more out of his time at home and his conditioning will be fine if he really wants to be an NBA player. If not he can bet that the rest of his years are going to be spent in the Ukraine, maybe where he belongs anyway! I just wish A.K. could resign and go home too, but the NBA has all of these phony rules and regulations that quite frankly vastly favor the players.

Sneaky Jimmy

He was smart not to show up to the summer league debacle. Why would you want to allign yourself with what looks like a bad group of church league players. If I was KOC I'd be embarrased to have my team get used by the other rookie teams there.


Is a freakin joke of a player, I rather have Ostertag


Fez is working with his National team. It is not like he is just staying home. You need to deal with players working with their countries as well, especially when it is just a pre-season league that this is.

I agree but...

Summer league is a mess but Fess needs time practicing in our system. Every minute he can possibly get is what he needs. He still wanders around on the floor lost not knowing where he is supposed to be. Another week of practice and games in our system could only help him.

He is going to get some minutes this year since collins is gone so it would nice for him to be prepared somewhat. He is a big that we will need to produce a quality 10 minutes + a game if we are going to have any chance.

CJ--this essentially is his 3rd season in the league (despite it is actually his 5th). The first two were essentially no experience when you look at how many minutes he played.

Typically it is in the 3rd season that most new players take off and make the jump to being a decent NBA player if they are ever going to be one.

I think CJ realized he got punked last year. With increased minutes his stats/48 mins ALL DECLINED. Not good.

This is the year CJ should likely "get it" or he never will. Do or die.


Well, I'm unhappy with Kevin O Connor sitting on his hands and doing nothing this offseason. Almost every team in the west has made a significant trade to get better, and KOC is asleep at his desk.

Fire KOC right now. He has done nothing in Utah but mismanage the payroll for this heartless roster.

todd from santa ana

I wish Kevin showed this much emotion, trying to get the Jazz to a "championship level" then pout because someone missed 5 stupid games being played months before the regular season.

After all "priorities"


I agree with 'Unhappy..?'. It is about time the Jazz management gets it together and fires this bum. He sits idle and does nothing. We are the only team not getting better.


John Wicks

Another lame duck off season by KOC. By the time he wakes up everyone is gone. He needs to resign and I don't mean tomorrow. The people of Utah deserve a better product then the one they have. Nothing better than an 8th seed and early exit with the present squad!!


Kevin O Connor needs to go. Or maybe it's Jerry Sloan making all the decisions and KOC is his little secretary. Either way, the Jazz need change. Fans want change.

Richard Hickson

I have seen this song and dance before, and to be quite honest, it wasn't that good the first time. Fire Kevin O Connor, let Sloan retire, and turn the reins over to Deron and a new set of running mates.

Dirty Diana

Totally agree. Kevin O Connor needs to go, as this Jazz team needs change and he apparently is too incompetant to make it happen.


I love that his is happening. I think now that the Jazz see that Fes is not a player that needs to stay with the club for years. I think by mid season he is gone in a trade. Throw in him, Price and CJ for someone. I think your future will be Koufos at either the 4 or 5. I don't see Fes ever really becoming more than a 5-8 minute a game player for a different team and Millsap is good but not a franchise. I would love to see Boozer stay and start along with KK but that will never happen. My guess is Boozer is gone after this year. so the starting 5 of the future will be Memo, Koufos, CJ(unless he is traded, Brewer and DWill

Nicholas Hall

I'm not a huge Jazz fan, but it seems to me that Jazz fans are disgruntled and want change. Why would the company - the Jazz - not respond to consumer demands - the fans - ?

todd to nicholas

How long do you have? It would take hours

Nicholas to Todd

The only explanation needed will be the empty green seats and the dramatic slip in tv ratings this coming season. It is business suicide to not give the consumer what they want.

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