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Published: Thursday, July 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let him go for that price. Don't do another AK. Millsap is a great role player but the Jazz need impact players. If Paul wants to live in Portland, Adios baby. We don't need a backup making starter money.

Let Millsap go

if he gets anything more than the MLE. Utah got some good cheap years out of him. Prichard has been acting strangely lately. His drafting was almost as bad as MNs. If he overpays Millsap to be a back up PF that is going to cost POR in the long run.

Utah needs to look around for a young, taller, athletic PF they can get for cheap for insurance.

For this year, until there is a trade, Koufos can play back up PF and Fez can play back up C.

When the Jazz make a trade later this year they hopefully can get the PF of the future and maybe a shooting SG.

Too bad they were not aggressive in the draft. They could have moved up a few spots in the second round for cheap and gotten Blair and replaced Millsap instead of letting SA steal him. But that is the Jazz, slow, timid, conservative and not very smart.

Who cares if Blair has no knees. If you got this season out of him it would be worth it. He may start for SA at the 4. He will play for SA this year.

The Jazz are slow.


Why would Portland over-pay Millsap when he is not even going to be the starter, and why would Millsap want to go to Portland and ride the bench. Unlike
Boozer, Aldridge isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I hope the Jazz don't match some ridiculous offer - we got ourselves into this mess by unnecessarily over-paying, I would hate to see us do it again.


If Portland offers 8.9 million I don't see the Jazz matching it.

While I do love your play Paul, the Jazz can't afford to pay 9 million per year for a second string undersized power forward.

Still ... you'd be a knucklehead to not accept that kind of offer. So, no hard feelings if you do end up leaving. Your behavior and play with the Jazz has been exemplary.


I hate to say but goodbye Paul Millsap. Go and chase the money...I don't blame. Enjoy being career backup.

Jesse James

This is why we hate boozer!


Keep Milsap at all cost and deal Boozer to Portland!! Carlos quickly found out his worth in the league in the free market so he is lucky to have the salary he is getting for his final year here.


Wow! Ask me why we signed CJ Miles last year. If I had a choice between Milsap and Miles the choice is easy. Great Job O'Conner!

Cowboy Joe

Wait to Go KOC. You were more worried about Fes not going to summer league rather than offer Millsap a contract. It is going to cost you many more millions to match the offer sheet. If you would have done your job Millsap would have been signed Boozer traded, and Kirilenko traded. Greg needs to hire us posters we can do better than your. Right Todd?

Sign and Trade

So if the Jazz are 3 million over the cap right now and they add 9 million to sign Milsap, they would have to pay approx 12 million next year in luxury tax. I like Milsap for 5-6 mill but not 18 million. I would suggest a sign and trade with the blazers for next years first round draft pick.


All I have to say is that I am tired of O'Connor getting the free pass. Honestly it seems that every team in the west is getting not only better but doing it by signing big free agents.

Then there is O'Connor who honestly has put the Jazz in the position that they are now with his contract work with current players and while everyone else is getting better it honestly seems like O'Connor is totally clueless on what is going on around him.

Either he is very good at not showing anyone his hand or he truly is clueless. Either way the Jazz salary is the worst deal in the NBA. They are over the luxury tax and will have a team that will maybe finish 4th in the west


Not sure if Paul would continue to get better (improve as he has the last three years) in the Portland system. Money talks and BS walks. The Jazz will loose him if they don't get busy.

That would leave a huge hole to fill in the 'toughness' category.

Match offer

The jazz should match any offer millsap gets because boozer will leave no matter what and I think memo might leave also. If we don't sign millsap all we will have is williams and AK.


I don't know why in the world Portland would go and offer an outrageous contract to a player they really don't need. They already have Alridge, Oden, Prizbilla and batum. They don't have much of a inside presence but I'm not sure how good of an inside presence Milsap is...yeah he's good in our system but what about Portland. If Milsap gets a bloated contract, and the jazz match, and it becomes an AK situation in a few years, that would be worse case senario.

I think milsap is a fine player, and has high potential of starting and being a very effective player on any team...maybe even an allstar. But right now, without any proof of that, he is not worth more than 5-7 million a year. If in the next few seasons, he becomes great and putting up boozer numbers and good D, than boost him into 10 million range, but definately not now.

I think a lot of teams are staying away because he wants so much...which is perfect for the jazz.


Goodbye Paul.

POR does not have

anyone on the books for more than 6.8 Million. They also will need to re-sign Blake and Outlaw next season.

Millsap will be the back up PF and he sounds like he will be the highest paid player on the team. Prichard is pretty unconventional and often makes trades but it is unlikely he is going to trade Aldridge who currently is making less than Millsap is supposed to get. Millsap could be useful in holding down Aldridge next year as he is a RFA as is Brandon Roy.

In other words POR has 4 important players they need to resign next year. Overpaying Millsap does not make a lot of sense (just like with OKC). However, going after Turkoglu did not make a lot of sense either.

This looks like it could be a harassment offer for just above the mle with maybe a signing bonus. That would cost Utah to match it. If they got Millsap they could trade him after this year but I would expect Blake, Outlaw, Aldridge and Roy to get a lot more than they are getting even in a bad market next year.

Keep the draft picks

How do you think POR got a better team than Utah and is still under the cap? Drew Gooden is still available as I recall. A one year deal with him would replace Millsap for this year. That gives the Jazz a lot of time and flexibility to get the PF and back up they need in the long run.

See Ya

For that price, good luck Paul. A career back up is not worth anywhere close to that, especially one that does nothing extremely well, besides hustle.

Millsap doesn't want to play behind Boozer, but says he is ok behind Aldridge. Makes no sense. Boozer is older and could be out of town next year, Aldridge is going nowhere soon. I think this says Paul is looking for one thing, MONEY. Kind of ironic that the guy leaving to chase more money is the guy Jazz fans have fallen in love with because he seems so willing to be a team player.

I'd say Millsap pulled a fast one over all the Boozer haters who love Millsap and extremely overrate him.

Keep Milsap

We win with Milsap and lose with Boozer Check the stats. When Boozer was injured

Virginia Jazz Fan

Dear Deseret News:

PLEASE stop running that silly photo of Millsap holding his head. Don't you have any other stock photos of him? We've seen that one on every Millsap-related article for the past month.

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