Comments about ‘Use of name, logo in 'Big Love' angers University of Utah officials’

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Published: Wednesday, July 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Stand for Something!

You go, U!

Free publicity

Come on, it's free publicity!
What is the problem with getting your name on TV? Everyone knows that the show is fiction - right?


Boycott Tom Hanks.

Rise And Shout

May I suggest they use the Y instead?

Who Cares

I remember the episode, and it had nothing to do with polygamists being associated with the U. It had to deal with a medical lab at the U running tests on a document. That's it. Stop overreacting. It's a television show. And a well done one at that.

Leave the whinning and belly-aching to BYU and the LDS church.

@ Free publicity

It may be free publicity, but HBO should be required to pay for it.

Sorry folks

People in Hollywood are having a hay day since the making of the BIG LOVE series, and making fun of the Mormons in many of their movies, and all Utah's immoral behavior with so many called wives. It is not nice nor anything to be proud of. Hollywood makes Utah look like a big whore town deep within the west.

It's always better to stay out of the public eye.

I for one am very tired of this publicity.


To WHO CARES, it becomes a matter of legal rights. The U has to pay to have their Nameing rights, so why shouldn't someone else pay them to use it? Why should they just be able to sneak it in for free? It doesnt matter if it has to do with polygamy or not......

And as for the Belly aching you slanderisly refered to. Its not the show about polygamy the Church has issues with, its how HBO does very little to show the differences between the two religions, and what modern day Saints practice and belive.... You are just to much apart of the ignorant crowd to understand where they are coming from.


I'm pleased to hear that the U isn't going to put up with this misuse of its Logo. This proud Cougar says, "Go Utes!"


Go Utah Utes!

Big Love

I would leave it alone or hollywood could give a whole different meaning to the Brigham Young "cougars".

Big Love

Is a horrible show anyways, the acting is bad, there all ugly, and they should just cancel it.


I don't blame the U of U for not wanting to be associated with the trashy show "Big Love". U oF U should take HBO to court.

Go get em Utah UTES!


I knew the Utes were totally in on it.

RE: Who Cares

So, we have another ignorant person among us, big shocker there. The point is this show has no right to use a trademark without permission. It would be like me taking your car for a spin without your permission; last time I checked that is STEALING. Of course, you obviously don't know much about anything so why bother?


Let's face it: they wouldn't care if it wasn't for the fact that it's a show harming public perception of the LDS faith, of which many attendees of the university are.
To this, I say: Way to go U!


Sue the pants off them. Even the BCS is better than the trash of Big Love.


I watch big love all the time and don't remember the U dang I must have been watch the show and not the back ground LOL i'am bad


Utah is known as the polygamist state! So what difference does it make if they use the U?
Geez, until Utah does something other than whine everytime something happens they don't like, guess what, NO ONE IS GOING to like UTAH!

Better comparison...

Rather than comparing to borrowing the car...it would be like someone using your face in their ad encouraging people to get their syphilis checked because "this person" has been spreading it.

What?? Don't like that very much? Come on...stop whining! Free publicity!

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