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Published: Monday, July 6 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This from a state that takes more in federal tax dollars than it gives back. I'd love to see some of these right-wingers "rise up" against the most powerful military that the world has never known. Talk about high comedy...

Barack Obama is going to be your president for at least three-and-a-half more years, Utah. Time to put on your big-boy pants and deal with it.

Barakodamas sees the future

KJB that was a very insightful and intelligent response. I'm just wondering, to what?


KJB, it will be eight.

"Freedom is no longer valued, law is ignored, the Constitution is trampled, government-enforced theft of private property abounds, book-length legislation neither read nor understood is jammed through under false pretenses, PC-foolishness and eco-nonsense permeate, unfathomable spending and debt enslave us.

All branches of government have become corrupt."

Paul Sharp, why are you are talking about the Bush Admin still? It's okay, they are gone.


Great letter. Well said.



You must be a graduate of the new education system that this nation is subjected to.
You do not know your history very well.
In the 1770's the British had a very powerful military.
It was thought by some that those who wanted to break away from English rule were quite mad.
That those wanted to break free of the English tyranny would never be able to defeat such a military force.
The early Americans patriots (terrorists under the Dept of Homeland Security guidelines of today) really did not want to break the ties with England, but taxes and other unjust policies created by King George forced them to revolt against English rule.
Today this nation is near the same conditions that existed in the 1770s'. High taxes, too many insane rules and leaders that will not listen to the ones who voted them into office.
What will happen in the next 3.5 years?
I really do not know precisely what will happen.
It will get real interesting though.
I have a feeling that these will be considered the good old days. Days of wine and roses.
Wine loses its favor and roses do die.

Stalwart Sentinel


The revolution is occurring right now and I am happy to report that you are on the losing side. But thanks for the daily dose of foolish rhetoric.


@KJB, better you name should be KGB. You delt with a conservative president so well, and you want to force us to deal with a lying, untrustworthy president by saying we are children. Hope you like the state of the US when this administration is done. By the way, we are talking about what we can do now, the past is in the past, but you "girls" can't seem to let the past go.... So sad for you...


So, KJB, you like what the letter-writer says is happening to your/our country?

We should just buck up and let it happen?

I don't think the letter-writer intends an armed conflict with our military, but rather a cultural revolution that removes current idiots from power.

Too bad that all you can do is call names when such important subjects are brought up. Perhaps whiners like you should be left on the sidelines of such important discussion and leave the serious talk to the grown-ups.

Revolution underway!

Hi Paul:

Look around -- a revolution is underway! We've got a president with the guts to address America's oil addiction, get people access to healthcare, stop torture, re-build ties with allies and open dialogue with enemies, exit an ill conceived war on Iraq, encourage energy efficiency, address climate change, use science to set policy, and revive the economy beyond tax cuts for the rich. What a breath of fresh air from the stale Bush era.

Bush believed government was evil and sought ways to gut it. Obama wants to make government work and be responsive to the will of the people to fix all the crises instigated by the Bush Administration. Bush's poor response to Katrina victims epitomized the Bush era philosophy of apathy and government ineffectiveness.

Watching Obama clean up Bush's mess and restore America's integrity amongst its citizens and the world is exciting. Stay tuned!


This is the second day in a row with a letter entitled "Time for a revolution." There sure are a lot of revolutionaries in this state!


I love what's happening to our country. We're finally dealing with reality, and doing so like adults.

Republicans lost the election fair and square. They deserved to lose. They don't like the fact that they lost - so surprise there. Why are they acting like a bunch of spoiled brats?

What's with the temper tantrums and veiled threats?

Grow up.

fact check

We have revolutions in America. They are called elections. The previous adminstration and their supporters were legaly overthrown. Organize and spread your message. Maybe you can be victorious in the next election.


Paul, where were you last year? We really needed it then. We had a revolution of sorts in the historic 2008 election. Now help the man elected under the Constitution (as provided for by the Founding Fathers) be successful.


Wow, the reich loses one election and its time for a revolution? The entire letter was one run-on sentence straw-man argument. Yes, by all means, move to Montana and join a compound. The adults will go on like we always have. I didnt think it was possible but the AM radio crowd has become even more pathetic.


Vote the bums out!

And do it in the PRIMARIES if you don't want to vote for "the other party."

Roland Kayser

I wonder if the letter writer really means what he says. Is he advodating armed insurection against the U.S. goevernment?

to: revolution underway

when are people going to stop blaming bush for katrina? don't you understand that he could only have helped if the state's governor asked for it? and no, he did not. in fact, he said he didn't need it. what you need to understand is that if bush had done what you say he should hav done he would have been impeached. oh but i am sure that's why you are so mad about it. you wanted him impeached, and i'm sure the goovernor wanted that to. you guys were just praying for him to go in there and ten impeach him. and as for barak hussein obama, he is gutless. the only thing he wants to adress is that our entire nation and its history is evil. tax cuts? is that all you can say? oh we need more tax cuts for everyone except the rich. well, that's why he won. because america has become a sell out. we sold our morals and principles because he promised a $200 bonus for low income families. are you still going to say the election wasn't bought?


This is the first time I have made a blog-style comment here, but the paper (probably inadvertently) edited out much of my letter, making it appear that I advocate revolution, which is incorrect. I clearly hinted that the Second Coming would be the "event" which returns us to Constitutional principles. As for other points:
1 - I abhor both parties' administrations (and Utah's 2 past governors as well). There is "no difference in direction, but only speed."
2 - For those who think government is headed down the right road these days, I can only respond: that's why I think we're beyond recovery. There are now so many stupid enough to believe that government is the answer (there are exceptions such as naitonal defense) that they deserve it.



Paul, Just trust God and have your food storage. The Prophet will tell us what to do.


For Neocons, revolution must occur anytime we see anything that we disagree with.

From Registration fees to government bailouts. Maybe if I break my nail on that "Communist" Library door I'll ask to gather the rest of my fellow Utahn citizens for revolution!

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