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Published: Saturday, July 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bryce Coons

Even if Tracy is not fully healthy, the Jazz would be doing themselves a favor by making the trade. The Jazz would then have lots of space in 2010 with a great NYC pick on its way. It would show Deron Williams the Jazz are committred to winning and will do whatever necessary to do so. Bring on the Boozer and Andrei trades!!


This is quite possible the dumbest trade ever. The Jazz already have ample supply of guys that can score and DISTRIBUTE the ball. If AK left we'd have two players - DWill and Brewer - that play defense. Why not pick up Steve Nash while we're at it?

McGrady will never

play again and if he does try he will not be the same. Micro fracture surgery does not work well on older players and McGrady has a lot of miles on him.

HOU may be stuck for this next year. Why bail out a rival? There is no 2011 salary saved by paying 23 mill in salary plus another 23 mill in luxury tax this year.

AK does contribute a lot to the team and is the insurance guy for when other positions get hurt. He is also about the only player who plays help defense. Okur and Boozer would be helpless without AK.

With AK on coming off of the bench (2nd string) the 1st Q 1st string defense was awful.

Anyway this is just rumor. Both AK and McGrady's contracts are nearly impossible to move. McGrady has been shopped to just about every team in the league.

The Jazz make us wonder sometimes but they are not that dumb.


It seems like I might be one of the only Kirilinko supporters still left here in Utah, having said that, I still wouldn't mind the trade. Send AK and Harpring's contract to Houston for McGrady. Salaries would match pretty close and worst case scenario is that McGrady doesn't play at all and he leaves at end of season. Then we'd have cap room for the big 2010 FA class. We're obviously not getting Lebron or Wade but we could get a very nice player to play along side Deron for the next 5 years , along with hopefully a lottery pick from NY. I love AK but not at that salary. This trade would also make it easier to trade Boozer because we wouldn't be scared to take on a longer contract, which would only open up our options for who we would be willing to get in return. I know this won't happen because the front office could never pull off such a move, but I can dream right?


Tracyyyy Jazz must be smoking? Right? IT's gonna be good for AK only, he will finally free of Jerry Sloan Tirane. Connor pull the trigger , you did before dumb decisions. his one will be dumbest one. But I like AK so much I wish he play other than Salt lake.

Do it!!

Salaries: AK + Harpring = McGrady. Buy out McGrady. Salary exchange would be similar in 09-10, but rids Jazz of AKs salary for 10-11. AK will make 16 mil this season, and he produces like a mid-level exception player. He does not play hard anymore. This would be a fantastic way to get rid of him.

This would potentially leave the Jazz with Brewer, Korver, Price, Miles, and Millsap to play the wing positions. Playing Millsap at the 3 gets him on the floor more. Not a ton of shooters, though.

With this trade, the Jazz would have something like 50 mil in salaries coming off the books next summer- Korver, Boozer, Okur, McGrady.


this is a stupid "what might of been but that would never work" hear-say story to make up for the lack of real news. lets all get off the computer and go paint the fence or something until next wednesday when the second wave of speculation trades begin

WY Jazz fan

Salaries: AK + Harpring = McGrady. Buy out McGrady. Salary exchange would be similar in 09-10, but rids Jazz of AKs salary for 10-11. AK will make 16 mil this season, and he produces like a mid-level exception player. He does not play hard anymore. This would be a fantastic way to get rid of him.

I agree with this all the way it is a win-win situation all around. We buy out McGrady and have lots of cap space to sign the players we need. Millsap plays defence!! and can shoot as well. Look at his stats from last year. DEFENSE is way more important than offense. How coaches are finding that out and telling their players to be more defensive minded.
When will the fans get this into their heads and stop looking for the best fantasy players.

way to go

there must be a hidden reason for this. T Mac is a poor and slow ball movement specialist, likes to take the last second shots while being guarded by 2-3 defenders. Not really the passer the Jazz require.

AK is a great ball player but he disappears when behind Boozer. Seems like the Jazz are trying to keep Boozer which will keep Deron. I applaud the Jazz for trying to move AK as he has potential to do better in a different system, perhaps the Knicks.

Shawn Marion is now available and if we can trade Brewer or Harpring for him that would bring a veteran shooter and defender to the Jazz, although he does not do well without the ball.


I say we go for it. The contract would only be for a year and we could see what we pull out of it. If Tmac is healthy, he is just as good or better than Kobe. Worst case scenario he is a free agent in a year. We aren't going to get anywhere by staying with the status quo..... we need to change things up a bit.


This trade idea is an exciting idea. Im sick of not hearing any trade rumors about the Jazz, it seems like every team in the NBA is making trades but the Jazz, all these teams are improving their roster and the Jazz are at a stand still. The majority of Utah wants Kirlenko gone, free up some money to offer other players.

If mcrady avoids future injury problems, than we have an all star support for D-will, if he doesnt work out then things could be complicated, but I think its worth the gamble. Its pretty obvious that jazz are gonna have a tough time this season anways considering the way the other teams in the NBA are stacking up their teams. If he doesnt work out make him part of a trade package elsewhere since his contract expires this next season anyways.


...fabricated story. Houston has no need or desire for anorexic AK.


What about possible trades with the Pistons? Booze for Prince or Hamilton will do us good. Even Rip gets more blocks than Booze.

Millsap can't play

the 3 he is to slow. Why would McGrady agree to a buy out? How much are you really paying for McGrady with the luxury tax? Why give away your flexability by trading Harp for McGrady.

Why do it now before you know if Millsap is worth keeping and before you know how much that will cost. It is possible Millsap will get no offer this year other than the Jazz (not probable).

Ariza makes AK redundant at HOU so this would strictly be a money trade. It only helps HOU or they would not be offering.

Even if the trade freed up

cap space there is the possibility that the Jazz would do something dumb with the money like resign Okur, and Boozer for a lot more money.

The market will still be bad in summer of 2010. 33 million in cap space is enough to replace Boozer, Okur and Korver with players who play both offense and defense. The Jazz have months to move one or more of them. They need to take their time and wait for the fire sales this year instead of being in bidding wars during the 2010 FA period.

AK's contract will be a lot easier to move for value next year.

Just Do Something!

Out of here with A.K., Boozer and Miles. If the bid for Milsap is to high which would be anything more than 8 mil him too. Lets get smart, tough and surround the nucleus with some grit for a change. These soft primma-donnas are all over this league let them congregate together some where else other than in Utah.


Only trade we need is Sleepy Sloan for anybody can't anyone SEE what is and always has been WRONG with the Jazz? what other coach had TWO Great hall of famers and never won the BIG Prize?

Why Worry?

Not sure why so many Jazz fans worry about who's getting paid what and who's coming off the books. Don't think that's anyone's worry but the Jazz front office.


There is a reason that Tmac is the "subject of frequent trade rumors". When he's healthy he can put up some serious numbers and have some nice highlights but he doesn't win when it matters - in the playoffs. I read somewhere he's never been out of the first round of the playoffs? He's not a good chemistry guy. That will never change. I wouldn't want him on my team.

I'm not an AK supporter either. He's mentally soft and emotionally fragile, not near tough enough for our standards. Again, that will never change.

Anyway, the only reason this trade would be any good would be so that the Jazz could free up cap space for the year after next. As far as T Mac actually helping the team to WIN, it's not going to happen. The Jazz are not going to be any good next year anyway, so maybe it's a good idea to start focusing on the year after.

bum deel

Talkin aint doin but even talkin on this one is stupid magrady is inured to much and never has led his team to a title

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