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Published: Friday, July 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Harp has given a lot

The rules are complicated, I think if he does not play due to medical issues the Jazz get an extra MLE which they don't really need. It may be best to have him start the season and sit on the bench and then buy him out. His contract is non guaranteed at least in part.

It might be best to trade him for a credit or a draft pick and then let them release him and resign him for the minimum. He may make a decent assistant coach.

Hopefully he heals up so he is not in pain and hobbling around for the next 60 years.


Matt whatever will be your future, your being a great player for the jazz institution but your family and health are first and we will understand.
I hope you get better soon regarless of staying or retiring, God Bless you.


That is Harpring's way of saying I know CJ is so much better than me. I can see him not wanting to sit on the bench while the youngster takes his minutes. Time to hang um up Matt and start coaching. Run your basketball camps year round and have Boozer attend them in the offseason.


Please take note Carlos, this is what it like to have a heart. To play and give your all even though you don't have your all anymore. Effort with heart. Harpring will always be one of the best Jazz players. If not by his skill, then by his heart, toughness and love of the game. We all know that a broken fingernail or other ouhee will sideline Boozer for half a season. Maybe Matt could be a teacher or mentor to Boozer even though I think its a pipe dream. Boozer is what he is and could never play with the heart of Harpring. Too bad Matt, I wish you the best, you truly are a class act.


If healthy, I would love to see him back, but I have a feeling he won't be. His role will be really hard to replace. He's one of like 4 players (Williams, Millsap, Price) on the team that give it their all everytime out. You know opposing players want no part in guarding him. He's also probably the only one outside of Booz that can play w/ his back to the basket. When he was first coming to the Jazz I was not happy, I thought 'good another slow white guy' but a friend of mine (a Laker fan of all people) said 'trust me Jazz fans will love him'. Well he couldn't have been more right. It's too bad that his all-out style of play is likely going to force him into early retirement. If there is anyone we could replace him with i'd love to hear about it.


Whatever happens Matt, you can walk proudly into retirement.

I only wish the Jazz had 10 more players just like you.

todd from santa ana

Matt harpring is one of my all time heroes in sports, whatever your decision Matt from me THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU WILL BE ON THE JAZZ COACHING STAFF. GET WELL!!!

Thanks Matt

What a classy guy! Why can't we get more like him. His talent isn't what made him a solid player, just his drive and work ethic. If we could only give him Carlos Boozer's body I'm pretty sure we could win a championship!!!


to burst everyone's love fantasy bubble with Matt Harpring, but he is overrated! The Jazz fans obsession over him has always bugged me and I haven't been popular because of my opinion...but again Matt Harpring...really!? C'mon he may have heart but he lacks NBA talent. QUIT FLOPPING AROUND LIKE A CRAZY GUY ALL THE TIME!!!...but I guess your little charades have impressed Jazz fans and made them think you're so tough and have heart for some reason.

Boozer if you're reading this start flailing your arms anytime you're touched or bumped and then start overreacting and then all the Jazz fans will love you and think you've got passion and heart. Harps did it and it worked for him! Let's hope Harpring is done once and for all...trust me, we will not miss having him.


Matt Harpring was a key component a few years ago when we made the Western Conference Finals. I'll never forget his defense against Tracy McGrady - if that guy (Harpring) comes back next season we can go a long ways. If he's not 90-100% he'll gracefully retire, but he's too much of a fighter to be done now - I'll bet he'll be back.


Matt was a great player and an important part of our core for years, but his production has gone way down. Thanks for all you did Matt. Time for cj to break out of his shell and earn his money.

Mike B.

To sorry, yes you are. You are one sorry individual who needs to go root for some other team. Matt Harpring may not have have the greatest basketball skills, but he more than made up for it in hustle and grit. I think you had better take a closer look at some of those "flops" and "arm flailing", as you put it. I'm sure that if you were to take one of those shots you would be in a coma. Enough about you. Matt Harpring, I am very proud to have had you represent the State of Utah and the Utah Jazz as a classy individual and a hard worker. If all the other players on the Jazz team played as hard as you, with the heart that you have and the grit and determination you have shown over the years, then the Jazz would have won at least one Championship. However, we who have enjoyed watching you consider you a true Champion and a worthy role model for our children as to what one can accomplish with a little skill, a lot of hard work, dedication, and the greatest of hearts. God Bless you.


I know White Players are hard to find that can play in the NBA.

$6.5 Million is a lot of Money to walk away from. However when walking is an issue, it just might have to be considered.

When its over it should be proudly over.

I would go to Camp and if it did not work in camp, then call it a good day.


As good as the Jazz have been to Harpring, maybe he will accept a cheap buy out to help them out with the luxury tax this year. Thanks Matt you were always one of my favorite players.


I love Harpring. What would that do to our salary cap if he didnt play.

Jazz Cop

Harpring wasn't much of a contributor last year. There's something not right about that. There weren't many times he changed the complexion of the game, I knew he was injured, I didn't really know how bad, he never talked about it. Not like boozer who had to have three mri's to find a bone chip and then had to let the whole world know how bad off his injury was and how when he came back the jazz would win a championship?!? I think harp will be a great coach, it would be nice to see him coach the jazz. What a classy guy, it wouldn't surprise me to see him get bought out if it would help the jazz, that's the kind of guy he is.

reply to "sorry"

It's pretty clear that you don't understand important but sometimes subtle concepts of basketball such as team chemistry, hard work, leadership, and hustle.

Matt's not the most talented player to be sure, but he's been pretty valuable in those other ways.


Harp, thanks for all the effort. Time to move on big guy. No use waiting until August because you haven't been healthy for years. Just decide now. From a business decision, this is the best news Jazz fans have had all off season. If he retires, then we lose a huge defensive liability and someone that misses more easy layups under the basket than anyone in the league. I truly appreciate the effort and toughness because we all know how much this team needs that, but we also need production. 4.4 points per game doesn't get it done my friends. So great career, take care of your body and family and help out the Jazz by retiring now, we get that salary money and can go out and get a 2 guard that can make threes.


Harping is the only dude in the NBA that is allowed to be punched in the face and nothing happens, he has more heart then most players out there, I am proud of him. He may not have been the most talented, but he was talented enough to play in the NBA.

John Wicks

A classic act. No tatoo's, earrings and what a competitor. Matt we will miss you. Good luck with your health. You are what the Jazz were all about.

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