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Published: Friday, July 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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These are some of the most bizarre blogs I have ever seen.

Good point, though. The international language skills here in Utah certainly make it an attractive place for NSA.

I hope some of you people can get counseling for your paranoia.


The comments on this article certainly took an abrupt left-turn from the message in the original story.

Great News

It will create a lot of jobs!


We need to invest tax payer money in Cheerio detectors for Sacrament meeting!

North Korea's next target

Oh yeah, this is all we need! One more reason to put Utah on the map for rogue states like North Korea so they can aim their missiles right at us. With Obama's approach to international affairs, we have a good chance of becoming a prime target in WWIII.

Re: Dr. W hat the?

I have to agree with the previous comment regarding your below first-grade-reading-level response. Utah produces great, honest, hard-working citizens of this fine country. Is it just me or do most people wish that their families and religion were listed above work. Who would rather work than be with family or serving in some capacity for their respective religion? Luckily in Utah we realize what is important in life. No wonder why our state's economy is the strongest in the nation. If you don't like the climate, but have a problem leaving because you are a Jazz fan or something, rest assured you can still be a Jazz fan living in a state that will accept your below second-grade-reading-level responses. Get Out!

I have

been wondering about the exact location of the Rhoades mine and the myths about bigfoot in the high uintahs. Now maybe they can finally zoom in to find them..........LOL!!!


The story talks about enabling "network-warfare operations to gain a decisive information advantage for the nation and our allies under all circumstances." It seems a big part of the mission of this center is for cyber-warfare. To be able to attack our enemies' networks and defend our own. Recall the Russian cyber attacks that shut down the Georgian websites? As our nation becomes more dependent on our networks they naturally would have to be defended. I am glad that our country is being pro-active on this. Good choice of location.

Secret Loyalists

For decades Utah has proven to be best location for classified secrets thanks to the Granite Vault System and blind loyalty to Utah leaders, especially by LDS returned missionaries who have been covert operators, many now retired and living in Utah. President Obama wants Governor Huntsman in China because this China is the most spied nation by the US Government and the Utah NSA operation is connected. The Chinese like Utah because their Chi Temples (since 400 AD) do the same functions as the LDS Temples (since 1845 under Brigham Young)


lds rm's are covert operators?! holy cow, that's pretty covert, i didn't even realize i was a covert operator! i guess that explains the badge that makes everyone know exactly who i am!


Umm - quoting a fiction novel in a misguided attempt to lend credibility to a news article is laughable. Sounds like this journalist flunked the "NEWS-101" course.

And - all you NIMBY whiners are unbelievably uninformed. Do you really think that, until this article was published, all of our enemies had absolutely no clue that NSA was building this facility, and exactly where it is?


Hey Dr W

Welcome to Utah!
When are you leaving?


If they are gong to spend the money it might as well be here. I'm sure half of those employed will be from out of state anyways. Hopefully they give the construction bids to legal local contractors.

Jack Fids

The NSA also has a facility in Alice Springs Australia, built before GW Bush, because before him it was constitutionally illegal for the NSA to spy on America or Americans FROM America. The entire operation was funded by the US taxpayer and turned over to a Contractor in Australia to avoid breaking the law.
Once John Yoo subverted the US Constitution US employees filled the place of the sub contractors. This is nothing more than a relocation of a proir facility that is now being used for deeper investigations into the lives of US citizens that is STILL illegal, data mining of ANY record in public & from the internet of EVERY citizen! The NSA has OVER 75,000 employees OR 1500 paid people per state to spy on the residents OF THAT STATE. When the knock at the door comes in the middle of the night for your neighbor it will be too late to save you from this totalitarian police force which we ALL allowed to happen w/o a single voice of dissent.


Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

re:I wonder | 12:11 p.m.

I wonder | 12:11 p.m. July 2, 2009
I wonder if this is because there are so many bilingual returned LDS missionaries around the area.


I'm sure it's because Utah is the Mecca of home grown terroists, and the NSA needs to keep an eye on things here.

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