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Published: Friday, July 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Now Utah can be in the movies! Yaay spy movies.


get ready for power outages for home owners. We already have them on a regular time line anyway. rocky mountain power is pacific power and they are the fun rolling blackout guys. remember Enron they did blackouts for big companys and sold them the power from the blackout homeowners.

I wonder

I wonder if this is because there are so many bilingual returned LDS missionaries around the area.

More revenue for Utah is good

So the power company will get a lot of money from the government on this one. Will that offset the increase the government is creating in our power bill, by causing power companies to pay the government for carbon credits they are going to charge in the future? How come the government gets the bill for those phoney charges, anyway?


What a chance to have Cap and Trade work. The Carbon Credits to run this facility ought to more than pay for some more wind turbines to supplement the two already there to run this place. With all that power, that place ought to glow in the dark.


Let's just announce to the entire world the exact location so N. Korea and other terrorists can have another target.

RE: Smart

This under the auspices of the "smartest" president ever.

I think not, the liberal democrats are joke.

By the way, what make you think the rest of the world didn't already know?

Apparently they will not exactly be doing top secret work there.


The Tom Clancy technology is already 30 yrs old and when he published his first book it was almost another 15 years old. We were doing Enemy Of The State type things in the late 70's Believe me the technology is way out there already. By the time the North Koreans get their primative missles up to the capabililty of our present day missles We'll have the anti missle system and into warp drive. When you hear about the latest new stuff it's already been in service for years.


Obama has approved spying on Americans! He's violating my civil liberties! He's a stomping on the constitution! Oh noooooooo!!


Big Deal..... Everybody in the world knows that DIRNSA resides at the home office at Ft Mead Maryland It's not where the NSA hangs it's hat it's all about how and what they do. You people are a bunch of couch patatoes that need to get a life and get outdoors once in a while.

For those of you slow on the uptake

DIRNSA = Director of the National Security Agency

Please Note

You have no civil Liberties in Utah.
Obama will have to re constitute the U.S Constitution before you have any Rights.
You are not aware that Obama is a Professor of Law?
You are to eager to blame the wrong people for deeds they have not done.
This shows how stupid you are about what we call Social Studies.
The News Papers are not telling the real story.
Your Right to freedom of the press is being objective as to what you can say and do.
We have lost America, The only Right we have left is the 2 nt Ammendment.
The Right to bare Arms when the time gets right.

Josh Finegan

Ask yourself, do we want to become like Maryland??? Traffic. All citizens BANNED from owning handguns. Power outages? High taxes? Affirmative action?

The more this federal government grows the more it will tighten its grip on our freedom until there are no strong virtuous independent men and women left.

Yes, all U.S. citizens are spied on. Yes, they are implanting informant networks throughout all our major cities. Bribing. Manipulating. Domestic SIGINT and HUMINT spying. We allow it! While they pick us off one by one we sit and gorge our bellies, soak up media propaganda, and shop at the malls. They want our kids addicted to video games and pornography. Its easier to control dumb sheep. More bodies to enlist in the military. Your name could be on a federal watchlist and you won't even know it - until they break down your door at night to arrest you.

How do you know someone deserves to be a slave? Because they ARE a slave. They allow it! Wake up America. Unite! Return State's Rights. You think Utah will benefit from having even more federal government in the state? Come on.

Did You Know...

REF: Please Note

...that there is this preacher who always starts a joke with God Bless You. He does it for a very good reason. If you want to offend someone by using a joke without being openly malicious then tell them first "God Bless you" Well in your case God Bless You...over....and over...and over again. That's about the dumbest thing I've seen on this article.

WE bear arms when we shoot to kill an enemy. When as kids we fight in a parking lot or on the school grounds, it's usually a bare knuckle fight. There's a world of difference between those two simple words. Concentrate on getting a decent education before you attempt to tell people what you think is happening in the world....most of us already have a pretty good idea.


Where theres money to be spend theres greed. Bring on the spies (deceit, lies and misinformation) thrives in the intermountain west

Loose Lips Houlihan

Please Note | 5:07 p.m. July 2, 2009

//You have no civil Liberties in Utah.//

What about the new liquor laws?

re: JC | 7:09 p.m. July 2, 2009

//Bring on the spies (deceit, lies and misinformation) thrives in the intermountain west//

Who needs some fancy listening post @ Camp Williams when there is one in every neighborhood along the Wasatch front.

Everyone on knows that Ft Huachuca (SW of Tucson) is the western version of Ft Meade.


I figure there ought to be some consideration for those of us who live close by -- like only monitor every 5th word we type on our computers, or some such. I hope they catch the bad guys.

Great for Utah

This is great news for Utah. Other states wanted this facility, and they chose Utah for valid reasons of having a high quality well-educated young workforce to draw upon. ANd the future of our military is high-tech and this is forefront in that fight. And it will come with over 1,000 good high-tech jobs to boot. This is nothing BUT good news!

Dr W

This will be interesting! Previous management studies about WHY large organizations either do not WANT to come to Utah or else fold up and leave quickly after doing so emphasize that the priority structure of the average Utah worker is as follows:

Work (if there is any time left over)

Wonder if NSA talked to any middle managers in Utah to hear about the OUTRAGE on the part of workers who are not allowed to sell candy bars from their cubicles (because they need the money) or expect salary increases when they have an addition to the family?

Re; Dr W

LOL...... I guess that is why Microsoft, HP, the Gov. etc.... are now building these large *NEW* facilities here in Utah, because they can't get anyone to do anything except whine about their jobs.....

I know you've surely heard this before, but, if you don't like the climate here, feel free to leave at anytime, and don't let the door hit you when you go.



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