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Published: Thursday, July 2 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Until you introduce and push legislation, it is all hot air and political posturing.


great! Go after the "gedurdone" conferences.


it is not hot air and posturing - it is a warning that allows the NCAA to get its house in order before the government forces them to do it right.


live for coverage like this, hopefully he actually does something more than yap about it, although I wouldn't hold my breath.

Hypocritical Hatch

Hatch's own political party, the Republican Party, conspires with Democrats to keep the political game all to themselves and keep out competing parties and other potential challengers.

I can't take Hatch's complaint against the BCS seriously until he brings the same complaint against the two-headed, one party system from which he benefits.


The BCS is biased. It is corrupt. Just ask Alabama if Utah deserved a shot at that national championship. The Mountain West Conference had three times in the top 25, and two in the top seven. The MWC should have had two teams in the BCS bowls, not one. What a stupid, rigged system. And to hear grown men "lie" and say there is nothing wrong with it, insults everyone with half a brain.


Good for him. Corrupt is corrupt. Next I hope he focuses on bailouts for failed companies i.e. fannie mae etc.

lost in DC

I fear all hatch may do is force college football back to the way it was before the BcS. the big money bowls would return to their conference tie ins and there would be no chance whatsoever for the Utahs and BSUs to get a chance at any of the money generated in those big bowls. bogus polls that don't look beyond 20-30 teams will still select their "champion", and said champion will never come from a conference outside the big six.

One argument the BcS conspirators put forth that has yet to be refuted is they are the ones generating the most revenue, it's socialistic to force them to share with those who are not generating the same level of revenue.

don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for the BcS, but unless they actually force some type of play-off system, the money generation, control, and crowning of some type of champion will still be in the same corrupt hands, if only under a different name.


He is just pandering to the masses of Utah so he can get re-elected. That's all he cares about. Everyone in Utah is dissapointed with the BCS, but I think there are some more pressing concerns at this moment. Maybe you should take some driving lessons in the meantime Hatch.

Common Sense

Though I don't support most of Orin Hatches views, I do support this one, and have been waiting for someone to change the way a national champion in 1A college football is determined. It is Common Sense!

Every other level of any sport has a playoff system that includes conference, district, division etc, champions. BCS is unfair and college football sucks to watch, because only every once in a while does the BCS get it right. The last several years only 1 of the best two teams had a chance to play for the national championship.


Hey...the ball will soon be back in the the BCS's court. They're going to soon have to do something. They won't be allowed to just sit on their hands and drag their feet. They'll be given one last oppurtunity to make their own corrections.

The NCAA is just as responsible for letting this get out of their hands as the Big Ten, the Major TV Networks and the Traditional former New Years Bowls are for creating this monster. Last week the MWC went in demanding an 8 team playoff. That might be something to possibly see further down the road. But there is a much bigger issue that needs attention and needs attention now. The issue of undefeated teams before the final BCS selections. It is obvious that some type of playoff must first start with addressing that key issue first. It can be done without changing the present BCS Bowl configuration and with only minimal changes to the selection criteria. However adding probably the Cotton Bowl to the The BCS stable would be a better way. In the article BCS blasts the MWC I outlined a 2 game scenario that would resolve the problem.

Tim is the Tebow

Be careful I hear Tebow can turn water into Gatoraide and kill you with the power of his mind. Florida just need speak a single word and the power of Tebow will destroy us all.


Doesn't he have any real work that needs to be done. He might want to do something for his country instead of worrying about an unfair football game and grabing headlines.

Throw Hatch OUT!

Hatch will jump on any hot button issue just to get his mug in front of the camera or his name in the paper.

It's NOT the government's place to regulate sporting events... Hatch is part of the soft tyranny governing group of despots that currently occupy D.C.


Focus on something important.

Doing the job

To Naruto: Of course "He is just pandering to the masses of Utah." That's who elected him. He's supposed to do that.

Az Dave

Waa Waa Waa


Unbelievable postings!!! Give Senator Hatch some credit. He is finally taking on something that people care about!

BCS stands for power and money, pure and simple. If you are a BCS team you have it made no matter if you lose every game. If not, you have to grovel to participate even if you win every game.

Power and money has prostituted a great game into a business monopoly reserved for the collegiate elitists. It is now time to get something done and bring fairness back into the game.

Now, Senator Hatch, juggle a few more things like fighting Obamanomics, out of control federal spending and stemming our slide into europeanistic socialism!


Hatch is right. This is a blatant anti-trust violation and if it was any other industry, government would be severely criticized for looking the other way.


I love Orrin Hatch. When he knows he's right, he's not afraid to take on anyone, including the entrenched, well-funded interests of the BCS.

The BCS is nothing more than an exclusive club designed to perpetuate a competitive and financial monopoly on college football.

If there was ever a trust to be busted, this is it.

Go Senator Hatch.

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