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Published: Wednesday, July 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"It had nothing to do with love for Salt Lake City, that's for sure,"

Hey, the feeling's mutual.

Millsap plans to sign

but he wants to see what David Lee gets. MEM is looking for a PF, OKC would like to hassle the Jazz like they did on CJ, however they really do not need Millsap. DET is a possible suitor but they appear to be interested in other players more. POR has 8 Mill in cap, SAC has 12 and ATL has 9.

There are a number of PF FAs including Varajao, Villaueva, Lee, Odom, Gooden, McDyess, Bass, Davis, Frye, Powe, Smith, Rose, Randolf and others. Wallace, Gortat and Anderson also command attention as Cs. Turkoglu, Marion, Ariza and several other SFs are in the mix.

Anyway there are a lot of big names available and a lot of good young players with much potential and only 6 teams with more than 8 mill to bid. Some of those teams will save money and some will pursue Guards.

The big question is how much more than the mid level exemption is Millsap going to get offered?


Utah in general is a Real Drag!! get over it!
this is one state where the Law tells you to go home, not good for night life, business, anything, but in Utah, law enforcement dictates what you can do, and how long you can do it! similar to Iran, and N.Korea


I would have to agree the law does dictate how you live your life there. My best day in Utah is everytime I drive home and it's in my rear view mirror. Still love the Jazz thank god for nba ticket.


" ... And that prompted Boozer's camp to swallow pride, change plans and remain in Utah."

Hmmn ... there's nothing better than watching Boozer eat CROW.


Hey1 and Brabbit - when you find a state where the law doesn't dictate what you do, let me know, will you. You guys sound like so many others that I encountered when I lived in Utah. "Oh, these draconian drinking laws and the big, bad Mormon church are making my life miserable." "So where are you thinking of moving to?", I would ask. "Oh, I'd never leave here. I love it here."

Doesn't matter

It doesn't matter who the Jazz have on their team, as long as Ole Jerry is calling the shots they will never win big. His system is broken and doesn't work. Everyone and their dog knew that Knight belonged on the bench, and Price on the floor last season, well, everyone except Jerry. Then after the final loss he says maybe he should have played Price more. Really? Do you think? So Boozer and Memo coming back doesn't really mean anything, just another 8th seed first round spanking for next year.

Apollo Sun

TRADE: What about trading Boozer and Kirilenko to Phoenix for Amare Stoudamire and Jason Richardson. The money works out as their combined contracts are the same. The Suns have been looking to ship Amare. They'll replace him with Boozer and be able to clear themselves of him too next summer if they want. Meanwhile the Jazz will finally get rid of AK's contract and get an all-star PF with defensive ability and an athletic SG with 3PT shooting. If the Jazz are gonna pay luxury tax, why not do it for two player that are worth it.

Just imagine a lineup of:

Deron Williams (Maynor)
Jason Richardson (Brewer)
Kyle Korver (CJ Miles)
Amare Stoudamire (Millsap)
Mehmet Okur (Koufos)

Finally Championship contenders!!!!!!

louisiana jazz man

hope milsap goes to okc little closer for me . 10 mil big barginboz worth 13 millie worth 20.


Good business sense for both Booz and Memo. I guess paying 16 million for Pop-gun 47 is acceptable. Sounds like someone painted the Jazz into a corner on that deal. Who would want to pay a bench player 16 million? Da Jazz.

Season tickets only worth half

This team will win 45 — 50 games and lose in the first round. When you have a player that only cares about stats you’ll lose when it counts. BOOZERS defensive effort is so bad it actually creates a negative for the whole team defense concept. He can only score during the regular season when teams don’t play tuff defense. Put a big guy trying on him and he is done.

There is a reason none of these guys opt'ed out, NOBODY WOULD PAY for these guys at their rate, but us.

Booz = No effort, no defense, no toughness
Okur = No defense, no toughness
Korver = No defense, slow, can only spot-up shot
Total = No defense, lots of money, first round gone again

1320 quit towing the company line and say what you really feel, don’t just be a Locke.

KOC = Hotseat

This is about to get very interesting. If we match an offer for Millsap, there is no way he and Boozer can coexist any longer. Who would we start? The Loozer mercinary for one year or the guy we just signed to a 4-5 year deal to be our PF going forward? Boozer coming off the bench.... hilarious but it won't happen. If we resign Millsap, look for Boozer to be gone within a week.


When the Jazz signed AK to his deal, Kirilenko was one of the best all-around players in the game. Miller expected more 5x5's, with AK creating defensive havoc and pestering Kobe into tears.

AK and Pau Gasol signed within weeks of each other and got similar deals. I'm guessing other teams may have been willing to offer AK close to the MAX.

Easy to second guess, but who knew that AK would actually regress instead of continuing to improve his game. Sad, really, AK had the skills to be a HOF'er. Instead, he just took the money and quit working on his game.

Don't expect much value from a Boozer trade. Jazz need to dump most or all of his salary in order to reduce or eliminate the luxury tax penalty.

If I were KOC, I'd offer Boozer to the Pistons or OKC for a draft pick. Carlos costs the Jazz over $20M (salary + luxury tax) if he stays on the roster. Maybe Miller will just need to pay the tax this season and have Boozer, Harp, Fesenko come off the books next summer to get under the tax threshhold.


To Apollo Sun: I like your scenario, but the Suns are trying to clear cap room for rebuilding. Kirilinko doesn’t really play into that because he has two more years on his contract. I would love to see Richardson and Stoudamire in a Jazz uniform next year. Hopefully KO can pull something out of Boozer’s contract that make the Jazz better.

I may be crazy but

I think the Jazz are still in a good situation as long as nobody tries to sign Milsap for $10,000,000+. I doubt the Jazz are going to keep Boozer, but even if they do and have to eat 13 mil in luxury tax money, they'll be able to recoup some of that in the next 3 years since Milsp's contract will likely be less than 10 mil every year and he's probably only going to get better.

The only real question is who would they get for Boozer and would a trade ultimately hurt the Jazz long term if some of their young talent pans out?????

Apollo Sun

Ghost, I know what you're saying. But having gotten rid of Marion and Shaq, the Suns are now desperate for defensive cover. You're right that AK would tie up some of their cap space, but he could work well in their system and Nash could bring the best out of him (like he did with Marion). As for Boozer he would replace some of the offensive hole left by Amare and anyway he'll be a free agent next year and free up another $12.5 million a year in cap space for the Suns in 2010/11. I agree it would be a hard sell, but thats O'Conner's job (not mine) to convince teams that a trade that makes the Jazz better, works for them too!

Bear in mind both Amare and JRich have 2 more years. So it'll help clear salary cap space.

Trade Bait

Boozer to Detroit for either Rip Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince works financially. Either trade would save the Jazz a million or two, but still works under the salary cap rules. That would give Detroit the post presence they covet, and would allow the Jazz to re-sign Millsap and upgrade at the 2 or 3.

re:apollo sun

thats such a stupid idea. amare play worse defense than boozer. why in the world would he be a better playe to have? Jason Richardson Is the same way. Amare spent half of last season injured to and I don't hear the boozer haters complaining about that. Boozer won't be traded end of story.

Millsap is gone.

You loser millsaps fans will have to face that fact. Millsap isn't KG, he isn't Tim Duncan, He isn't Chris Bosh and he Isn't Karl Malone. Investing your future in millsap would be like investing your future in tyrus thomas who is also a bum. This is the best thing that could happen for the jazz because now millsaps contract won't be an albitross for our team like AK's and Ostertags were. His contract can burden some other team. Millsap is way ovverrated and won't be worth his new contract wherever that is.


Where else have you lived? You sound like several people I know that constantly criticize Utah yet never lived anyplace else. I have lived in California, Colorado, Utah and several places in Europe. Each place had its own quirkiness but in general they were all the same.

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