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Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We need Okur back more than either of our PFs. He wants the most reasonable contract 10 mil per for a top 10 Center is not very much. Plus he loves being here has been an ironman for the most part and is one of our top clutch players. How many games have you been to that were won on a last second Okur shot? I've been to at least 5 I can remember. Booz has had 1, and Millsap none. Both Millsap and Booz want more than Memo and if you took the blinders off you'd realize a guy that is 6'11" is more valuable than a guy that is listed at 6'8 or 6'9. Please come back Memo! We need you more than any other potential free agents that we had last year.

Steve from Jersey

If Boozer opts to stay with the Jazz for the upcoming season he and his expiring contract will be on the trading block all the way till the trade deadline. He will be a huge distraction for a young Jazz team that can't seem to handle distractions. On the bright side, his expiring contract should be a huge asset for trading. If the Jazz could swing a deal before the season starts for a top-notch player from a rebuilding team maybe we can even make a run at the Lakers.


The Jazz can't afford any of those players that you mentioned without being in even more trouble with the luxury tax. Plus AI is on the backside of his career, T-Mac is injury prone and is going to miss AT LEAST the first half of next season and Memo is a fairly similar player to Hedo, although probably less athletic.

Joking right?

I hope your joking about Iverson and McGrady. 20 Million plus a year for each. Very funny mentioning them and the Jazz in the same sentence.

Don't Panic

the Jazz management knew that things could go this way. They got 2 players in the draft and the second one has 4 yr experience, shoots very well, rebounds and defends and can play back up PF/C for .75 mill.

The Jazz have all season to work thru the problems (opportunties). If Boozer opts in he is quit valuable in trade. If Millsap gets to expensive he is replaceable. Boozer will be the starting PF for the first 1/2 year anyway.

Okur will resign for reasonable or he is more valuable in trade than Boozer. If he signs with a non NBA team the Jazz keep his rights but get salary cap relief.

In the long run the Jazz need a better PF than Boozer. One that will defend and get at least 16/10.

They also need a better C than Okur. One who can bang down low, defend and score.

Koufos should be helpful. The Jazz have 2 years to put together a better team.

They just need to be patient and get the right players. This is the year to deal and get better.


Some of you guys kill me, we need to let Okur go so we can sign either Boozer or Millsap. Please explain that to me? We lost to the Lakers mostly because of length and health so we get rid of 1 of our tallest players who has missed the least ammount of games. We can keep Okur as our PF and still get a C like Kaman or Gorot or even dare i say it 'Sheed and suddenly the Lakers don't seem so big anymore. Plus the dude likes being here and only want 10 mil per not 13 or more!!!!!! Not so tough a choice to me. What's easier to trade a big man that has great offensive skills at 10 mil or undersized PFs at 13 mil?


Why is it that the rest of the world wants Jazz players and Jazz fans are always looking to get rid of them?


It was a dumb move to do that at halftime, but that comment is on how he plays, not what he does during halftime. Have you seen him play. If you ever want to beat the Lakers, then we'll need athletes that can move their feet and alter shots. Odom and Gasol will have a field day against any of our bigs, unless maybe we play AK on Lamar. I'm not saying Villanueva is the only answer but that type of player would be a start. We're 2 years away from being able to seriously compete at best, so why not let all three (booz,millsap,okur) go and pursue something to entice Deron to stay in the future.

todd from santa ana

Well well dear friends guess who just got fired?

Michael Curry at Detroit

Interesting timing



the way I see it is the jazz need to start spending the money! Forget the luxury tax! If this was next season, and Lebron, Wade, bosh, amare, etc were available the luxury tax would not be on anyones mind.

If the jazz want to be contenders spend the money to do so! WE are 26the in the league when it comes to salaries, and we need to start shelling out some money...no wonder why no one wants to play in utah.

Personally I think Boozer won't opt out...either way, we need to keep okur and Milsap...Than we can ship carlos away on a trade, and we won't get the better end of it, but our wallets will be a little fatter. I say trade him to pistons for Prince or hamilton & a draft pick or some money. We also need to shell out AK for a guy like camby or chandler.

It will be an interesting summer, but please jazz spend some money to get some great players!

AK47 @ PF

I think that AK will be moved back to the 4-spot where he plays best. Only one of last year's PFs will be back.

Brutally Honest

1st - Get rid of D-Will! Build the team around Fez and Collins - that's the best way to get a Ring Baby!

2nd - Bring Hot Rod back, he'll help the players "stop on a dime, and leave 7 cents change!" If the players hear catchy phrases like "With a gentle push and a mild arch, the old cow hide globe hits home!" They will believe in themselves and play beyond their potential!!

3rd - Build a memorial shrine to Stockton & Malone, (oops we already did) and for every home game just show hi-lights of the good ol' years, so we can ignore the actual game!!!

4th - Put a live mic on Sloan during the TV & Radio broadcast and in the arena; that way our children can learn "real world" phrases that will prepare them for "real life"!!!!

todd to brutally honest

How about New Coaches?

New Gm and strategy to win!!

Hear the rumor Laimbeer is going to become an assistant with the Timberwolves.
Will Sloan with encouraging support from "the sloanaholics" be able to find a way to get Mr. Collins back in here and we go with 4 centers?

Yeah world title babyyy

Brutally Honest'r

Bring back Booz - Please!!! We all need a good example to help us understand that if he can't play perfectly healthy, 100% - why bother??? He's only hurting the team if he "plays through the PAIN" so, that being said; if he is sore from lifting - don't play! If he wakes up in the morning and his foot is asleep - don't freakin' play! If on the way to the game someone cuts him off in traffic - well for heaven sakes, his mind won't even be in it anyway! - so for the sake of your team-mates and basketball fans everywhere - please don't play!!


Free Agents

Opt Out Player

David Lee
Marvin Williams
Josh Childress

Andrea Miller

These are the top Free Agents. Unless they go back to the teams they are currently signed with, the only teams that can sign them for over the cap money this season is Detroit, Memphis, OK City and I think Portland is a little under the cap. My Guess is that Millsap, Sessions, Odom, Ariza, and Marvin Williams are the only team players that return to their teams. There is going to be 5 or 6 players on that list that will go for the Mid Level Exceptions this off season.

If either Boozer and Okur both opts out, that could mean the Jazz could get a replacement for about 6 million a year. David Lee for example.

todd from santa ana

well well well imagine my suprise"

rumors have it Bill Laimbeer will be offered the job per reports today in Detroit to replace Curry

Trust me-If Laimbeer does better with the Pistons, than Sloan does for the Jazz and "his sloanaholics"

You will hear about it.........


Quit hating on Boozer, the guy is a player. He played Cleveland and now he is playing the Jazz.


Oh man the excitement is mounting... any minute now we will hear about it... this is better then waiting to see who the Jazz will draft


Okur meet with the Jazz about an extention, but no agreement was made. My guess is that Okur wants a 5 year extension this season at 9 (current contract), with a million dollar increase every year up to 14 million for 2014.

The Jazz are trying to get the contract down to 4 year and ending at 13 million on 2013. They are also trying to get the raise less.

Boozer hasn't spoken to the Jazz because they have not attempted to give him an extension (Because they are going to resign Millsap). Boozer is realizing that the market is not good (Detroit said they were interested, but not at 14 to 15 million a year) I guessing Boozer does not opt out, and the Jazz trade his contract to Detroit for Kwame Brown and Cash

Millsap is hoping to get a 10 million contract, but OKC won't offer him that much. It all depends on what Memphis offers him. I think Memphis is going to make a make an offer to either David Lee or Millsap which ever they can get cheaper.

This is all speculation

I'd rather have

I'd rather have Memo, Gortat and Milsap in a Jazz uniforn than Memo, Boozer and Milsap. For that matter, I'd rather have Memo and Gortat than Memo, Boozer and Milsap. More minutes for AK to play at the 4, where he fills up the stat sheet.

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