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Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Price may or may not

be able to run PHI's offense well. However, he rarely ran the Jazz offense better than Knight and Knight had serious limitations.

The Jazz would be best served to get a veteran back up PG who can run the offense and shoot for a year. By then Maynor should be able to handle it.

Price was 2 mill a year. This year there are some better options for that money.

Booz will..

...take one this opportunity to stick it to the Jazz one last time by NOT opting out.

If he stays we are at $65 million WITHOUT OKUR and MILLSAP!! The luxury tax threshold will likely be 68 to 70 million which means we will have a difficult time signing Millsap OR OKUR.

The only other option is to sign them all then unload some of them before the trade deadline thereby avoiding having to pay the luxury tax.

Boozer, his big mouth, his ego, his lies about promising to opt out, his pr, are all just plagues!!



I guess there is also a sign and trade possibility.


Couldn't agree more with the assessment of the OKC GM on Sap. Paying $9-10M a year for a roll player is ridiculous, unless you have a complete star and are surrounding him, which the Jazz do not have.

Please do not burden this team with another overpriced contract for a guy that is better suited off the bench.

Jazz Fan

Boozer: PLEASE opt out!

The real interest by teams is going to be for Millsap, and the Jazz are going to have a tough time matching offers from Detroit and Oklahoma City for him if Boozer comes back.

Watch for a Boozer for Chris Bosh trade, though, if Boozer re-signs. Both would have contracts expiring in 2010, both would have a new team (which they both want), both would be motivated to put up great numbers, both would be better fits in their new locations - Boozer could hog the shots and the rebounds and care more about his personal numbers than wins - Bosh could play next to Millsap and provide energy and defense that Boozer is incapable of. And the best reason is that the Jazz would have a great chance to re-sign Bosh next year - Boozer is gone either way.

If you were making

6 million a year, were already in the hall of fame, and had even a remote chance for a ring, why would you quit?

Further, if the Jazz are just going to hand the team off to one of the assistants who will make no changes the team may be better off with the experienced Sloan at the helm.

I am not advocating keeping Sloan. I think he has plenty of problems and is indirectly/directly responsible for a lot of the team weaknesses.

I am just pointing out that he has no incentive to retire and collect SS. Jazz management is going to have to make a decision to manage. If they want a better team they at least have to consider the limitations of Sloan, his philosophies and system.

They also have to seriously consider the probability that Sloan and his system are incapable of winning a ring. Further, his approach to the game is more expensive than approaches used by other successful coaches.

Don't overpay

We can not overpay for Millsap! I've heard reports that Oklahoma City is possibly offering 5yr 65mil contract. While that might not be true, the Jazz can't match anything in that ballpark even if Booz is gone. I'm a big Millsap supporter but he deserves maybe 9mil per year at best. Remember back when Kirilinko was a hot commodity and we gave him the max deal not to lose him, well this would be on par with that. We can get same type of player in Brandon Bass for less money and probably a few others. Also, I'm not sure how much Villanueva is commanding but if Booz and Millsap get the big money, we could go after him. He's young, athletic, long and appears to be an aggressive, hard working player. He could probably play 3, 4 or maybe even 5 against certain teams. If Millsap is too expensive, I hope we let all 3 of our bigs go and completely rework our front court with some athletes, then work on getting 2's and 3's that can shoot.


There is not way the Jazz can keep Boozer and not go into the luxury tax - even if we don't resign Millsap. If the Jazz really planed on going into the Luxury Tax - they would have sold their draft (similar to LA) for 3 million dollars. The Jazz are not paying 2.5 million Salary plus tax for a back up rookie point guard when they could have sold it for 3 to 4 million.

Boozer was not in the end of the Game against LA - Millsap was.

If Boozer opts out he is going to Pistons, if he does not opt out the Jazz will trade him to the Pistons for either Oberto or Kwame Brown and 2 million cash. Brown would then be bought out from the Jazz. Either way Boozer is gone.

The Jazz Brass made this decision at the end of the season.

The Jazz knows they can have Millsap back for about 6 to 8 million a year. No team is going to pay Millsap more than that in these conditions.

Okur - I hope he opts out and the Jazz let him go, but we will see


Boozer do leave your are good but not great let the Jazz find somebody that really wants to play the game every night not twice a month

RE: If you were making

I agree from Sloan's standpoint it makes sense to stay. I feel the team should move on from the Sloan era, the only problem is... WHO else would make a good coach? Personally, I'd like to see Avery Johnson coach this team. He could inspire some toughness and provide a more relavant figure for the players to learn from.


Boozer, do us all a favor and move on. Your halfhearted style of play is a bad example of what a real winner is all about...just ask Kobe!

Haha ha...Villanueva...

...is not a hard working player. Unless you call tweeting at halftime of a game hard working!


Allen Iverson, Hedo Turgolu, and Tracy McGrady are also possible free-agents. How come I haven't heard their names mentioned with the Jazz.


Boozer is insane if he thinks he should start at $14 or $15 Million. He's missed 1/3 of his Utah games and is a very soft defender. Health is unpredictable and lets too many points get by him. He simply thinks he's so much better than he really is. Granted... he is a great player... but not considered "elite" and his paycheck shouldn't be considered that either.


Please KOC trade Boozer for Bosh. If we really go into the luxury tax, we should at least have someone that can get us the ring. Deron +AK47 +Bosh +Okur= 2010 champions, do it tomorrow!!!

todd from santa ana

I do not see Bosh coming here. I have reported repeatedly Bryan Colangelo does not want to trade him.

This may not be very popular but to be truthful:

Boozer should remain here unless they can pull off a trade.

Millsap is going to command too much-please do me a favor...When he comes back for another team., please give him a rowsing thank you and cheer for him to do well and do not boo him and always be a Millsap fan. He cannot produce on Carlos Level at this point,

Okur I have a feeling will leave. We have enough and with 3 big guys we can rotate improve our defense and maybe the 3 headed monster can match the 17 ppg.

We will be better off in the long run
with the lineup for this year anyway

G-DWIL, Brewer

PF Snoozie, AK

Center-Koustos (with Fez and Goran seeing time)

, Miles, Harpring, Maynor, Korver, Krueger make up the roster. Kevin is an incredible shooter and in some matchups he can come off the bench with Kyle and the 2nd unit, with Matt, Miles, Goran or Fez-would be an improved 2nd unit,




Here's hoping that Boozer can be traded. I see no way that he's opting out, though, because no team will sign him now for what he's making next year, and in the summer of 2010 there will be a lot more teams with cap space and better financial stability. He'll take his 12 mil and probably get at least that next yoffseason, even though he doesn't deserve it. The Jazz are a lot worse without Boozer, but then again they were without him for a lot of time he was here!

todd from santa ana

to the eyepatch: Mcgrady is rumored not to be ready and come back till next season all star break. Yao is such a tragedy...Allen Iverson?

You got to be kidding.. Please say you are....

RE: THEeyepatch

You can't be serious. Iverson and Mcgrady? Please do us all a favor and never post on this board again.

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