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Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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uh, Daniel Deane is playing for Oregon and doing great, may want to research before making stupid comments...

Here We Go Again

I hope one of the things he learned over the summer is that Utah High School Basketball in weak.

Do yourself a favor kid. If Stanford makes an offer, take it. Its a gift. Get good grades and have a great professional career in something other than basketball. You've seen the NCAA commercials. Now go live it!


Did collinsworth grow 2.5 inches since the state tournament? He may still be growing, but he is not 6-6, just like Davies is not a true 6-8. Davies was at best 6-6 1/2 ...in shoes. He is in my moms ward, and when we viseted there recently, our son is an honest 6-6 and almost exactly the same height as Davies. the measuring stick in provo's gym must have slipped down an inch or two... again. Good luck growing into your expectations of the recruiting world Kyle. have seen you play, and you are a heck of a player/competitor.


are this the collinsworth kid from springville? i know those guys. great family.

Make a name for yourself

To be the best, you got to beat the best, not play for the best. Do it with a school not considered to be the best, and even better (The MWC has plenty of games against so-called big conference teams, anyway). That's what March madness is all about. Underdog teams get to prove themselves. The only place for them to go is up. It's the kind of noise a program like BYU is poised to make in the tournament. They're going to make a run. That's inevitable! The only question is who will be on the court enjoying that moment. It will turn more heads than a big name school who it is expected of, year after year.

Seriously! What's the point in going and playing for a big name school when you want to make a name for yourself? If you want to prove a point, then take a team from mediocrity up to the next level. That's a real challenge and a positive result makes a huge statement. It says a whole lot more about you. Whereas, piggybacking off someone else's success just perpetuates some program's name and status.

Utah State?

Utah State still exists? Just like everybody else, I forgot about them after we played them once last season. Thanks for reminding us!


Don't use fuzzy UTE math.

RE: Re: Cougar Blue Blood | 11:32 a.m. June 30, 2009

"You mean USU's 81-27 record over the last three years....? That is pretty impressive- You're right! Thanks for pointing that out!!"

You must have spent too much time in the campus steam room....

USU is 77-28 over the last 3 years
BYU is 77-24 over the last 3 years

oh... by the way, BYU has played better competition and been in 3 straight NCAA tournaments. USU only 1 during that time.

RE: Make a name for yourself

So your saying Michael Jordan would have been better off at BYU, he could have made a name for himself. What an idiot Jordan was for going to North Carloina. Kyle I hope your smart enough to not believe a word this guy is saying. Go to BYU if you feel that's your calling and if you want to play alongside your brother. But don't expect to be winning any National Champiohips, and he is right about this, BYU truely isn't expected to win year after year.


Collinsworth is AWSOME!!! Needs more Muscle but has a sweet overall game. Good Luck Chris. Hope to see you in A BYU uniform, but will support you whatever you deside.


There are a lot of D1 schools in Utah doing great. I would stay in Utah this will make him happier in the end. I have seen him play in Vegas for Utah Pump-N-Run and he is a great player. Who ever he plays for will be lucky!

Top prospect?

Hope he's not overated like his brother and only gets the hype for being from provo. I wanna see the kid do good, not get schooled by better players throughout the region. Hope he's way better than his brother ever was, or will be


Why so much hate for USU...? BYU always gets it's man- what are you fans so worried about? USU only gets the guys BYU happens to "overlook"... Se you next year in the Spectrum! Finally!


ohh..this is so important...go on a mission and FIZZLE!

Michael Jordan

would have made a name for himself no matter what school he would have gone to. If your talent level is high enough there's not a wrong choice. He was going to stand out no matter what.

Hey Kid if you actually read ..

.. these comments most of them are ridiculous. Right away I won't waist your time with this instate babble. If you want to go pro and actually improve on your skills you'll rank the coaches from the state this way.
1. Stew Morrill - best development wise + opportunity
2. Coach Boylan - NBA fmr coach
3. Randy Rhae - (hey the Allred kid played in cleveland with LeBron - nothing the Y can brag about)
3. Coach Rose - best way to flop

If I were able to give a little common sense advice, you will have a better chance by going to a big program out of state. By the way out of Utah can be a lot of fun .. and most people do respect your religion and values. There are LDS girls there.
if it were me .. look at these out of state schools the most

tier 1

1 Jim Boeheim
2 Mike kzrycheski (sp?)
3 Roy williams

tier 2

1 Arizona's new coach
2 Jim Calhoun
3 Tom Izzo

Teir 3

1 Calipari - Kentucky
2 Bill self
3 U of Pitt

After that you are probably waisting your time if you want to go to the NBA.

Re: Come on Aggie Fan

I must have counted many of our tournament wins but a BYU fan wouldn't know anything about that I guess...


Is good. No one will argue that. But he plays in Utah, hardly known for its athleticism. He did not do much out at the NBA Camp besides pass. He has a good first step and can get to the rim here, but not on a national stage against athletes that are on a higher level athletically. He's not going to Utah or USU, you saw that his list was down to five. As someone said above, BYU has done a great job stealing local recruits and turning them into great players: Jackson Emery, Garner Meads, Charles Abuo, Tyler Haws. Collinsworth will end up at BYU mark my words. BYU has the guys to be competitive for years to come.

USU all the way

if he gets the chance to watch the cougs get rocked in the Spectrum next year it might just be all he needs baby!

Go Aggies!


Here is the real problem...he plays at Provo High, he is limited on the type of ball they play...his skills are good enough for Provo and 4A but he himself says he needs to improve on his ball handling and his outside shot...lets just say quickness would improve all those...because as a guard at 6' 7" he does not have three of the four traits you need...go some where where you really play point if that is what you want to learn to do and be able to shoot when you are open not in a Provo High offense.


Collinsworth is the real did. A week ago. He went to the BYU's Elite Camp. I've been around this game for more than twenty ears. Kyle was better than 90% of BYU's roster right now.

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