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Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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sounds like a solid kid. will all these other schools back off b/c of the mission like they do in football? stanford has been willing to deal with missions in the past but they have a new staff. you would think with tyler haws, chris c and a few others BYU might have an edge but you never know. good luck young man. ASU is not a bad choice due to the LDS presence. Virginia and Kansas, not so much. Virginia is a nice area but....too far away for parents to see you play. Kansas is kansas. not much to write home about. now if Kentucky was calling, different story. same with Duke as they have the best basketball coach in the world in coach K.

Unbiased view

Not living in Utah, I would recommend that this kid, if he stays in state attend Utah. He has a better chance of turning pro if he attend's Utah rather than BYU (good team for team players who are not as athletically gifted) or Utah State (same reason as above). Boylen seems to be building a solid team w/some really athletic kids coming in. If he brings the Michigan State mentality and athleticism, they will be tops in their conference. Either way, go where your dreams will take you...meaning if Kansas is where you dream of playing...go and play...remember though, Kansas will have 2 or 3 of your type players...Do not attend a school due to pressure from friends/family...my 2 cents.


This is an interesting situation. A good player, who can choose BYU, then play and be a star, or go to a big name school and ride the bench. Think Bret Vroman. The former gives a player the chance to develop, the latter gives the player the opportunity to be used by the school with little in return athletically.


He'll end up at BYU. It is extremely rare for a recruit that has grown up in Utah County to go anywhere else but BYU. It has been ingrained in his mind from a very young age. If I was the other schools, I wouldn't waste the time and travel expenses to court this kid when the outcome is all but certain.

STANFORD-and the little people

If the kid has the brain power to be recruited by Stanford, next year plan on contacting him by phone @ area code 650 or my written correspondance at zip code 94305...no contest!


Collinsworth will do the same thing that 99% all Utah County LDS kids do who are good enough to play D1. He'll let the big programs wine and dine him, then commit to BYU. Then make a public statement saying that BYU was always where he wanted to play. It gets old after a while.


I too would be shocked to see a kid from Utah county spread wings and fly. Look for him as a Cougar next year.

But, Chris. Stanford has the best campus in the country. Kansas has the best or 2nd best game atmosphere in all of basketball. Charlottesville is an absolutely beautiful city.

Each place on your list has a good LDS community and great singles wards. Don't let BYU fool you into believing that the church only exists in Provo. You may be meant for bigger things than MWC competition.


If the kid wants to go the NBA he'd pick Utah State and let Stew coach him. Not only would he be playing for the best basketball program in the State but Stew has proven his mettle as a teacher by taken unheralded recruits to levels that no other school thought they would reach.

Of course I expect him to stick to YBU and go nowhere like Cummard and the red headed kid who failed miserably in Italy while Jaycee tore the league up.

I know Stew doesn't have any NBA'rs but he hasn't had any big time recruits either. I know that's not on Collinston's radar though.


Before you make up your mind, come to the BYU vs USU game in the Spectrum. USU is the one of best college basketball atmospheres in the country! You would not regret going to USU, I promise you!

Higher Level

Apparently he has learned a lot from playing against top competition this summer. He may want to continue to play against the very best in college - and that would mean trying his hand outside of the MWC. I love the MWC. But if you are one of the top players you may want to play against the best. It's why kids go to USC even though they know there are 3 other all-americans at their position. It worked will for kids like Havili. But it is only one of the factors that he has to take into consideration. I hear a lot about singles wards and institute programs at BCS schools and some (like ASU and UCLA) do have strong one's. But if a big part of a kid's future decision is finding and marrying an LDS girl then there really is no substitute for playing at BYU or Utah or even USU. But if he really wants a shot at the NBA and to play against the very best then the girls may have to wait. He can always come home to Provo for the summer and have the best of both worlds.

re: anonymous

I agree. Remember Daniel Deane, Chris Burgess, etc? No one does. Fact of the matter is that you can go to a national program and ride the pine or go to your backyard program and be a star while fulfilling four years of basketball in which you play. He says he wants the ball in his hands? How will that happen at a national program immediately? I would love to see him succeed out of state, but the numbers aren't in his favor. BYU has done a great job stealing local recruits and winning ballgames with them.


I would normally say that he should stay around here and get some playing time early on but having seen him play I can honestly say that he may be one of the five best players ever to come out of Utah. If he can learn to hit a fairly consistent (35-45%) 20 footer he would be very much a five star recruit. Right now he is limited to playing the 1 because he doesn't shoot well enough to play the 2 and he is not physical enough to play the 3 in college. If he gets that 20 foot jumper down pat he would be an awesome 1 because he is so fast to the hoop once he makes his move - that first step is quick and he is gone. He sees the floor really well and his instincts are great. Get that 20-22 footer down and go to Stanford young man. What program wouldn't want a legit 6-7 point who can see floor and shoot the lights out?

Better chance?

A better chance of going pro at BYU? I don't think his school selection has any weight on making it to the NBA. Besides the last Cougar to go pro was a major bust. The best NBA player to come out of BYU was Danny Ainge and that's practically ancient history much like BYU's national title. If he is NBA calliber talent, he'll find his way to the NBA regardless of the team he plays on.

Utah State

Utah State offers one the best and most stable coaching staffs in the country, the best (hands down) college basketball environment, and the ability to make an immediate impact. Choose USU...you will love it! Go Aggies!

Cougar Blue Blood

Thanks, Aggies and Utes, for the input, but I don't think you've taken a look at the win-loss record among BYU, USU, and Utah over the past three years.

As for which school is best for getting to the NBA, frankly, the NBA wants good players and doesn't care what school they come from.

Realistically, what are the chances that this kid will make it in the NBA anyway. He needs to make his decision based solely on his college career--where he can get the most playing time, have the ball in his hands, get a good education, and let his family enjoy his games. (There are wonderful LDS women to marry and good Institute programs at all the schools he's mentioned, so that shouldn't be a factor.)

BOb 2

but having seen him play I can honestly say that he may be one of the five best players ever to come out of Utah. anon

Wow, how did he compare to Vern Gardner and Wayne Hightower? Was he as good in the clutch as Scott Runia or Jimmy Soto? Bruce Hardy ended up playing f football but he was an excellent forward who always delivered when you got him the basketball down low. I mean, you've seen all these guys and many more I'm sure. Please give us comparisons....

Idaho State

He is a first cousin to Logan Kinghorn who played at ISU. His Mother is from Rigby, Idaho. Maybe he will surprise everyone and end up in Pocatello????


Did you just say Kansas was not much to write home about? I'm sorry did you forget that they won the National Title two years ago and are they consensus preseason #1 this upcoming year? I know Bill Self won't scoff at a two-year mission. Brady Morningstar (supposedly) is a member and served a mission and he is one of Bill Self's highest regarded players. If Kansas really wants Kyle, and BYU still gets him, that will be a recruiting victory for the record books.

big blue puma

I remember when Kiki Vandeweigh wanted to win a natonal championship, so he chose UCLA over BYU. He had a stellar career, but got nowhere close to a NC. Meanwhile, BYU went to the sweet 16 without Kiki. I believe that, had he chosen to go to BYU, he would have had a real shot at his NC.

The talent level at BYU is rising fast, and they have an outstanding couching staff that developes guards very well. They will win more of the big games in the future. IMO, kyle would be well served to attend BYU. He will be part of some great things, and may get some "Ainge-esque" attention from the basketball world. I think he may be that good.

BYU family

Best of luck to the Collinsworth brothers. Chris is an exciting big with great potential at BYU. Naturally Kyle would fit in perfectly with the BYU system. It's a great program, with great coaches, great tradition, great standards, and great opportunities. It's a great college family. Certainly, we BYU fans hope to see the Collinsworth connection at BYU. Anyone who doesn't think that would be awesome, is short-sighted by their rivalry against BYU--plain and simple.

But Kyle would be a welcome contributer to many programs. So it doesn't have anything to do with being from Utah County, or which school in Utah or somewhere else gives the best chance for the NBA. If a style of play fits then a college player of NBA quality will get noticed wherever they play.

College is what you make it, wherever you go. Schools tout many varied things. But coming from someone who grew up all over the United States, look no further than your own backyard for the best all around college experience opportunity available; all things considered, BYU truly offers more to develop a well-rounded individual than any other place I know.

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