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Mehmet Okur's agent in Salt Lake

Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Jazz should keep Milsap and make sure he starts over Boozer...he is by far a much better player.


The Jazz can be grateful they are not PHO or HOU. They will handle this pretty well and if they are smart will get exactly the players they need and a championship team in the long run.

KOC does not have L Miller tying his hands this time like he did with Stockton and Malone. Greg seems like a pure business type. The Jazz are just another Toyota dealership to him. He knows he can get a better team for what he is paying.

Worst case Greg will have to pay some luxury tax for a year. He knows it is worth it if he gets the right team. He knows how much a championship means in car sales and also to Salt Lake.

The Clippers want to move Camby and Z but you are on the right track. I doubt if you can get Kaman. The Jazz will get a better player than Kaman for Boozer.

If Boozer is not careful he will end up like AI and Marbury,playing for the mid level exemption or less.

jazz :)

Can we trade Boozer if he decides to stay? That would be my choice. AK was doing fine, well...everyone seemed to be doing great, moving up anyway, UNTIL Boozer came back off his injury. Shame on Sloan for playing him. Milsap was right up there and things were going well even though everyone looked tired. The whole game and team attitude seemed to change negatively when Booz came back. Sloan should've made him EARN his minutes back. Unfair to Milsap who was learning to grind out a decent game. We had a flow anyway. Yeah...never seems like we get a FULL team. Korver will improve. They took a 3 baller and made him do all sorts of different stuff here. CONFUSION? He's learning and improving and anyone who is gutsy enough to take a charge from Shaq has my respect. We need a full team with ATTITUDE AND HEART. That would eliminate a few whiners.


A trade with Detroit not going to happen , Boozer is staying put. Sorry all you Jazz Fans , Korver ROCKS!

Korver needs more freedom

Korver has made many adjustments to play for the Jazz!
He has been willing to be a role player when he was a starter for Philly. He is not ego oriented and is a worthy team player. He has been expected to force the ball inside instead of having the freedom to shoot in rhythm. There is no one better when he shoots at his pace! He is well worth the money! The Jazz need to let him play his style of basketball and we will all see what a difference he can make! Korver is an exciting player that can recharge the Jazz line up if he gets more freedom. Let Korver do his thing!

Trade Boozer. . . for?

Anybody -- he'd better enjoy his big salary for one more year, because his career is going NOWHERE -- and every GM out there knows he's a fraud. Plays well when he's on the floor, but the question is how many games per year is he good for? Not enough to warrant big bucks, and that's why the Jazz will eventually (hopefully that's sooner than later) trade him. He's by no definition out there the cornerstone player a franchise can build around.


Jazzrule- Thanks for the rule update. I was unaware that they changed that portion. Obviuosly thats not a good thing. But now it gives more reason to get AK on the floor and comfortable again in posting precontract numbers. Of course, thats all up to Sloan, who has hurt many solid pplayers careers by his coaching by humiliation program.
Thanks again for the update


I'm glad to hear that KK is staying in a Jazz uniform for one more year.

Glad to have KK BACK!!!

Hard worker and a good shooter when healthy,should get more minutes this year,actually should GET ALL OF mile`s minutes!!!!!


Glad to see that KK is staying in a Jazz uniform.

MartzMimic, Oklahoma City

I think whomever it was that said Oklahoma City would offer Millsap $65 million has been smoking something. Yes, Millsap would be an upgrade, but the Thunder's most pressing need - after picking up a shooting guard in the draft - is for a defensive presence in the low post. Plus, any contract that large would eat up all of the cap flexibility Sam Presti has worked to create.


bring back johny and malone man for real

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