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Mehmet Okur's agent in Salt Lake

Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Boozers Reality Check-Done

Carlos has finally found out he's not the man he thought he was! Nobodys going to give him a raise this year next year or ever. He was a 2nd round pick that played well and hard because of a no guaranteed contract, then along comes the Cleveland fiasco and the Jazz dumbells to bail this egotisical snob. He's cancer to whoever has him on their roster and if he lands back here I would put it to him like he has never had it before. Either put out the effort at both ends or do what the pacers and knicks have done with Marbury and Tinsley, tell him to get out of the way by not dressing and preferably out of town! Your an unwanted commodity here and every where else Booze!

For the Love...

The comments on this board remind me why it is a good thing that I have other full time employment. The "arm-chair" general managing makes me want to hurl.

Just Me

We are going to lose Millsap. sad to say it but its true. Money talks and other teams will over pay him.


I just thought of how we can make our team better and give Boozer his comeuppance, trade Boozer to the Clippers for Kaman and their 1st pick next year. The K-man would get at least 15-10-2
points-rebounds-blocks on the Jazz and our opponets would score at least 8 less points which would give us probably 5-10 more wins. Any thoughts on that?

Korver..Nice Guy...

...but not a player that is living up to what he was brought here to do.

Check the stats for yourself. We have a 6' 11" Center who can shoot the 3 better than Korver.

He can't create off the dribble, he struggles to defend, he has not made any game winning big 3's, he generally only hits his 3's when the Jazz are ahead in the game and misses like crazy when they are behind. Sounds goofy but it is true. Hits when there is no pressure and misses when there is pressure.

I like him and I think he is an outstanding person but I would have been thrilled to death if he would have opted out.

Korver not opting out essentially means we are overpaying because he could find nobody to pay him even the same amount for a longer term deal.

So you fans can love him all you want but he is a one trick pony that has essentially DISAPPEARED DURING THE PLAYOFFS WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS!!!


I like Korver and hope we can keep him after this year(not at that price). If Boozer opts in. Trade him for Chandler... Resign Okur for 10-11 per...if you can't sign Milsap for 6-7 per let him go. It will give Kirlinko more time at the 4. Brewer can play more 3 and Korver will get more minutes at the 2.... Also have Harpering and Korvers expiring contracts to upgrade the 2. C- Chandler,Okur,Kuf,Fez PF- Okur,Kilinko,Kuf SF-Brewer,Kilinko,Harpering SG Brewer,Korver,Price PG-Williams Maynor,Price...I know I left off Miles.he can play 2,3 but hopefully not alot


I think Korver takes a rap from a lot of fans over his defense, but I watched every game last year except for two or three, and I thought he put out a great deal of effort every time. He was fine on defense. If Boozer played half the defense that Korver does, the Jazz might have got a higher seed. Almond is the only Jazzman who is worse on defense. He doesn't even try. He is one guy I'm glad to see leave, despite his almost perfect shooting form. He is not willing to get in there and really work. Boozer seems to want to play D but is unsure of what to do half the time. And he who hesitates is LOST. I love Milsap and would pay him whatever he wants to stay. Okur is very good defensively against big centers but lacks the speed to stay in front of the smaller, quicker centers. Like almost any other center in the league, he needs help to contain the quick guys. He won't get it from Boozer. I'm hoping like crazy that Booze opts out today. Korver is an asset, especially healthy.

One Last Chance for Booz..

to mess up the organization...which he will likely do by NOT opting out.

If he does not opt out we are near luxury tax threshold WITHOUT OKUR OR MILLSAP!!

Yes, the Boozer plague lives on.

The possible saving grace is that perhaps the Jazz have some possible trade scenarios to unload some of these expiring contracts ie. Booz, Harpring, Korver for someone good.

Expiring contracts are VERY VALUABLE to other teams and everyone wants them it seems.

As long as the Jazz do not finish the season OVER the luxury tax threshold then they do not pay the luxury tax.

So in other words we could sign all these guys and then unload Boozer before the trade deadline and likely get under the threshold.

Boozer should be playing his butt off because his BIG MOUTH has him backed into a corner now. If he loafs this season his value drops. If he feigns another injury then who wants an injury plagued player? Value drops. Obviously the only thing the Jazz need to be concerned about on the court is selfish play from him to pad stats.

Lets hope Jerry benches him for it and it tanks his value!


we will loose Millsap and get stuck with boozer...boozer will stay because nobody wants him and his 12 + million dollar contract this year will hijack the jazz from keeping milsap

hey boozer good luck getting a big contract next year considering who the free agents will be in that class of 2010...

its gonna be a loooooong year with more of the same....47-35 record....7th seed...one and done....

here's hoping for the lottery...it may be the best thing now....

sorry to sound negative but i just don't think we can win with this type of team...lakers and denver are to strong as are the spurs and portland is rising quickly..


My worst fear is coming true! Boozer can't reverse course NOW after all the bull he's put the team through all year. Boozer is going to be the reason we lose Okur or Millsap!
Hopefully the Jazz just sign everybody and then trade Boozer in the middle of the season to get under the cap.
Go and get your "raise regardless" elsewhere Boozer. Oh wait... there is no raise is there. There's not even teams showing interest in your lazy butt!


You people that are saying "Boozer will play well next year in Utah because it's the last year of his contract" are morons. Last year everybody said the same thing and Boozer sat out half the season again! Boozer has a false sense of security, a mirage confidence, and a big EGO! This guy thinks he played well enough to deserve a raise THIS offseason. He's not going to play harder if he already thinks he's entitled to more money. He's "a cornerstone" in his own head. This dude needs therapy because he's crazy.


It should be like football. Cut or release them so you only owe them guaranteed money (25-30% of contract). Therefore, Miller Jr would get praise to cut Boozer, sign Millsap, let Okur go if he wants.

Time to be a tough guy GM or owner. Sign people who want to play for hell sake! Not whine about my bum knee that had to injury.

re: Chadders

I would personally love for the Jazz to make that trade. Kaman would give us a lot of what we need at the 5 and I'm convinced we go nowhere fast with Boozer. Unfortunately, LAC is already overloaded at the 4 and 5 and this is why they are trying to trade one of Kaman, Camby, and Randolph to make room for Griffin. Trading Kaman for Boozer would put them right back in the situation they're trying to avoid.


You are right about Boozers ego and the fact he "thought" he would "get a raise either way".

Now he KNOWS that is not the case. There is nobody who will pay him which is why later today he will NOT opt out and come back to the Jazz eating crow.

Little does he know that he is going to get traded as a valuable expiring contract before the trade deadline.


Some of you talk like the Jazz were as bad as the Clippers last year! Remember all the injuries, remember the owner passing away. There were major problems last year. Boozer wasn't 100%, Okur didn't play the first 2 playoff games and after that he wasn't healthy at all. Deron Williams said he didn't play a single game all year without pain and discomfort. The Jazz overachieved last year when you consider all the issues. They do have some good core players but they just have to stay healthy.
Keep everybody but Boozer. He's proven he CAN'T stay healthy. He's just like Yao Ming. At least Yao has X-rays to prove something was really wrong.


The Jazz should get Millsap back no matter what and start him over Boozer and get rid of Boozer and also get rid of Memit Okur.

John Wicks

One way to pick up 4 mil. for the Team is to trade C.J. I doubt anyone would want him at that price but it is an idea to shop around.


Look on the bright side, if Boozer opts in along with Korver the Jazz will have three expiring contracts (Korver, Boozer, Harpring), they can use to entice teams in a trade. Obviously, if Okur opts in as well that makes four. The Jazz are in a good place. Now, some may make the argument the Jazz front office aren't active/savvy enough to take advantage of these expiring deals by way of trade, and maybe there's some truth to that. But if you're disappointed in how the Jazz's offseason is shaping out, the silver lining is that your team still has options at their disposal even if many people's Satan (Boozer) opts in.

Not that any of you care, but I'm a Pacers fan living in SLC, and I can't tell you how badly I wish my team could have some expiring deals to offer in order to get a solid player to put alongside Danny Granger. Bottom line: your offseason is far from over regardless of how things turn out today.

todd from santa ana

there are limited players out there can help the jazz, forgetting salary even for a moment.

If Prince, Hamilton, Camby, Kaman or CHandler available focus on deals involving those 5 combination of, then you can get rid of Boozie, keep Millsap. let Okur, Price, try to talk Matt into retirement, possibly include Cj

there are ways to manuever but again it take "creative GM"

Smiling Fans

Enough of the trade talk for Korver. He has chosen to stay with the Jazz. The Jazz are fortunate to have a player of his caliber to stay in Utah. Korver sometimes gets a bad rap on defense. If Boozer worked half as hard on defense as Korver the Jazz would be a whole lot better. We need to keep Korver happy! We need his shooting and his work ethic! If would be terrific if Korver could work out an extension on his contract. He will be a force to be reckoned with this season! Korver fans are smiling!

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