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Mehmet Okur's agent in Salt Lake

Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kevin OC

Korver is a highly tradeable asset. Productive player with an expiring deal. Look for the Jazz to package Kyle and Harpring to get back some help at center- someone like Tyson Chandler. If booz opts in with the jazz, okur will have to be gone. Chandler trade and we're looking at a solid team with more defense.


Looks like it is going to come down to who the Jazz want more, Okur or Millsap. I don't see any way that they can resign these two with Korver and Boozer not opting out. This team is not an $80+ million roster. NO WAY. I predict that Memo will sign elsewhere, Jazz retain Sap, and the starting center next season will be Collins. Sloan loves Collins and there is no way that he won't be resigned.

Oh please

If Boozer stays he will get an "injury" and sit in the sun somewhere getting a tan and "getting better." Let him go. Nobody else wants him. Let him sit on his butt somewhere without his 12 million next year. He has never wanted to be here. His attitude has always been suspect.


There's a thief among us. Boozer's being paid closer to his value than AK ($17,000,000). I still like the idea of trading Boozer to Detroit for Rip Hamilton. I'm glad to have Kyle back. I hope his wrist has healed.


Does the Deseret News do any reporting itself, or does it just read ESPN.com and spit it back at us?

Millsap may be GONE

Rumor is that OKC will offer 65 Mill for 5 years. DET is going after Villanueva and Gordon as Boozer costs to much.

Dumars looked dumb all year when AI was playing/sitting but now he has the pick of the 2009 FAs and little competition. The Jazz could have 2010 cap space depending on how they handle this season but there will be a lot of competition.

Teams like SA and LA get the right key players and then rotate role players. That is one major reason they are winners.

The Jazz get role players with deficiencies, pay them to much and don't get better ones when needed.

Sloan is one of the driving forces behind continuity/mediocrity. It is his personality. Don't try to tell me the triangle offense is any easier/faster to learn than the Sloan system.

The Jazz have to get the right key players. They then have to get role players who do not have holes in parts of their game and actively manage their cap.

The Jazz will probably promote an assistant coach when Sloan retires. However, they may need to change systems?

KOC seems capable when not shackled.


I don't understand the angst. Boozer opting in is great for us because he becomes very valuable trade bait--we lose nothing! I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a deal soon for Rip Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince, or something similar. Millsap's upside and loyalty coupled with his far superior defense make him more valuable than Boozer--so thank you and goodbye. Rip or Tayshaun's defense, intensity and shooting will help the team immensely. I see Ronnie B. either moving to SF or staying at SG depending on who we get. The line-ups/personalities (below) could quickly jell, and although some would consider the change minimal, I believe the change would deliver a markedly stronger team--somewhat similar to the change Denver saw with Billups coming in for AI. Thoughts?

Rip or Ronnie
Ronnie or Tayshaun
Okur or Koufus (I'd love to see Memo coming off the benchalthough playing more minutes)

Primary Bench:
Maynor or Price--situation dependent
CJ / Harpring--situation dependent
Koufus or Memo then Feshenko

Gortat is available

but Utah will have to outbid HOU who needs a C. However, HOU may go after McDyess. OLR is not willing to go over 5 Mill to keep Gortat as they are deep in the Lux tax if they keep Turkoglu.

I think the Jazz org blew it by not cutting a long term deal with Millsap early last year. They though they had a championship team at the start of last year. It might have been smart to lock him up then for cheap.

who will shoot the 3 ...

if we let Memo go and package Korver and Harp for a trade, who will be an outside threat? I LOVE the idea of getting a defensive center but you can't play inside-out with a post-up PF if the defense can sag in the paint!

if Booz opts IN ...

TRADE HIS SELFISH BUTT ASAP! We need players who can make 3s and we need a defensive center - Booz is neither!


If Booz opts in, Milsap is gone. We won't be able to match 5/65m from them in that scenario. We'd be toast.
Opt out Boozer! Please!

If the Jazz replace Memo

with a post up C they will need to get a PF with 3 point range. Suton has the range but will not be ready to play a lot for a couple of years (if ever).

Is anyone aware of a PF with range? It might be cheaper to get Gortat and sign Okur and move him to PF. Trade Boozer at the half for salary credit if necessary. Koufos/Suton/Fez would have to back up C/PF as Millsap would be gone.

That gives the Jazz a big front line that can shoot. Rebounding may improve. Gortat is a better rebounding than Millsap and Boozer.

wah wah wah

Boozer is a man, tells it like it is and Jazz fans cry about him asking for a raise. NBA is all about money otherwside go watch b-ball at your community hall.

Korver is a good kid but cannot help the Jazz with defense, has no killer instinct and has not made any clutch shots.

KOC says Korver is showing a loyalty to the Jazz ...blah blah blah. Why did he wait this long to opt in then? We could have used the information a month ago...I guess he was exporing his loyalty options with other teams...the same thing Boozer is doing. Boozer is a battle guard compared to Korver and is worth 2-3 times what we pay Korver.

Remember the reason we are here is to win. Boozer is a winner, Deron is a winner, more winners please.

Bad year to be a Millsap. Sorry Paul but we have the Andrei shadow to show us what happens when we overpay someone. You made a million last year ..more than me. If you like us then you will stay, if you want 10 million we will play against you, good guy but not worth 10 million.


There is no way Milsap is worth 13 Mil/yr. If I were the Jazz I wouldn't match that even if Boozer opts out. He's not going to bring us a championship any sooner than Boozer would. If Boozer opts in, hopefully his expiring contract would could be traded for someone that can help DWill win a championship. Milsap isn't worth more than 7/yr. Harpring, Korver, even a youn CJ all are good trade bait. This team can't compete against the best in the west the way it is right now. We need a new coach and a few trades. That's what would get me excited about this year.


It's players like Korver that makes me a happy Jazz fan. He is a stud.


Korver naysayers, didn't you know that he played most of the year with a shooting wrist that needed an operation? Which he finally got at season's end?

Hey, this kid didn't want to come to Utah, but after being here realized how nice a place it is, and wants to stay. I'll take players like him any day.

I'll bet most of you naysayers on Korver don't remember how he killed us every time we played Philly when he was there.

He'll get back to his old self soon enough.

No way this team can go through another injury-plagued year like the last one. That was simply an anomaly.

Triangle vs Sloan

The triangle pits Kobe, Gasol and Odom or Kobe, Gasol and Ariza against 3 Jazz defenders (usually Boozer, Okur and Brewer/Korver). The PG is mainly a shooter.

Sloan's offense (with current players) pits Boozer (fades against tall line ups), Okur (outside game), and slashing by Brewer and AK against the LA defense.

The Jazz with current players are not likely to beat LA in a 7 game series. Weaknesses in Boozer's, Okur,s, Brewer's and AK's offense and in Boozer's and Okur's defense insure long run defeat against LA. Brewer and AK can't hit outside shots. Boozer and Okur are weak inside against tall defenders.

LA can be beaten by slashing but it requires a fast attack (Aaron Brooks) coupled with good rebounding.

Sloan needs to rethink his offense (also defense) and also the characteristics of the players at PF, C and SG in order to beat LA.

The Jazz are in a position to build a team that can beat LA if they get the right players.

SA presents other problems but the same offensive and defensive weaknesses apply.

Take time, get the right players, fix the weaknesses.


good bye... please let me say so long... Pleeeeaasseee... He's a big headed player who thinks he is worth more to this team than he is. He needs reality check!


is setting in for Boozer. He's not worth his $12.6 million contract. No one wants to pay more for him. He'll have to actually play hard this next year for the Jazz to prove his worth.


Kyle Korver is a very important part of our team. Even playing with an injured wrist defenses never sagged off him (dont you wish someone (Boozer) wouldve followed this exampleeven occasionally). Despite some comments, hes not even really expensive. Jason Kapano the one hes most compared too makes $5.8 M; Szczerbiak makes $13.7M!

I dont think well pay more than $9M for Millsap (hope Im right)--continued improvement will lead to a deserved pay increase later. Why does Boozer believe he deserves a pay raise?

Unlike many, I believe the future can still be bright with one noticeable exceptionBoozer. Hes not committed to playing defense or playing with intensity night-in and night-out. And as a team leader, I believe his lack of focus/desire and me-first attitude hurts the team. All of that aside, what does everyone think of the trade . . . Boozer for Rip Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince which gives us:

Rip / Ronnie
Ronnie / Tayshaun
PF Millsap
C Okur / Koufus (Id love to see Memo coming off the bench)

Maynor / Price--situational
CJ / Harpring--situational
AK / Suton (?)
Koufus / Feshenko

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