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Mehmet Okur's agent in Salt Lake

Published: Tuesday, June 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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He should play well next year as he'll want to increase his value. things are looking good so far...


This is not suprising in the least bit. I think we all saw this coming who was going to give him more? No one, plus he likes being here.

This is a no brainer

for Korver. It is also a win win for the Jazz as he should play well in a contract year and the Jazz can trade his expiring contract if they need to this season.

Good to have him

back. Hopefully the team can gel with another year together (remember Sloan said that alone was "good for another four or five games"), Korver & Boozer can pick up their defensive efforts, and there will be better point-guard back-up; all of which will add up to being what the team needs to finish second to the Lakers instead of way back in the pack.


One down... two to go!
I think Korver will have a great year. His wrist has been repaired and Boozer will be gone so there will be a better distribution of shots!


I'm thrilled and I'm excited to see how much better his shooting is this year now that his wrist is healed!

nice : D, 1 down and only

half the roster left to find out about now. unless millsap signs with another team, loozer will be playing elsewhere next yr (yay). memo is 'leaning' toward opting out eh? 'leaning' towards opting out=memo is going nowhere else but staying put with utah jazz. worse case scenario would be jazz lose BOTH loozer and millsap to a higher bidder. if that happens then at least they still have kofous that can take either one of their spots. this loozer & millsap thing is starting to become interesting and intriguing. and to think that everyone bagged on ostertag for all those yrs of inconsistency, at least 'tag' was hardly ever injured and earned his paycheck (both regular season AND the playoffs). loozer only shows up when playoffs come around?! give him a raise then, just with some other team.


I find it funny how Boozer pounds his chest and says he is a two time olympian. True, but he only played 30 seconds a game, if that, earning that gold. And he wants a raise for sitting on the bench pretending to be hurt?? You and I did that we would be fired in this economy. Poor guy..


Hallelujah! We definately needed him to stay!

St George Jazz Fan

This is good news for the Jazz.


all right korver is back now all we need to do is get rid of AK and everything will be all right, and throw CJ in there to

todd from santa ana

We all like Korver. I would rather keep him, jettison Collins, Okur in particular would be first in my pecking order. Figures to be the same Jazz team though so should be a fun, mediocre season just fine to Sloan and the "holics" and greg and kevin..late...


I like Korver, but i fear this means Almond is gone. I hate that the jazz pick up a scoring threat like Almond and they don't give him a chance....I just don't get it.

Anyway, as for Korver, I never seen him opting out. He's a good guy and he's making over 5 million a year, I don't see anyone paying him any more.

I see Boozer not opting out, but Okur will...unless the jazz show some good will and offer him a nice contract...he does deserve it. He's one of the best centers in the league.

Boozer will not opt out, he'll play this season and bolt...hopefully the jazz extend his contract and either keep him or trade him for some value...I don't want him to skip out of here for nothing.

I don't think the jazz will make any noise this offseason...but they will recover all of their free-agents.

Jazz Fan - San Diego

Korver made the right decision. His foot speed is too slow to make his own shot when closely guarded which also makes it difficult for him to put up much defense against a quick and athletic SG.

Good Call

This could be one of the best things to happen this summer. Korver can be a huge threat from long range when his is given enough time. The other side to it is, you know have 2 players in Korver and Harpring with expiring contracts, thats more than 11 mill. That could possibly be trade bait, if they were to get a pretty good 2 guard out of it (who, i have no idea).

Re: Steve-O

Boozer has the highest career shooting % on the team....and you want his shots distributed to someone else?????

oh good

that korver jersey i bought my wife is good for a little while longer... i guess he could still be traded. I certainly hope not, those jerseys are expensive.

No Steve-O

We want him to play defense and to play for what he's worth, not what he thinks he's worth.

Korver should start

Now jerry needs to quit being such an idiot and start him over Miles. Sloan is the only coach in the league that would play Miles over Korver.


Predictable for Korver. His agent shopped and found no takers for that price, otherwise KK would have opted out.
Boozer will be in same predicament. No NBA team in their right mind is going to give Booz a 12 mil contract, much to most Jazz fans chagrine.
Okur same thing,same bat time,same bat channel.
Disposing of bad players should be first agenda come Wednesday morning.
Get rid of Miles,Harpring,Collins,Knight and Boozer(The Name Fits).
Resign Milsap and Price as well as 2009 draft picks.
Get AK to rework his contract and emd load it.
Go ater Ariza or Odom then look at others.Gordon wont be available.

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