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Published: Monday, June 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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you have to be kidding!

Rush O'Hannidy, do you really judge intelligence by whether or not someone has a college degree? I'll bet the vast majority of the swindlers graduated from some college or university. Maybe you and your MBA ought to search Bernie Madoff, Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Andrew Fastow, Philip Anschutz, Richard Scrushy, Joseph Nacchio oh yeah and Barak Obama. I'll bet every one of them has a degree in something and America will never be the same. I'll go with hard working blue collar every time. At least they will leave you with your retirement. Also you dont have to like, listen to, or have anything to do with Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity if dont want to. Being robbed of your future is pretty hard to ignore.

Larry H

Dear Freedom:

If we are going to be persnickety about spelling:

It's "you're not too educated yourself", not "your not to educated yourself".

You misspelled two words while scolding "Rush O'Hannidy" about misspelling only one; he is one word ahead of you so far!


Over a hundred years ago a woman called Adele Spitzeder did the same thing here in Munich, Germany. A lot of her customers committed suicide after their financial loss.
When I heard this story many years ago, I thought
this couldn`t happen again.
But obviously the greed often nebulize the mind of the customer.

Social Sercurity/Ponzi Scheme

Isnt our social sercurity sytem one big ponzi scheme? Just a thought think about it people.


@We should not lock him up

Thanks for that post. I had a great laugh. :)

I too am tired of the right vs left. There are many more people guilty of crimes in this situation. 150 years is ridiculous. I'd rather see him actually pay debt via manual labor, than letting him sit in a cell getting fat while living off tax dollars.

@wag the dog

Why would the previous admin. get Madoff off if he was a big demo supporter. More hypocricy about which party is really connected to big corporations.
They both are!


He doesn't deserve to die in jail. So he stole some money. It's just worthless paper anyway. Just make him live in a one bedroom apartment in a noisy part of a dirty city. That's punishment enough.

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