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Published: Monday, June 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Kevin

Yeah, or maybe that had nothing to do with it.
Does EVERY situation have to be aligned with some sort of BOM scripture?


Too bad we do not have the harsh laws that China does for white collar crime since Madoff would have been certainly executed by now.

I would like Madoff to get quartered as a form of execution like the Spaniards did during the colonial era


Does anyone remember the prison conditions for Al Capone? Do you think prison will be prison for someone with as much influence and money as Bernard Madoff? Think again. Madoff won't be free to come and go, but his life will still be one of luxury compared to so many others. As soon as the dust settles, his attorneys will be going for appeals and this man won't end up serving a full sentence. I don't understand why he ended up with a such a harsh sentence though. I mean, really. He's a thief. He stole a LOT of money from a LOT of people, but he didn't kill anyone. Murderers get sentences of 10 years sometimes. And like a lot of others have stated here - he didn't do this all by himself.


Madoff.....150 Yrs is a long time....couldn't have happened to a nicer DEMOCRAT!!

Happy birthday Bernie

May you live a long and miserable life with your fellow cons.

Madoff and Obama

Madoff or Obama....same difference!

Obama has stolen $5 Trillion in 100 days while Madoff stole only $500 Billion in 30 years....lets give Obama 1500 years right along side Bubba!!


It's nice too know that he will be spending a lot of time in a "GATED COMMUNITY".

It's funny

that all the liberals want to use Madoff as their typical "see what happens when rich people run things, they rip people off and conservatives are evil" and the fact of the matter was this guy was a DEMOCRAT and generally gave to the party and its causes. It might be good for all to check their stereotypes at the door before sounding off (and I'm neither a Republican or Democrat but find it really funny all the name calling that goes on these posts without any knowledge to back up their opinions).


Interesting. 150 yrs for a Ponzi scheme that went south. The similarities to social security are striking. (That is, new investors pay off old investors.) Who will be thrown to the wolves when social security goes the same way? I'm not sure that we've got a jail cell large enough to hold them all.

Rush O'Hannidy

Re: Madoff and Obama | 1:48 p.m. June 29, 2009

Where did you get your figures? I'm guessing Limbaugh or Hannidy might have thrown that number out a few times? Did it occur to you that neither of your "heroes" even have a college degree? Why would you listen with such conviction to a couple of blowhards with just a High School education backing them up? Oh, and our education system is in such great shape to be putting out people who shape others opinions...
Take a little bit of truth, stretch it out to fit your current talking points, ad in some lies and spin it to fit your agenda. It is a great formula...Maybe I should go write for those clowns, bet the money is good...

Wag the Dog

Just think... If this were the previous administration, Bernie would've gotten a bailout & a pardon.

Judgement Day!

To this individual, this is only the earthly judgement, wait until he gets across to the other side of life!
I dont think he will last 10 years.

Scam artists in congress

What about the scam artists in Congress? Running a 50 year ponzi-scheme called Social Security?


How do we keep him alive so he can serve out the whole 150?

John the Beloved

Looks like he "Madoff" like a bandit, right? Get it? Haha. Maybe NOW he'll understand what breaking the law will do.


These are the type of people(Madoff) that are the ones truly responsible for the current economic crisis, not Bush, Obama, or Pelosi. It is the greed of the corporate world that has ruined America's economy.

We should not lock him up

We should be praising Madoff and not sending him to jail. He is a pure capitalist. People were dumb enough to buy into what he was selling and he made millions off it. He is no different than bottled water companies or Gold's Gym (they're still taking my money and I haven't been in years). If we as consumers are stupid, we deserve to lose our money. The government should not be prosecuting this guy, he should be our nation's chief economic advisor. We need someone to help us make money off the rest of the world the way Madoff off his investors. After all what are the other countries going to do when they realize they can't get their money back? Attack us?

Bender Rodriguez

re: SCUM | 3:58 p.m. June 29, 2009

//How do we keep him alive so he can serve out the whole 150?//

Keep him away from Jack Kevorkian.


RE: Rush O'Hannidy | 3:25 p.m. June 29, 2009

Judging from the way YOU spelled "Hannidy" your not to educated yourself!!!

SEC joke

I refused to sell security's because the SEC harassed and intimidated our sales force.
Several agents quit or were fired for not living up to SEC standards.
Missing a one percentage point on a portfolio could bring thousands of dollars fines.

While the SEC harassed small players like us, these billion dollar crooks were raping and pillaging investors.

How many SEC employees have been fired? none..

How many SEC employees have been fined? none..

Madoff was an SEC administrator.
And he made them look like the fools they are.

Hypocrisy and poetic justice.

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