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Published: Monday, June 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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ok GOP

where were your players and who was in charge? that's what i thought ...everyone got one, an armpit and an excuse...now what about this family value image that you guys been taking a heavy hit with some of your most conservative rhetorical speakers ...almost like the little group of watergates going on.


I'm a Left Coast Liberal. I've heard Madoff was in fact, a democrat. He give large contributions to the Democratic Party. I don't want to be like a conservative liar. Liberals do have to stand for something because conservatives don't.

we have our own made-off

right here in utah concerning the utah navajo trust fund 150 million....just read the 1984 state treasurer audit...gives a clear picture of how the artifact and grave robbery correlates with what has happened in the past..all things are related. It is about stewarship and who is reponsible. to give credence by the addage that "everybody is doing it" defies the lesson which i recall from my church counselor when he use to say in seminary..."remember there is a difference between picking your nose and tearing it all apart"


They should have just rounded it off to 200 years. Not like he is going to serve the entire term anyway. I know, they should keep his corpse locked up until his 150 years is up, then release it to his grandchildren at the end of the sentence.

Dan king

Hate to break to you liberals, but Madoff was one of yours, liberals in charge of your money, equals thief.
How California working for you democrats?

happy day

I'm glad to see Madoff got a stiff penalty. What he did was absolutely deplorable.... but can we please silence the "victims" trying to pin blame on anyone but themselves. They need to acknowledge the role their own greed and poor decision-making played in this drama. Not trying to understand how someone provides a "guaranteed" return, I think you're asking for it....


Bernie, why the long face?


It's good to know this crook is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. I hope that the family is watched VERY carefully over the next 20 years to see how much of the ill gotten gains will surface in their hands. Money is hidden and will support his family. It's a scam to believe that his family was unaware and not profiting from this crime. Madoff is worse than the worse murderer and cocaine dealer. He damaged THOUSANDS of people. How many suicides is he directly responsible for. No more free air for Madoff!


Very hard to believe his sons did not know about this... Weren't they executives in his firm??

Madoff could not have pulled this off by himself. No way..

I hope the Feds nail the remainder of the crooked clan and associates.


I think Ruth Madoff and their sons were aware of what was going on. How can one work for an investment company where no investments are being made and not have a clue about it. Why does she get 2.5 million. She needs to be in a small apartment with a meager budget for food, Why arent't the family members who were key employees being charged also.

No penalty

Madoff has been illegally living off the citizenry for the last 30 years. What's the difference now? Three squares, a TV and security round the clock. Some punishment. Again, living off the citizenry. And wifey makes off with a 2.5m finder's fee. Nice. And the court is so full of itself that it thinks it will dissuade others? Right. Crooks are crooks and they will always be. Every single dime of assets should be siezed and returned. Latest 'investors' first.


Why is the state paying for this man's care and keep for the rest of his life? Just put him out on the street, take away everything he's accumulated through his ruse. Leave him the shirt on his back and give him an empty can, assign him a stoop to sit on.
Let him live on the charity of those he's cheated.


What did he do exactly?

re: Dan King

I don't understand the big deal with this whole Madoff scam. He's just a side effect of a completely unregulated free marketplace watched over by George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress.

Greed will always exist, especially in a Captilist environment. And when that Greed is unregulated, this is the result.

Nothing too surprising.


Where is the rest of the crooks that were involved in this? If you think one guy pulled this off you're crazy! There were a bunch of them. Bernie is taking the full rap!!!


"..unregulated free marketplace watched over by George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress."
Hardly, Mr. Madoff has been in business since 1960, through a few demo's administrations as well.


This is what happens when you let the nosy money-lenders in power! We were warned about this in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


Instead of prison, they should let Madoff become a Congressman!

He could then join with some other great crooks - taking honest people's money - living like royalty - and spending like there's no tomorrow!!!

Also no prison time or lengthy investigations when you're through - just a FAT Congressional pension to look forward to!

What a SWEET deal!

Are you ...

... kidding me Dan King, who cares if he's a Dem or a Repub? He is scum of the earth and if somehow vigilante justice could be pulled off against him and his entire family and business associates, it would be well deserved.

Most people is general are getting pretty sick of the conservative -VS- liberal take on everything. If that's the way you think, then you are what's wrong with America. And by the way, California has been and currently is still being run by a Republican governor, that's how that's working for us.


NO more yacht clubs, servants, limos, and ironed BVD's.
Say goodbye to Italian marble, $100 bath towels, and milled French soap.
You get a 10' x 12' cel, and a stainless steel toilet with no door. Life as you knew it is a distant memory.

What the heck were you thinking? Doesn't EVERY Ponzi schemer get nailed?

You better hope they don't give you a "roomie" in jail.

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