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Published: Sunday, June 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sorry Carlos, no Mega-Contract for you this year. Your injuries, the economy and the stars have aligned against you.

In my opinion, Boozer opts out and signs for a bit more money with Detroit. Nothing huge but enough so he can leave Utah smiling.

If he stays. He is going to end up with a lot of EGG on his face. I don't believe Carlos is willing to swallow his pride.

It's too BIG for his throat.


1. Sloan loves continuity

2. KOC does not have to do anything most years due to 1.

3. The Jazz tend to over pay based on 1 and 2.

4. Utah is getting left in the dust by elite teams who know this is the time to improve and are doing it.

5. Giving Boozer a raise and a long term contract is riskier than getting some one else. He is injury prone (like 3 over paid WAS players). He is not capable of beating the best teams. His numbers are inflated by the Jazz system that features the PF. If he is on a normal team with a prolific SG and a normal C his numbers drop. He is replaceable with someone who will play D and put up the same or better numbers in this system. The Jazz can do better.

6. No raise. No long term contract.

7. The Jazz organization suffers from a bias against active management. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" will get your butt kicked hard in a competitive environment.

8. It is broke you just won't admit it.


I just want this over, so the Jazz can work on the 2010-2011 season; when they have a possible lottery pick in the draft. The present needs to be adressed too though, so they don't look foolish for the comming season.

What happens if he does stay?

Everyone knows Boozer does not want to be here. IF he does stay because of financial reasons...he will give a half-hearted season, maybe another injury and it will be a waste. For the sake of the Jazz, I hope he leaves.


Boozer is gonna be gone. Whether it's this off season or next. I don't see him staying here, and maybe the Jazz are better off moving in a direction without him. I'd kinda like to see Kirilenko playing the 4 position again, like he was when he became an allstar. I don't think we'd be better, but I'm getting sick of dealing with Boozer. He's like having a double-edged sword. It's been a sweet/sour experience with him in Utah, and I wouldn't mind the Jazz moving on without him.


I say let him opt in and then resign Milsap and then start Milsap and make Boozer the backup. Now that would be fun to watch at least that would be entertaining for the year. Especially where Boozer said he was a starter period.


Please get rid of Boozer and keep the new kids . I love Koufas and maybe the Bosnian can pound some sense into FEZ. If we don't do well this year , so what ? We have a pick from the Knicks and a higher draft pick of our own.for 2010.
Boozer cost the Jazz brass over 13 million dollars while just being injured and he is not good , drops the passes and throws the ball away in the fourth quarter.
Start without CJ,COLLINS,Knight,Boozer and Almond.
Let the new kids get some real experience , and move on. Giving Boozer enough money to but a third world country is not an good idea or option for the future !Q !


to "What happens if he does stay?" ... you say Boozer would "give a half-hearted season". But if we think about it, he would probably have a reason in his mind to play harder and with more passion if he knows he's auditioning for a new contract with the Jazz or another team, since he would be in the final year of any guaranteed money this coming season. It happens quite often with players in their "contract year"... suddenly their overall play, etc., improves. Of course I hope we can keep Millsap without overpaying, but a healthy-ankled D-Will and a motivated Boozer might make for a pretty good "core" afterall... at least for now.


Can anyone explain to me why the contract expiration date, or the date when Boozer must make this decision is AFTER the draft? Perhaps it's a standard NBA contract provision, but it seems extremely unwise (I'm being nice with that term) to permit this decision after the draft.

Boozer isn't coming back. His rhetoric about it being the Jazz decision is an opt-out, stay-out phrase. The decision is his also. He has the opt-out decision AND he has the decision to work cooperatively to get a deal done here (like Okur). To some degree, we can't complain. The Jazz knew when they stole him from Cleveland, that Boozer is driven by money.

I do wonder what 'number' the Jazz have in their heads to offer Boozer. It's conceivable to me that they offer him less than he's making now if they have to pony up significant dollars for Milsap. In that scenario, Detroit could offer more than the Jazz new 'number' but less than his current contract is worth. He would then go to Detroit for less than he would have been paid here, pre-opt out. SWEET!


This whole 4-5 years with Boozer really hasn't done anything positive for the Jazz. It gave them a bad name once they signed him when he went under the table and broke is contract with Cleveland. He is a constant hurt prone guy who if jumps wrong gets hurt for a year. Look at Millsap, he filled in perfectly, no complaints, ego not out of control. We need to focus on him, let Boozer go and we will have a better team for it.

Keep everyone else if we can, and we should have drafted Dejuan Blair to be Millsaps backup. That would have been the best. Now we got to deal with him at San Antonio.

i like all of the opinion that

i've read about this article. some figure booz is going to new jersey, some figure detroit, some figure that he and his agent both are going to retract their own words and actually make less with a new deal. i think that unless there are any reports that he is offered more than what the jazz are willing to pay and he signs with whatever team that may be then congrats. i wont be surprised if he re-signs with the jazz at all. the only thing i'll be surprised by is if the jazz actually DO give him an undeserving $2-3 mil raise. millsap is far from worth any more than $7-8 mil at most (AK47 sound familiar?). korver IS leaving. i'm iffy about memo as well.


You people aren't thinking with your heads on straight.... If you recall, the 2 seasons before last, Boozer played over 75 games. In our first year back in the playoffs in 07 he played better than anyone on the team in leading us to the western finals, highlighted by continually torching Yao in the first round. When Booz played we have won... we lose when he doesn't. He has never actually said he wants to leave, and no one from the locker room has said he's a problem there either. Why aren't we all freaking out about someone else on the roster who very VERY rarely shows any effort or desire, who is the first to leave practice daily, and who has to be more of a cancer than boozer? That would be Andrei Kirilenko. Ak's contract is one of the worst in the league, and he, unlike boozer, has actually come out and said on a couple of occasions that he wants out. If you look at total games missed over the last 5 years, ak has missed almost as many as boozer.

AK A PF are you Kidding?

Where does this skinny frail man get that definition of anything to do with power? Get real fans AK can't play power forward on offense or defense in this league against the elite teams! Flat CAN"T. Send him on his way to another destination and let his helter skelter unreliable play be on display in someone elses colors! He's way, way overpaid to begin with. As for Booze I just pray each night now that he will opt OUT! Keep Milsap only if the price is right! I'll live with whats left with a couple additions.


Millsap is NOT the answer! If we let Booz go, we HAVE to do a sign and trade.... Millsap is undersized and extremely limited offensively. I love the effort and drive, but it can only take you so far. The lakers front line continually abused millsap in the playoffs.... We would be bound for years of mediocrity with millsap as our starting 4.

Let's remember

Let's all remember that D-will only signed a 3 year extension for a reason... he wanted to see that the Jazz were serious about staying competitive and getting more competitive. Getting rid of Boozer does the exact opposite.... Tanking it for a season and getting draft picks is not going to make our best player happy. If you don't want Booz, make a sign and trade happen for someone quality. Can't lose him for nothin or we will be in big trouble...

a raise

Let's say you(boozer) have a co-worker(AK) whose effort and production, undeniably, is far below yours. He also happens to get paid a GREAT deal more than you do... about $5 more... You wouldn't want a raise??????????? I sure would feel like I deserve one if AK was on my team and making more than anyone!

Jazz Puzzle

Is missing 2 important pieces,a REAL CENTER,who rebounds/blocks shots/plays good smart defense,and a 3 who plays a complete game,our options at the SF are Harp,Brewer or???? but Miles is not the answer,he`s lazy,very poor rebounder and PLAYS ZERO DEFENSE,he is probably the worst re-sign in Jazz history please go after a true 5 and a 3

Maybe AK ???

You are forgetting AK,he can play the 3 way better than CJ Miles,allows Brewer/Korver to split time at the 2 and a healthy Harpring can sub some at both spots,but either way MILES NEEDS TO GO>>>HE IS WORTHLESS


I hope Boozer opts in... we trade him for Tyson Chandler(Hornets want an expiring contract) Resign Okur that gives us the ability to play them together. Resign Milsap for resonable amount... if not let him go and use that money plus trading expiring contracts(Korver,Harpering)to upgrade the two. Kirlinko and Koufus could back up the 4&5... slide Brewer to the 3 and try and trade Miles for anything

re: Jazz Puzzle

By far the worst re-sign in Jazz history is AK, next is probably Harpring. They are both extremely overpaid, while Miles is not regardless of your delusional opinion of him. CJ does play defense, better than Harpring and Korver, and you can't find many players in the NBA that are his age and put up better numbers.

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