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Published: Saturday, June 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let 'em all go, unless we can keep Millsap for the mid-level. Get a lottery pick next year, and spend some cash on the 2010 free-agent bonanza. Cash is king in this economy, and it's only gonna be worse next summer. This summer it's time to hunker down and save some cash for a rainy day.

Oh, and Paul, we love you, but please get a new agent - your uncle isn't doing you any favors with this talk about $13M and Elton Brand comparisons. He's blowing smoke and he's not fooling anybody. Elton Brand was a number 1 pick and has been 20/10 since his rookie season.


Mr. Simmons, we love Paul, but if you are looking for a comparable player for Paul, look no further than Brandon Bass. To compare him to Elton Brand is laughable, at least at this stage in his career. He'd need 10 years of 20/10 starter minutes before you can do that.


Settle down people. The Jazz aren't going to pay Millsap 10 Million per year.
It's the job of EVERY agent to talk up their player and get him the best deal possible. If Millsap starts offers at 6-7 million he's probably going to end up getting about 3-4 million. So obviously he's gonna start with 10 million with hopes of getting 7-8 million.

All I know is... if the Jazz give Millsap that kind of money he's got to be the guy at PF. You can't pay a back-up that much money. So he's got to be ready to play big time minutes and be a clutch player. Otherwise he needs to move on and play back-up role somewhere else.


I'll tell you what will happen w/ Free Agency. There will be an enormous of hot air pumped out by O'Connor.

The media will do alot of speculating and nothing will happen.... just like pretty much every year preceding this one.

p.s. NBA Free Agency is near as exciting as NFL FA.

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