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Published: Saturday, June 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I guess I'm one of the few who actually wants to keep the team intact...I love this team and if they can as a whole commit to defense, than we're easily a top contender. They need to commint to the entire season (all 82 games) and commit to defense, and if we can do that, we'll be just fine without trades.

I think with the team we have we can get it done...but if a few trades happened, I wouldn't mind it as long as we get something back in return. I don't want the jazz to start making trades to avoid the luxury tax, because honestly we have one of the lowest paid teams in the league (26th to be exact) It's about time we start spending some money.

It almost feels like being a jazz fan is like being a cubs fan or a red sox fan (before they started winning championships)...we get extremely close, but find a way to lose it.

I hope the jazz win it all this year!

Brewer and Korver

Split the time at the 2 spot and PLEASE get someone at the 3 who actually plays a complete game,which includes SCORING/REBOUNDING AND DEFENSE,I agree with the earlier posts, miles is lazy/worthless and probably untradeable,Oak City probably wants nothing to do with him now

cj a point guard????

WOW!!!! he can`t play the SF position worth a hoot.... now he`s gonna back up D-will????? wow what are you thinking????

Cross training CJ

has several advantages even if he never is needed (hopefully).

1. It will force him to improve his attack to the basket. He is really weak in that area.

2. He will understand the plays better from the perspective of the other players. He will become better at moving and positioning.

3. If he can handle the job he will save a lot of money. We paid almost as much for Knight and Price as we do for CJ.

4. If there is an season ending injury at PG, CJ can get the Jazz by until they can make a trade (like ORL and HOU mid season).

5. If he can handle the role, he is big and can see over who is guarding him. Plus he can hit the outside shot. They can't back off and pack the paint.

I think he can pass. Can CJ dribble well enough? Is his Bball IQ high enough? Can he make good decisions?

He has got to be at least as good as Hart and Price. He certainly shoots better than Knight.

If CJ won't work maybe Brewer can?


The only time this current team plays defense is in the last 8 minutes of any game that is close. They are fully capable of playing defense but will not play it all game. They only turn it on when they want/need to.

Unfortunately, when they do turn it on against the best teams they tend to get beat (in a series) and on the road. They are not that good because they lack defensive talent. Even when they turn it on they are lacking against very good teams.

Part of it may be the defensive scheme which does not work against he triangle offense nor the inside out game that SA and many western teams use.

It is time to realize that this team is a play off team but nothing more. Boozer can not attack the rim against LA or SA he can not defend them. Neither can Okur. There are a lot more okay teams that they can defend.


Boozer is the only one of our three free agent big men worth signing. The reason is he has trade value. Very few teams wants a center like okur who plays minimal D. Very few teams want a great bench player as their starting power forward(Milsap). Boozer is very talented and even though he is no Garnett or Duncan he is the best available. There is always a chance that he will decide to show up on D and in the mean time we could move him for a guy like Bosh. We need to focus on getting boozer to sign on the line and maybe sign Milsap if he signs a reasonable offer sheet. Korver's 5 million dollar option will either become an expiring contract next year or room to bring in some quality role players this year.


What are the Jazz scared of. Miles showed very little and we signed him because he might be good somewhere else? Same with Fes!. Have guys we let go every done anyting? Mo Williams maybe but he is what we thought he was a 2 in a point's body. A few guys are in the league but they haven't embarased us. Stevenson, Pavlovic, Vaughn, Anderson, Snyder, Humphries have done very little in this league. They certainly have made very little impact.

No Way

Let's see if anyone offers Millsap more than the mid-level exception.

I'm happy to see him opt out. Boozer, too. Let them find out how much money isn't out there right now.

Millsap tailed off badly at the end of the year. He's inconsistent, often absent on the road. Can't possibly play starter's minutes for a whole season. Remember the knee?

Get real.

Korver did not say he was out..

Korver's interview on that radio station said pretty much nothing....LOL He talked about the possibility of opting out, but never said he was. Honestly, he sounded like he was 'thinking out loud' and rambling a bit, leaving everyone unsure of what he actually meant. SOME here in Utah (DAVID JAMES) posted blog headlines such as 'Korver Ready to Opt Out and Leave Utah', which were irresponsible and misleading to fans who didn't actually hear the radio interview or any of the other follow up on it (which basically concluded that the interview didn't reveal a decision one way, or the other). Some national outlets then picked up on blogs such as DJ's, passing on word that Korver was ready to leave Utah. Siler of the Trib. for some reason is certain Korver will still be here next year... he also spoke with him after the 'interview' and Korver was genuinely surprised at the way it was interpreted... and of course, didn't intend to start the talk that came from it.


what I'd like to see happen...

Sign Millsap, Okur, Korver and Price. Sign and trade Boozer for Hamilton. Trade Harpring and CJ to New Orleans for Chandler and get Harp back after they buy him out.


PG: D-Will/Price/Maynor
SG: Rip/Brewer
SF: AK/Korver/Harpring
PF: Millsap/Koufos
C: Memo/Chandler/Fes

I think that is a team that could contend. Brewer could also start at SF with AK comming off the bench if that seemed better, but I think with Boozer out of the picture putting AK back in the starting lineup would be a good thing.

Two work horses!

Looking forward to having Milsap in a Jazz uniform next season. Does he deserve more money? Of course! Just how much is not really anyone's business but the Jazz organization! If we can keep Milsap we need to keep Korver. They run the plays! They are both work horses!
The Jazz would be crazy to let Korver get away! Any other team will use Korver's talents to their advantage!Please keep Korver in Utah and let him do his thing along with Milsap!


For the love, don't pay Millsap 10 million a year. He's terribly overrated by Jazz fans.


[quote]If Boozer opts then grab Lee. Trade Lee if he will not play D (NY does not play D).[/quote]

As a Knick fan, I'll let y'all know if the Jazz try to sign Lee, NY is going to threaten to match in order to get the Jazz to trade them back their (NY) 2010 first round pick.

Anyway, Millsap or Lee wanting anything close to Elton Brand's contract is ridiculous. This free agent market is going to be soft due to the economy and due to the fact that several teams that may have money aren't going to spend it because they'll not want to add unnecessary payroll for the 2010 offseason.

CJ Miles is Great!

Miles is a very athletic small forward. He has a good shot, and he drives to basket hard. His defense is getting better, and remember he is very very young. We only drafted him a few years ago, and we drafted him out of high school! CJ, whether you love him or hate him is a very good player. I think he doesn't get enough minutes, or enough shots. Here's some stats for cj:

fg%-.459 (better than both Korver & AK)
3pt%-.352 (3rd best on team)
ft%-.876 (2nd best on team)
to-.89 (fewest among players over 20 minutes)
pg-9.1 (averaged almost 10 points a game, not bad for a role player)

Deron, Boozer, Brewer, and Okur all attempted over 800 shots last season, where CJ only attempted 562. Both Korver and Ak shot the same amount of attmepts and thier fg% is lower...CJ's fg% and 3pt% and ft% are one of the best on the team, and you want to get rid of him? Remember he's only a role player...he's not Lebron James.

Idaho Jazz Fan

I love Millsap, but if the Jazz pay more than 8 million for him they are dumb. Let Boozer go and if he gets his asking price from someone, great. If he sees that he is not going to get what he wants, maybe the Jazz can actually sign him for less. Hopefully he leaves. And once more, all those people that want to trade for Bosh, Bosh is just as soft as Boozer. It's like hitting your golf ball in the middle of the lake with your 9 iron and then deciding to try again and use the 9 iron again! I think with D-Will as your PG, Utah is a better free agent destination than we think. Jazz have to get players that can play some defense. There offensive structure and D-Will will take care of the rest. Even when Boozer wasn't playing, Jazz could score enough to win most games, just need to hold other teams to 96-97 points per game, not 103-104.


plays D but he is not as quick as Boozer and gets a lot of fouls.

Boozer knows his primary role is offense and to play 30+ minutes, so he tries not to draw fouls and does not try to play much D. If Millsap is the starter he will have to be more careful on the fouls. At that point he is not as good on D as he was as a bench player.

Further, tall quick PFs can shoot over both Boozer and Millsap.

Millsap is worth a little more than Landry (about 4 mill). However, the Jazz will have to pay 6+, beyond that is nonsense. If Millsap wants more give him a 2 year 12-13 mill contract with the second year as a player option. If he really produces negotiate a better longer contract.

At this point we know Boozer will play 2/3s of his games and make 1/2 of the fans mad but we know he is a top 5 PF on offense when he is healthy and functional.

The Jazz really do not know what they will get from Millsap as a starter over 82 games.

todd from santa ana

magnus that is a good projected roster. I think that team may not win more games but be a tougher playoff out which is what matters.'

it could win 50 though...

i AGREE though on Snoozie... Millsap is a hard working, great young man, but frankly he is a spot starter and valuable man off the bench. Maybe healthy and last year behind him, at least Boozie can go back to being the player he was 2 and 3 years ago. He was quicker and gave more defensive effort.

Millsap cannot adequately replace Boozer.

It is reality.


Sloan makes about 6 mil a year, and he doesn't even think part of his job is to motivate. He is about as flexible as an icesicle when it comes to utilizing his players. Same old substituions at the same time every game, he waits until the Jazz have blown a 20 point lead and are down 3 or 4 before calling a timeout. Give me the chart of when to call timeout and sub in players, and I will sign on for 1 mil a year, I will then personaly buy everyone some Zig Ziglar and Anthony Robbins motivational CD's to listen to.

todd to snowman


What is with this supposed new "house man" cuddle up to Price all of sudden?

If they drafted Maynor ah duh do you need 3 points?

NOOOOO,,,How bout a backup guard to Brewer who can hit some bombs and let Korver opt out or use Price spot and some small forward help..

3 points is like carrying 3 catchers..Yeah I guess Price and Maynor could play together but....

Chuck Nunn

Actually Gunga, I think the pick is lottery protected. The Jazz make the playoffs, the pick will go to Minnesota via Philly.

Unfortunately, I really can't see the Jazz pulling off a major trade because I can't see anybody outside of Deron Williams that another team would want right now, and it's not because I don't believe in the guys we have.

Depending on how all the opt-outs go, I'd like to see the Jazz make a play for Hedo Turkoglu, especially if they come to terms with Okur. I'll be exploring that later this week on Jazz Oracle, so y'all come!

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