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Published: Saturday, June 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I think Millsap is awesome and I'd love to see him stay in Utah. At the same time, he hasn't proven that he is worth $10 million/season. That is crazy. I'm thinking a 3 year deal at around $5-6 million per year is fair. If Millsap improves and becomes an all-star, then he will have earned the opportunity to earn $10 million plus. Right now, it's not worth the risk. These players will continue to be paid huge amounts of money as long as fans continue to buy merchandise and tickets to the games. $100 for a good seat to a 2 hour ball game is a rip off. I'll continue to attend college basketball games and just follow the Jazz via the internet.


RE: Cut Miles:I agree, keep Memo Millsap and Korver dump miles,he`s worthless/lazy and will never amount to anything other than a 12th man/practice player


Millsap isn't an All Star and won't be. This is what happens when you let a relative be your agent.

Also, the Jazz won't have 2 lottery picks next year. If they qualify for the lottery with their own pick, it goes to another team (Philly I think as part of the Giricek trade). The only way they get 2 first round picks next year is if they make the playoffs.

That is something to think about too. They could get a top 5 pick next year and have to pay for that too.

Cap Management

is just as important as talent in the long run to the survival and success of a team.

There are elite teams such as BOS, LA, and CLE who break the cap on purpose to buy the talent they need to compete for a championship now. That requires deep pockets and very good player analysis and management but it works.

There are teams who are brilliant at cap management and player selection/management (SA) and they win.

There are teams that destroy the franchise with bad cap management and player management(NY).

There are teams that are not good at player management but do try to win (DAL, DET, maybe DEN).

There are financially poor teams (MEM, MIL, PHO lately).

There are teams that are building (OKC, POR).

There are perennial also rans either due to bad cap management or player management (SL, NO).

Utah has the chance to become an elite team. Talent is cheap this year as teams melt down and the economy stays bad. Don't blow the future with bad cap management. Improve your player selection and management.


We need more defense so if Boozer doesn't opt out Trade him to the Hornets for Tyson Chandler. They want an expiring contract... resign Okur, He Can play with Chandler and back up the Five. If Milsap commands too much money let him go and add an upgrade at the two. Kirlinko and Koufus could be your four and five back ups. Try and trade Korver and Harpering for an upgrade at the Two(expiring contracts make them more tradeable) Try and trade CJ (not likely any takers)

todd from santa ana

jazz management will always be scared of change, this is why sloan is here

Re: Millsap

I agree that the apparent price for Millsap (according to his relative/agent!) is steep. I don't think he's worth a dime over $10 million a year. It's really all about what the market dictates. If some team wants to swoop in and pay him on potentially being an all-star, he could end up with an inflated contract that might equal his level of play, to which the Jazz should let him walk.

As is, he averaged almost a double double, and I think is worthy of a deal similar to Okur's contract with the Jazz - a six year, $50 million type deal. At the time he was signed, he seemed overpaid but in my opinion he stepped in and earned his paycheck. I can see a similar scenario for Millsap, and he should take that deal.

Back Up PG

Sloan is going to insist on a 3rd PG. Save some money for a GOOD PG, one who can run the team well and shoot. Maynor will not be able to run the team for a while as he learns the system and adjusts to the NBA.

Don't lose a bunch of games early due to a crappy cheap back up PG. Price can't run the team well but can shoot sometimes (I know he is a crowd favorite but he is not a PG and loses games). Knight can't shoot. Both lost games due to weaknesses.

If the Jazz are in the luxury tax they may have to cross train Brewer or CJ at back up PG (3rd emergency option). The best reason for having AK on the second team was that he could act as a point forward and make up for the bad back up PG play.

Get a good back up PG and start AK so the game is not lost in the 1st Q.

Can this team learn from it's past mistakes? Price is not a good PG and he is not a good SG.

Fix the problem.

akk is right the Jazz have

a lot of flexibility. Sloan won't like it but Koufos/Suton could get by at C or Gortat could replace Okur for cheaper. Boozer's contract could be very valuable. The Jazz could get 2 upgrades for Boozer in this market.

Use your brain. Continuity is quicksand at this time in this market. Seize the opportunity and make a contender.

If it takes 2 years to become an elite team it is worth it. If you can get the right players at the right price this team can contend. If they keep the same players at the wrong price (always done that before) the team will fall.

todd from santa ana

somehow I could see CJ being an adequate backup point. he has the athleticism to be successful.


Milsap is no Elton Brand. Brand was a number 1 pick a big time shot blocker, scorer and was a double double guy every year. That being said Brand when healthy is still a level below Garnet, Duncan and the other greats. 6 years and 50 million is very generous for a guy like Milsap. He will max out his tallent very soon and it will not be 25pts 10rbs and 2.5blk like brand in 2005. It will be more like 16, 10 and 1 blk. His lack of tallent will get him in foul truble and he will never carry a team out of the first round. Bottom line is Milsap does what he does with effort which is fine in the regular season. In the playoffs however everybody makes a big effort and milsap will be lost in the trees.

Trade for thought

In light of the Carter trade to Orlando it is very unlikely they will be able to keep Turkolgu.

I think that if the jazz want to win the best thing they can do is let Korver and Milsap (Don't pay him ten mil) go in order to create cap space for Turkolgu and Lee.

Then make a deal that sends Boozer and Miles for Bosh.

New team line-up


This would be the best team the Jazz have ever had. Seriously imagine that line-up. 6-10 Hedo, who can definitely play defense, 6-10 Okur, 6-11 Bosh who is a flat out beast, Brewer who is a good defender, Dwill who does it all, Lee is a pretty much a white Milsap, AK is a good shot-blocker, and Suton can stretch the defense.

If we want to win this is the way to go and the crazy thing is it is possible. The Raptors want to get rid of Bosh, Lee will probably leave the Knicks, and Hedo will likely not get resigned.

There is no reason to give

Millsap more than the mid level exemption unless DET bids on him. In which case the Jazz can decide to match or go after Lee. If Millsap goes to DET Boozer has no place to go.

If the Jazz can't agree on a long term contract then work out a 2 year deal and let Millsap prove he is worth more.

Whatever the Jazz do they should not pay to much to Millsap, Boozer, Okur or Korver. None of them are indispensible. AND none of them can be used to build a championshp.

They are parts left over from a Sloan machine that can't win a championship. Rebuilt the team for a future championship with players who can play D and who have enough talent to beat LA, SA. We are tired of losing to them.

I like Millsap, Okur and Korver but that is no reason to over pay them.

Learn from SA. If you do not have the right players do not over pay them and then trade them for the right players.

I do not have faith in Sloan's scheme. I do not think it is capable of winning in today's NBA.

Keep Millsap, Trade AK

Keeping Millsap is priority #1 over Okur, Booz, and Korver. As long as we can keep him at below $10 million a year, he's worth it. For example, Biedrins is a better player and a C, and he only makes $9 a year. Not many teams are able to offer that type of money anyway (OKC, Mem and Detroit), and I see Turkoglu, Boozer and others as better options.

Another way to keep Okur and Millsap is to trade AK. Everyone knows he's the reason we are in this mess. Without him making so much, we might be in the running for Turkoglu or Gordon. Memphis offered Darko's expiring and Buckner for Zach Randolph. The Clippers turned it down. Why not trade AK for Quentin Richardson's expiring and Buckner? It actually saves more money for Mem and they get the PF they are searching for. Utah would save $4 million for this year and almost $14 million for next year.

Our rebuilding should be based more around trading AK than guessing who will stay or not. We can't control where those player options will go, but we can trade our biggest roster destroyer.

to No 1 Priority:

One of the better comments on this board, my man. Everyone is going on and on about Millsap, Koufos, Loozer, etc., etc., but we're just discussing rearranging the chairs on the Titanic there. We need a new Captain who can avoid the dangers, not just another season of the same ol' same ol'. And Sloans act courtside year after year is an embarrassment to his community. Anyone else in the public eye acts like that in public, they get pilloried in the press.


I thought Korver already said on a radio show that he was opting out?


Both Millsap adn Okur agents are blowing smoke, now way either of them gets better than a 10 mil a year offer this year.

Fortunately for the Jazz they can just watch Millsap walk into the meat grinder that is this seasons free agent market, watch his value deteriorate because nobody has the money to sign him, and then match whatever offer he eventually accepts. If Okur is smart he will take any extension worth more than 35 Million because there really aren't to many suitors out there who can or will do better than that.

They are right about him being on the same level as Lee though, the problem is Lee is overrated, just like Matrix and Amare were when they played for D'Antoni.

Thoughs has a very good

point. The Jazz have lots of options and they have a fan base who will support and fill the stadium while the team tries to put a winner together.

This team over paid AK. How much is that hurting this team right now and for the last 2 years? When will this organization learn from it's past mistakes.

Show us you know how to run an NBA franchise. This organization should be just as capable as SA in putting together a winner. You have the opportunity begging you. Take the steps, you may only get this chance once in a decade or so.

To paraphrase KOC. He sees some teams becoming elite contenders and other falling back. There will be a 2 tiered NBA. He gets it. Do the rest of the Jazz management get it? Which way are the Jazz going to go.

They can't do the same thing as always without going down. The cap will get them.

Remake the team while the financial conditions favor the owners. The fan base will support.

Pay more for the same, and the fans will know you are not serious and the cap will doom the Jazz.


Let's say Boozer, Millsap, Memo and Korver all walk. Miller will have so much money to sign some cheaper free agents.

That would leave the following lineup:

1: Dwill
2: Brewer
3: Miles
4: AK
5: Koufus

You would still have Harpring, Fez, Maynard off the bench. Pick up some older/cheaper veterans and play ball.

Then let's see if Jerry is as good as you all say.

Miles Continued

Only Koufus did not start at some point during the year. So by letting them all walk, we still have 4 starters left on the team. Fez can back up the 5 spot. We would need to find a backup 4. Find a backup 2/3. I would rather have that team that a bunch of overpaid, don't want to play defense whiners, always injured like Memo and Boozer. If Millsap gets his 10 million more power to him and Korver can go find a team that uses him correctly. Jerry can prove once and for all that he is a hall of fame coach. AK may shock everyone at the 4 position where he belongs. Dwill can become more of a scorer like Paul is and I am sure our defense would improve greatly. Maynor would get minutes and Fez and Koufus could prove to us all if they are worth keeping around. Then in 2010 we can load up cause we will have tons of money to spend.

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