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Published: Saturday, June 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The owners should pay whatever the players demand. There is so much money in the NBA and people actually believe when the owners cry wolf and say they are going broke. What NBA team has ever gone broke. Even the Jazz can afford to resign all these guys. The "luxury tax" is a huge smoke screen. Look it up, owning an NBA team is an easy way to become super rich (assuming you can get your hands on one). Just fork over the cash so we can have a championship team for once.

There really is only one bidder

and that is DET. They are looking for character and may bid on Millsap but it ties up money for at least 10 days. They could also go for Lee/others.

If Okur opts the Jazz can remake the entire team. He will not get 9 Mill on the open market. Who is going to bid? The Jazz should bid on Lee. They would be no worse off. NY will let Lee go if he is at more than 7 Mill. They are saving cap for 2010 and may also pick up Rubio this season. They have Hill at the moment to replace Lee.

Unless DET bids on him Millsap will not get more than the mid level exemption. Memphis is saving cash. OKC wants Blake Griffin. They will try to get him from the Clips who are always in some kind of trouble (sooner or later).

Okur's agent is bluffing. If the Jazz over pay, that tells you they have learned nothing and will never be champions. This economy is bad and will stay bad. The 2010 salaries will be depressed for everyone except the extreme elite players.

Save cash and replace whoever needs to be replaced.

The Jazz have a rare

opportunity to totally remake this team into a contender that plays D and wins Championships. I like Okur. He works hard.

However, the Okur/Boozer experiment will never beat LA or SA. If Okur opts jump on the chance to remake the team.

Koufos and Suton can play C if necessary for a year. Suton shoots better than Okur (go watch his tapes). He also tries to play D.

Even if it takes 2 years to get all of the parts in place,remake the team. The economy will be bad in 2010. The market will be soft for everyone except James, Howard etc.

If Jazz management explain that they are trying to create a championship team the fans will support that for 2 years if the right players are replaced.

Sloan may not be coaching in 2 years. Start rebuilding for a new system that is not outdated. Get some players who will defend and can shoot.

The Jazz have not chance of beating LA or SA without major changes.

If Boozer opts then grab Lee. Trade Lee if he will not play D (NY does not play D).

The Jazz have to lower salary and get better.

The Jazz have a fan base

that will support creating a championship team over 2 years. Over the next 2 years the elite teams will get stronger (LA, SA, BOS, HOU, POR, CLE, ORL, DAL) the financially troubled teams will get weaker (MIL, MEM, PHO etc).

This is the perfect time to remake the Jazz into a team into a contender that can live under the lux tax.

Right now DET is the only team who can bid on Millsap, Okur and Boozer and they will not bid on more than one and may not bid on any. They have lots of options and are rebuilding this year. That is Smart as it will be harder to rebuild next year (competition). SA rebuilt this year.

The Jazz need to learn from DET and SA. Rebuild now and also drop costs at the same time. Don't make the same mistake of over paying players who can't win championships!

Please show us you are not a dumb organization that can't learn from it's past mistakes.

The Jazz have the opportunity to become an elite team. Jump on it. Show the fans you are serious about winning, not just limping into the playoffs.

todd from santa ana

Wow, maybe Okur does leave. If so, the Jazz can survive. We have 3 centers that can rotate time, maybe bring a better defensive element, if they can get to speed on help defense, good. Fez at times has shown an ability to battle and play one on one long as no silly fouls. I hear Suton is passable defensively. Okur can score but goes long periods often not scoring. This will free up money that will help maybe picking up another off guard perhaps or small forward. It would help if more opt out. Korver I have a feeling may get some offers, will see.

Whatever brings defensive mind set to this team because there is enough offense here to win.,

The jazz could be better in the long run

Chuck Nunn

Paul Millsap stepped up big this past season, but I'm not sure he's quite at the $10M per year level at this point in his career. One thing I have no question about is that the Jazz should match to keep him, and I think they will.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


13 million in the first year and going up? Same level as many time all-star Elton Brand? Even though Millsap hasn't even been a starter in the NBA for a full season? Wow! Someone seems to have pretty irrational expectations. Hopefully it is only the agent and not the player. Can't believe the Jazz or anyone else will go that high in this economy.


As much as I like Millsap, he isn't worth what Elton Brand got from Philly. He is not a true scorer!! I'd give him between 8 and 9 million a year.

Since 2010 is shaping up to be a great year for both the draft and free agents, it might just be a good idea to dump players and salaries since the Jazz could end up with 2 lottery picks.

Keep D-Will and let all the free agents go because even if the Jazz kept everyone, they are not beating the Lakers with the players they have now, and really, that is the goal, to reach the Finals: to accomplish that, the Jazz will have to go through L.A.

With the right additions in a talent rich draft and free agent class, the Jazz can completely rebuild the team in one year as did the Spurs when they drafted Tim Duncan.


They are crazy if they think he deserves as much as Elton Brand received. Millsap is not in that realm yet.

misses nuber 12

The Jazz start to rebuild now they become either the T-wolves, Kings, or Grizzlies. You can throw the Warriers in there as well. A very small market that no free agent will ever come to if he has any comparable offers. The jazz got a raw deal from Derek Fisher, if they were not so nice to him they could have advanced a little farther. They are very close now and if they can stay away from injuries the jazz can contend. Boozer must stay healthy and decide he is going to defend better.

Did someone say the jazz can learn from Detroit? Really? The same organization that passed on Carmelo so the nuggets could have him. Then they trade the nuggets Billups. Seems like they are more interested in helping Denver than themselves.

Number one priority

should be to talk Sloan into not coming back this year. He is the one constant through the whole mess of the last couple of years. He never takes the blame but he causes the problems. He can not coach defense, and he is an egomaniac that has a mouth like a sewer. Why has this city put up with his antics for so long. A half way decent college coach could have won as many games as him with as much talent as he has had. Let Phil Johnson or Jeff Hornacek get this team motivated and not crush the spirits of te team right out of the gate. Give him his pension, a new tractor and a blue heeler dog he can swear out all day and let him ride off into the sunset


10 mill a year for milsap i don't so

Dr Jazz

The Jazz can't pay Millsap 10 million/yr. That would be crazy. I love his game but he's not going to be an all star soon and probably never. I agree The Jazz should slow play their hand and will get what they want and save money.

Boozer caused this problem by being injured or the Jazz could have signed Millsap for 4-6 million for several years.

I hope Boozer opts out. Even if he comes back it will be for less money. Mark Eaton moved faster on defence then Snoozer.


I'm tired of all of these athletes who think of nothing but money. All of us in the real world are struggling to make ends meet.

Maybe it's time to walk away from sports for a year to let the athletes know they need to think about the game and not just the money.

Even begining players make more in one year than most people make in a lifetime! It's hard to imagine for the real person what $10 million a year could even look like.

I love sports and would really miss the games, however it's getting to the point where I can't even afford to sit in the cheap seats for myself let alone take my kids!

At least here in Utah we have some classy players that are not in jail every other week and seem to be involved in the community.

I know I'm not looking at reality and that if we want to win a championship we will have to pay all of our players $5 million a game EACH, but is it really worth it??


I still like the notion of trading Boozer for Rip Hamilton. Rip plays defense, brings energy and intensity, and has an offensive game too.

I would like to be a fly on the wall when Kosta and Goran square off. Let each of them take turns whooping up on Fezenko and then match up mano-a-mano. I hope at least one of those two can be a role player for us soon.

The Jazz still do not have a complete 2 guard. We either get Defense (Ronnie B) or Offense (Kyle K).


If the Milsap camp thinks that he is worth Elton Brand type number then enjoy where ever you go Milly. Even Elton Brand is not worth the money he is getting. Milly is a good player but not great to demand that type of money.

I smell fish!!! Okur says he is willing to take less but the negotiations are far apart. What does he want 10 years?

If the Jazz after free agency opens do not move some people or trade to get better then we will see that the new management(Greg) is just like the old and willing to just be average still. There was plenty of movement out there the Jazz could have been involved in but again no where to be seen.


Just like I said yesterday, the Jazz will pay through the nose to keep Millsap. They pay him $10 million a year they are crazy. They could have drafted Blair for less than a million a year for 3 years. Okur, not worth very much with his bad back. Boozer not worth keeping period. Nor Korver. I read yesterday that Boozer is not going to opt out because he knows he will not get any money on the open market.

It makes no sense to pay

the luxury tax for the current Jazz roster. If the Jazz over pay Boozer, Millsap, Okur or Korver they will kill the future of the team.

This group can not win a championship. They can not beat LA or SA. If they get over paid then the Jazz can not afford to pay role players. Once in the luxury tax the role players cost twice as much.

If the Jazz pay the luxury tax it had better be for players who can win a championship. In years past the Jazz have over paid certain players and then could not get the additional talent they needed to be more than a play off team.

Learn from SA. SA does not over pay Parker and Ginobli. They are both better players than anyone on the Jazz roster. Okur, Boozer and Millsap are not players you can build an entire team around.

It makes no sense to have 3 point guards in the luxury tax. Why have a bad 3rd point guard who can't run the team and pay them double to sit on the bench or worse lose games when they do play.

Please change the mistakes of the past.

Milsap good but

he is no Boozer! Wait a minute I didn't say Boozer isn't lazy and arrogant, but he can be a animal when he is healthy and decides to play (too bad he is selfish). And to compete with the other teams LA,Orlando,Clevland(now they have Shack) the Jazz will have to spend money ( meaning go over the cap) to be among the elite teams. What happens on Tues. with tell all of us fans were the organization stands. Love the Jazz but I might have get with the Nuggets if they decide to just sell tickets in stead of win a championship

cut miles

use that money to keep Millsap and Memo

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