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Religious groups draw attention to issues raised by Utah's SB81

Published: Saturday, June 27 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Supporter of SB81

I believe Goldsmith, Wester and Tanner and their followers are well intentioned but completely misguided in this matter, becoming part of the problem instead of part of the solution. America is a nation of laws and each of us has a moral obligation to be law abiding for the good of all a shared responsibility. Reasonable, responsible, decent, loving, compassionate people understand this is how civilizations/nations are preserved.

I dont pretend to know what Christ would do; I only know what he did and what he commanded us to do. He not only told us to love one another (this goes both ways) but also commanded us not to lie and steal and cheat (not only unloving but dishonest acts). Yet, that is exactly what illegal immigrants are doing. Additionally, I equate the greedy, dishonest employers who hire them to the moneychangers Christ drove out of the temple.

It is not possible to find more standing for love people than my family and friends; yet, were all against illegal immigration. I fully support SB81. My moral compass tells me its the right thing to do, and I urge others to get behind it too.

Sammy D

Churches should of encouraged them to follow the law.

Re: "Supporter of SB81"

VERY WELL SAID "Supporter of SB81." Truth, Reason, Logic and Clarity are on your side.

No problem

I have no problem with immigration, I'm the son of immigrants. I do have a problem with criminals.
If they are in this country legally I have no beef with them. If not, send them home and treat them like criminals.
Any bleeding heart liberal that disagrees with me needs to understand that for an illegal to work here they need a social security number. Are you willing to let them use yours? If not, you have no room to argue with my points.
Another thing. If they want to be in America so bad, they should learn to speak english. My family did.


I don't know what Christ did.
I do know what his church does.
Immigration status is no barrier to getting married in the temple, serving a mission (and being sent to a location within the US so there are no Visa issues), etc.
ICE recently arrested an honorable LDS missionary returning home from a full-time mission in Cincinnati. He'd grown up in the US, he knew no other home, and he had been a respected Elder on his mission. He was arrested at an airport, so now the church is having missionaries who are undocumented immigrants avoid airports, usually by arranging for someone to drive in and pick them up to take them home.
ICE should focus on those immigrants who are actually dangerous, and not focus on arresting harmless missionaries or tearing apart families.

Manipulative press

Why is the news media and press trying so hard to manipulate the news and our laws? There is no reason for news media to use such subversive reporting to encourage illegals to break our laws. The only reform america needs in immigration is enforcement of our immigration laws. These illegals have not earned or deserve any respect and none given.

Then these religious groups seem to have a problem with morality and our laws. No real american supports the illegal aliens or illegal foreign nationals breaking our laws and running rampant throughout america scavenging and stealing from the american people. Religious groups giving aid to illegals should all be charged with breaking our laws also. If these religious groups are so sympathetic towards mexicans, why don't they go to mexico and help them in their homeland instead of encourage breaking our laws? This scourge of illegal mexicans in america has done enough to our economy and deserve only the harshest punishment.


This empty-headed mob mentality to influence results of implementing the LAWS of this land are, in a word, disgusting.
The female Episcopal "Bishop" is either just another trouble-maker (and there are many... whose "job" it is in life to simply stir up trouble against our laws) speaks of "beliefs", "hopes" and "values"? She has none of those atributes when it comes to honoring our country`s LAWS, battle-scared freedoms won and VALUES pertaining to running a country with basic fairness to CITIZENS! Let us hope and pray that these mob-scene attention seekers go home, read history and seek their empty-headed attention elsewhere....OUR COUNTRY HAS TO PROTECT ITSELF FROM LIARS AND CHEATS TRYING TO SKIRT ESTABLISHED LAW ! PERIOD!


I wonder if we can get the Salt Lake police chief to raid a few churches, in the search for illegals...

(I know, I know - I'm not even sure he would raid a 7-11)


Of course we should treat illegal immigrants with compassion. However, that does not mean we should ignore the fact that the influx of illegals places an enormous strain on our our local, state and federal legal systems and welfare systems. We should be removing incentives for illegal immigration and creating barriers to illegal entry.

Delaware Bob

STAND TALL, UTAH! You have done the right thing in passing your Immigration Law. Now, ENFORCE IT!

Many States will be following you. An end MUST come to this illegal immigration and it can't be with AMNESTY for 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS.

If these religious groups really wanted to help these ILLEGAL ALIENS, they should take up a collection and get the ILLEGAL ALIENS a one way ticket back to their own country where they belong.



Are you (Supporter of SB81 and Sammy D) mormons?


Are you (Supporter of SB81 ans Sammy D) mormons? Because I would have something to explain about how LDS Church follows the law in Latin America.


Christ does not see borders.

Mimi C

Sammy D.

President James Madison said "To promote any religion is outside the proper scope of limited government."

You must not of been present to hear the arguments presented by church leaders during the gathering!!!

No one said at any time that people should not follow the law. It is a call for the equal treatment for all!!! i.e for people to be treated with dignity.

Reading the following quote is from the Unitarian Universalist Association: "Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) is a public advocacy campaign, sponsored by the Unitarian Association, promoting respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Standing on the Side of Love will confront issues of exclusion, oppression, and violence based on identity. Based on the aspiration to create beloved community, the campaign will pursue social change through advocacy, public witness and speaking out in solidarity with those whose lives are publicly demeaned. All people, not just the Unitarian Universalist, are invited to stand, speak, worship, march, roll, and live on the Side of Love".



I am willing to move my business to Utah if I can have the following free benefits for my employees, all of which are Citizens. As incentives the State of Utah should give us, no personal taxes, entirely free medical, free education and advance education as well, immunity from prosecution, all our housing expensives covered, all food expenses paid, and exemption from all Federal taxes as well. Now the reality is even if we were to offer 200 or 2000 jobs to the State they would say no! But this is exactly what the illegals get and the employers who employ them! This results in less taxes, poorer schools, over run hospitals and additional burdens on police, fire and other services with nothing being appreciated. Then people wonder why business owners want to move operations over seas!


The Hopi see us as illegal aliens. They have been waiting years for us to do the right thing: pack up and leave. I would say we all get legal with the Hopi then we might have some right to see others as illegal aliens.

Postive Realist

Many misinformational emails go out and first you should check the figures on snopes.com to verify if they are true or not because most are not but have some truth and many lies. Undocumented people pay gas tax, sales tax,food tax, cig tax, and in a majority of the cases work using false SS#s and all that money goes into the gov coffers and adds up to billions of dollars a year. The S.Court recently ruled that it is not criminal to work using a false #. It is a proven fact that undocumented people put far more into the economy than they take out, this comes from a recent TX study that was done. When people talk about upholding the laws they need to understand that being here undocumented is the equivalant to a speeding ticket. Do we round up all the people that have had speeding tickets and put them in tents because they are LAW BREAKERS? We need to be reasonable and reform the immigration laws because kicking out all the undocumented people would ruin the economy and separate families, many of whom are American Citizens.


Bigotry has raised it's ugly head in Utah.... How ironic.


Please ask these illegal aliens supporters what other laws of our country do they give us the right to ignor. If we are such terrible people that does not want illegal aliens here, why do they stay. Illegal aliens are thieves in our country. Go home.


Think about the kinds of jobs these immigrants take. Fast food service, maids, gardeners, repair, construction- intense labor and low benefit.
Quit your whinning.
Without illegal immigrants Americans would be forced to get their own lazy hands dirty. Who is really in line waiting for the illegal immigrants to leave so that they can scoop up their job washing hotel sheets or trimming hedges?

I would think that living in America, they should learn to speak our language, but look at it from the opposite side too, many foreigners I know can speak multiple languages fluently, while I'm ashamed to say I'm only fluent in our own.

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