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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Inconvenient Realities

For the love of freedom and this great country, urge your elected representatives to vote down this massive tax measure. It will not affect global temps and it will not create "millions" of jobs. Al Gore and his cronies stand to reap a "windfall" if this legislation passes. For a reasoned explanation, Google "Keith Rattie Utah Valley University" to read how this legislation will impact our lives.


it's not about "love of freedom for this great country", it's just about changing our habits of energy use and production. save your flag waving for real issues like the bill of rights. you can change your thermostat, drive more economically, and turn off unused lights and appliances. it's easy. most people around the world already have much more expensive energy than we have. we can stand a little change towards burning less fossil fuel for our wants. there are other good fuels such as uranium.

this bill will create new jobs in new fields related to cleaner energy production, maybe conservation.

it's not about flag waving

John Wicks

If this passes you can expect to pay more than $2500 a year per household in energy costs. Can you afford this? Al Gore is the biggest hypocrite in history and I don't know how he has snowed people this long. The man simply is not good for America.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

There's better things to talk about rather then global warming and a new energy Bill that goes for another trillion dollar vote on the floor today, as the Dem's vote YES and the RINO's and Moderates go along with their vote's. It will happen. I would rather read about this, On June 12th, astronauts onboard the International Space Station watched in amazement as Russia's Sarychev Peak volcano erupted directly beneath their spacecraft. The rare photo they took is a must-see. An enormous sulfur dioxide plume from the eruption is now circumnavigating the globe at northern latitudes, producing spectacular sunsets for international air travelers. Then learn AmeriKA is now fully bankrupt and has no more money left.

O's Tax and Scam Program

The great deceiver is at it again. This week Comrade Obamas one hand is inviting the fourth branch of his administration (i.e. the mainstream media) to place their undivided attention on his socialized medicine program, while the other hand is going to try to sneak his scam and tax climate bill and union card check bill through Congress.

Matheson already voted against Barrys scam and tax bill in committee, so make sure to contact him today to remind him to vote against it again. If passed, it will become the most expensive tax increase in American history and affect everyone, particularly lower income individuals. It will also seriously stifle any type of economic recovery.

In an interview in 2008 with the San Francisco Chronicle, Senator Obama said that electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket under his plan to fight global warming. He also said that under his plan, if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; its just that it will bankrupt them.

By the way, someone might want to inform Barry that the earth is actually cooling.

Contact Matheson
Washington D.C.: Phone - (202) 225-3011
Toll-Free: 1 (877) 677-9743


Global warming stopped in 1998, according to a well-respected study that accounted for temperature reading stations that had become urbanized. Thus, this bill is nothing more than another bill whose unintended consequences will have far greater impact on society than its backers realize. Look at the ridiculous bailout plans to keep the prices of peoples' homes high and preserve their equity. In Utah, for example, the federal bailout money went to contractors in the form of incentives to buyers of newly constructed homes. This immediately reduced demand for existing homes -- the very houses with which whose falling prices we were concerned. Much of the federal bailout money is going to mortgage holders, allowing them to absorb losses on short sales. The result? More homes on the market, meaning lower prices because nobody can change the basic rule of economics -- supply and demand. Now the U.S., which isn't even one of the nations most responsible for pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thinks it can affect world climate by making people use electric cars and electric lawnmowers. Doesn't anybody realize where most of our electricity comes from -- burning of coal.


Rich, if global warming stopped in 1998 why have 10 of the hottest years on record occurred in the past 12 years? And no, these records don't come from urban stations alone.


President Obama, and HIS AGENDA, was fairly elected and the American people want action!

This is a good start for everyone on the planet. (Even the loud-mouthed SUV, ATV, rip-up the environment, greedy, greedy, ranters from these pages)

This is almost funny

This plan is almost funny.

Even scientists say this won't change the global climate trends, but we want to do it anyway. Politicians just feel the need to do SOMETHING or they will be blamed for EVERYTHING.

It doesn't hurt that a bunch of their friends (Al Gore and Company) will benefit greatly from this pseudo-tax forced to be tacked onto the prices of EVERYTHING we use or do from now on, till the end of our days. It doesn't really matter that it will have no impact on Global Climate.

So much for President Obama's promise not to raise taxes for anyone making less than $250,000/year. It's undeniable that this is anything other than a stealthy-tax on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.


I realize that Republican nutjobs don't like (or understand) science, but these comments today are HILARIOUS!!! Thank you!

Brother Chuck Schroeder

First off DN, none of my comments are ever found to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, more than 200 words, yet you already censored several other posts on other topica, let's see if you'll do the same here to. Don't worry Utah, when this Bill reaches the US Senate, it'll pass there to, because YOUR Bennett and Hatch will go along with it there to, mark my word's here to.


This isn't about science. This is about paying thousands of dollars more just for energy costs, with no benefit. Even the supporters admit there will be costs, but they are afraid to admit, or don't truly know, the real costs to this. There will be jobs lost because of this, not gained. This is about what the Wall Street Journal claimed could become the biggest tax in our country's history. Quit this "Republican nutjobs" this and "Obama won" that. You want to pay up to your nostrils in taxes, fine. You do that. The rest of us want to be able to afford energy. We are trying to take care of ourselves and the environment, without being forced to. We are trying to do this in our own way, without having to toot our horns and say, "We are so good. Look at us." Then to be benefitting financially from it, like Al Gore, is just disgraceful. He is a phony and a hypocrite who cares only about the money, not the environment.If you don't believe it, he's worth $100 million now. Where did that money come from? He left office worth $2 million.

Robert OLSEN

THIS MAKES ME SICK. We are sitting on the largest source of energy in the country and these people are trying to make it too expensive The provo power plant had a coal fueled power and it was very cheap clean and easy to operate I worked there in the 1950 and we were making improvements. The coal was powder and was forced into a hot boiler and little to no smoke.

Re: Anonymous

Yeah, you're right. YOU are so smart. YOU know sooooo much more than everyone else. Your ego is HILARIOUS.

B Hussein said he was going to bankrupt the coal industry and now he is doing it. The Dems talk about creating new jobs - why do they fail to mention the jobs they are killing? The answer - they are self serving.

This is more socialism. From everything I've read about this bill there is a concensus that higher energy costs will result. How is this justified? Lower income households will have credits and rebates to help pay for their energy. What does that mean? Their neigbors who are already paying more taxes are now going to pay for their energy costs. More redistribution of wealth. Aweful policy. Socialism doesn't work - look at Cuba, look at S. Korea vs N. Korea, look at Hong Kong vs Red China. Why is China's economy growing so fast? They are starting to impliment capitalism.


The DemonRats have set this nation up for another Civil War!


To those of you who think you can save by using less, forget it.You will still pay more. And a lot more. You can cut your usage in half, and your bills will still be at least 50% higher.And those of you that think it's about greed,it is. This is a huge income for Govt.They are just as greedy as anyone else on this planet.Yes, this is a political solution, not a scientific one.

Re: Craig

It's called long-term trends.

If you looked at the satellite temperature data you would see the temperature increasing until 1998, when it peaked and slowly began to decline.

No year since then has even come close to being as hot as 1998, and the global temperature for the past two years is virtually unchanged from what it was 20 years ago.

This is not unprecedented; since 1850 the earth's temperature climbed until it peaked during the 1930's and then slowly declined, bottoming out in the mid-1970s (the time when most scientists believed we were headed for another ice age).

Since the 1970's it has increased but since peaking in 1998 it appears to be on the decline again. This despite the fact that carbon dioxide emissions have accelerated during the past 50 years.

Don't cha just love 'em?

For all you conservative's, it's funny here, the Quaker's don't whine as much as your doing, about paying thousands of dollars more just for energy costs, with no benefit, they don't use electric, so why should they?. Your just to spoiled, that's all. As for those Demo's now, they have nothing to fear on this vote, and ACORN did not even help them out on this trillion dollar round either, the Moderate's, RINO's, and Utah's own to, will go along with them, because they don't want a conflict before midterm election's in 2010, on the news. That's the truth. That's my view to.

If you don't like them, then, don't vote for them in 2010 and re-elect them again.

That's about all you can do anyway.

Thinkin' Man

Look it up--this climate bill would have negligible affect on the climate in this century. That is published, readily available information that Congress surely knows.

So passage of this bill must have some other agenda, which isn't hard to see. Any bill that makes such a huge transfer of power and money has an obvious agenda.

This bill is NOT about air pollution--CO2 is not part of air pollution. It's about transferring money and power, plain and simple.

The most shocking, incredible aspect of this bill is it makes no provision for the biggest, best, most obvious solution to clean electricity--nuclear power. That fact in itself speaks volumes about the origins and motivations of this bill.

John Wicks

One day Al Gore will meet his maker!!!

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