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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Virginia Ute

In 2012 the BCS will "re-evaluate" the conferences and can offer automatic bids to those that currently are on the outside looking in. Assuming the MWC and WAC continue to churn out strong teams that crash the BCS and win, it is likely that the BCS will come calling, waving their money and offering the MWC and/or the WAC an automatic bowl berth.
My only hope is that the MWC/WAC will have the strength and vision to stand up to the BCS and just say no. Accepting an automatic invitation would just make the conference part of the problem and continue to put down the other little guys. Imagine what a powerful statement that would make if the BCS offered them an automatic bid and the MWC/WAC refused it (and the cash that comes with it) in protest of the unjust system.


REF: Virginia Ute

Well said....As tempting as a tenured offer might be... to accept such an offer could be the wrong way to go. Now is the time to raise a big red flag and to go in and get the undefeated issue cleared up first and then build from there. The issue could be resolved before the end of the current BCS term in 2011. Trying to go for an 8 team playoff is just way too early right now and will delay any progress. The pressure has to be to get the undefeated issue resolved first.
After that the ties that the "Chosen Ones"..i.e. those conferences which have the automatic bids due to the old arcaic system of conferences tied to certain Bowls must be weakened and eliminated. The BCS will drag their feet but eventually it will happen.

Re: Virginia Ute

If the MWC refused an invitation to the BCS, we would lose our argument for inclusion, and forfeit any stake in claiming anti-Trust issues.

If we accept the invitation, our conference will have a vote in how the BCS is governed and moderated. We could then work from within to get that playoff we so covet, and shield ourselves from any potential long-range future expulsion from said body like the Big [L]East is currently facing now.

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