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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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SEC strength?

It is expected that Florida will be number one throughout the season. They have such a rough non-conference schedule playing at home against Troy, Charleston Southern, Florida International. Why do they get all the accolades when they have such a whimpy shedule? Of course they may go undefeated, but just because they win in the SEC shouldn't give them a free ticket to a National Championship. USC has the right idea. At least they have the guts to play at Ohio State this year.


REF:WAH WAH I'm sorry but the Big 12 hasn't done so well against MWC conference and a couple of WAC teams in recent years.... and the SEC doesn't play us very often especially since FSU and Miami couldn't pull out a couple of wins while being highly ranked but that's been ages ago there haven't been that many games since to really base anything on. They're gun shy in the SEC when it comes to the MWC. Your sense of mightness is over rated. I will admit that the SEC is the strongest with 4 big guns and the Big 12 has 3 but there just isn't a whole lot of big guns out there anymore in all the other conferences. Both the PAC and The Big 10 have been cut down to size in the past several years....really the SEC is the only conference of any real significance.

Selective Equality

We seem to be very selective when it comes to providing equal opportunity. I mean it's ok for us to support affirmative action and other programs focused on leveling the social and economic playing field yet when it comes to major collegiate sports we tell the mid major conferences to put up or shut up? We tell them they must schedule extremely difficult road games and win on the road in Oklahoma, Texas, or Florida. And when teams like Utah do beat the power conferences they get a "that a boy" and a pat on the back and are told that if they keep it up one day things might change. Where is the equality in that? I'd love to see that happen in the work place...tell a minority to keep up the good work and one day they qualify for the same pay as the rest of the office workers.


Thw non BCS teams must start their own championship, play each other and not ever play a BCS team. Find sponsors so that the money mande on our bowl games will be descent and create enoguh interest so that our fans will watch more our own games instead of wishing to be accepted. Lets chart our own course, our own path. So what is they do not want us, we should not want them either. The whole nation will come to support us eventually and we will weaken thier stance. We, in the mean time, shoul also be happy anytime one of our schols beat their teams.

Re: Juancho

What you just described is the FCS league. I don't think dropping down to that league will reinforce the competitiveness of our non-AQ conferences. Besides, the Big 6 wouldn't care. They'll continue to draw the better athletes, and we'd make less money. So bad idea.

The way to go is the way we've been going. First propose a draft to the BCS, wait for the dismissal of said draft, and, after exhausting all avenues, procede with anti-Trust lawsuits and congressional hearings.

I believe the BCS knows their days are numbered. They're just dragging this out as long as possible before having to share the access. Once shared access has been mandated, they won't be required to "back pay" any of the non-AQ conferences, so really...what do they have to lose? They have only to gain during those periods their sham will be allowed to continue.


There are eleven D-I conferences. All conference deserve a place in any playoff format. A sixteen team playoff is the only way to go to be fair. All conference champions should be included along with selected at-large teams just as done in the basketball playoffs.


It's a whole lot easier to pull off a 64 team basketball tournament... you will never see a sixteen team Division I football playoff system and will be lucky to see an 8 team Playoff. The present Bowl system will not budge to allow that to happen. There are too many bowls and too many conference ties to the Bowls so lawsuits would be all over the place if they tried. To initially start the process the first issue to address is the undefeated issue and then work to get it to a four team playoff. The BCS will drag their feet the whole entire way so getting them to first address a playoff bowl for undefeated teams before the final selection is the right course to go. See my opening post at the beginning of all these posts.

Once again

oklahoma,florida, and texas, do not have the guts to schedule a team like utah. if those schools were so great why don't they just come out and prove us wrong? I dare one of those overrated jokes of a team to come and proves us wrong on the field? They can't they are too week. their only defense against a team like utah is to cluck like a chicken because when it comes down to it thats all they really are. Them and their idiot fans just try to beat us by word because we know and they know and everyone in the educated world know that they won't and can't do it. bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok.

Where's Stocton????

REF: Scoobie 5:28&5:49 am 26 June Also 5:23;6:03am 27 June & 1:51 pm 28 June

Dude, I don't know who you are, but those are some awesome comments about a revamp of the Present BCS System. I like your idea of the 2 game playoff for undefeated teams. We've seen 3 teams before who were undefeated at the end of regular season play, and your idea has a lot of merit. Dude could you even comprehend the possibility of 4 undefeated teams? The likelihood of that happening are astronomically remote but what if the Non BCS conferences had two and the BCS conferences also had 2. Could you imagine the implications??? Man I like this idea even if the Non BCS conferences only have one undefeate and got two additional shots at being in the title game in a BCS sponsored and sanctioned Bowl. I think you are right it would be fitting if they added the Cottonbowl. But could you picture the WAC and the MWC going head to head with say the SEC and the Big 12...and the little guys both went on to play in the BIG ONE

Re: BS 1:01 a.m.

"How many first round NFL draft picks came out of the MTN conference?, just wondering."

What an idiotic question! Yeah, the UTE scrubs just wiped the floor with the mighty Bama tide. Whoever you are, pick yourself off the turf and admit the UTES were 2008's best! Or, is it always about money to you??

Team Jumpsuit

I am a MWC and UTAH fan. I do believe the BCS needs work but going to a playoff system would kill college football. Last year if a playoff system was in place, UTAH still would have not been invited. With an Eight Team playoff it would have been-FLORIDA(SEC),OKLAHOMA(big12), CINCY(big east), VT(acc), USC(pac10), OSU(big10). Then the 2 at large bids would have gone to-TEXAS and BAMA, both ranked higher than UTAH at the time. Again a playoff system would kill college football. Bowl games, big or small, are crucial for college sports. There are reasons why schools will lose money- (FAU)- to go to them. Bowl games help recruiting not only in football but in every other sport. The BCS has problems that need to be looked at but saying that a playoff system is the only way to fix it is just wrong. Non-BCS schools need to just focus on themselves and when the chance comes along to play the big boys. We need to do what UTAH and BOISE ST did. Both of those schools and their conferences got paid. That is really all you can ask for

Ernesto de Bajo

To those who think that the BCS stranglehold can only be loosened by legal action or an appeal to the congress, wise up! Get a grip and get focused on a better solution, one that you directly control.

Carry with you when you shop a list of products and services advertised during BCS games. Then as you spend your moola--something that is completely under your control--make a point to avoid items on the list.

Re: Team Jumpsuit

The Utes ranked #6 in the final BCS standings. They would have only needed to rank in the Top-8. They WOULD have been included in the playoff.

Where's Stockton????

REF:Team Jumpsuit
The Undefeated issue has to be addressed and resolved in some fashion. Trying to go to a 16 team playoff is insane and would as you have stated ruin College Divsion I Football. Even an 8 team playoff is too big of an expectation for the BCS to swallow... and would be at least a decade away...if at all.

The Bowls involved in the BCS and the TV Networks are the real powers especially the historical BIG 3 and their ties to the Television Networks, The Rose,The Orange and The Sugar. The Conferences tied to the automatic births have a stranglehold advantage that needs to be broken. The only way to break the stranglehold is to continue the BCS bashing by the Non BCS conferences. Right now the only conferences doing that consistantly are the MWC and the WAC. But due to the Two undefeated Utah teams and the Boise State undefeated team the blatant obvious that is not going unnoticed is catching up with the BCS. They will have to do something soon...or risk serious legal actions. A playoff to settle the undefeated issuehas to be the logical first step. RISE AND SHOUT

Where's Stockton????

Another Division I issue that should be addressed that could effect everyone adversely just as much as positively with equality of fairness is the issue of scheduling games against Division II teams. Purists would argue that the practice should be eliminated completely and that the so called superpowers should divide their preseason scheduling equally among the so called bottomfeeders in Division I...and not scheduling the same team more than once in 5 years. There are plenty of tertiary and mid level teams within the Division I system for the Traditional Big boys to pick on, but I like to see the occasional Appalacha States ( sp )pasting the big boys once in a while, so would rather see an allowance to scheduling a Div II on an every other year or every 3 year approach approach.

not dominating

has everyone forgotten that utah only won by 2 touchdowns. That is not a blowout!!!!!


REF: Where's Stockton???? 5:37 & 6:41 am

Look friend... I don't mind you hitching to my wagon but let's keep perspective here. The Scheduling of Div II games among Div I schools is a whole different issue. Let's stick to one line of thinking here. Some sort of playoff has to be initiated. You can't expect any progress if you go in making a lof of demands or ones that are too big. You can't shotgun a bunch of unrelated issues. The most obvious flaw is the fact that you have Undefeated teams not given an equal shot only because they are not part of an exclusive club. Then to have those same teams still kick butt in a BCS game against a powerhouse only to be fed crumbs... (money isn't everything) ...is a sham. I like Calhoun's perspective but to go in and expect a 8 team plyoff system is not realistic...it's too big to swallow. The issue of undefeated teams not getting a shot is not only a blantent reality which is causing a boil on the BCS's butt... it's a lot smaller to digest


I'm really surprised that there isn't a lot more input from University of Utah and BYU fans on this subject. It's sad that some of you people can't seem to address the real issues here. But you are more than happy to rip each other on these sites over the rivalry. Just because the person who was man enough to stand firmly and denounce the corruption that permeates the BCS system is the Head Coach From Air Force should not deter you from speaking out. He represents all the others who are not part of a preselected group of Schools and Conferences deemed not worthy. Your silence suggests that you agree or just don't care anymore.

I even miss the input from our Aggie and Smurf friends up North. This article still has a few days of life on this site and those of you who I know have extremely strong feelings need to express them. Good things can happen.

I and others expressed our feelings about transfers of student athletes among High Schools and the needed regulations needed to finally bring some control over the recruiting of athletes into High School programs were implemented.


Correction to my 1:57 p.m. posting

The 2nd to last senence in the first paragraph should read as follows:

.....He represents all of the OTHERS who are not part of a preselected group of schools and Conferences who have piously deemed us not worthy to play football with them.

The Nick Saban's who are indicative of these narrow minded types have to be continuously reminded of their shortsightedness as well as their enemic piety.

Sick of BCS

So why don't all the good teams/conferences out there that are non-bcs break out of the system, and refuse to play any of the bcs folks? Give'em the silent treatment and boycott anything and everything bcs, they could even form their own bowl series with a playoff system to determine the real champion.

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