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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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BYU Blue

Utah deserves every accolade that's come their way. They took it Alabama and I'm convinced they could have played with anybody in the country at the end of the season. The BCS is a crock and as un-American as it gets by not allowing teams to compete for a national championship in a fair way.

Coach of the Year

Calhoun has my vote. That guy has a bright future, and it will be great to see AF continue to improve to the same level as TCU, BYU and Utah. The only way to get respect is to consistently earn it on the field.


That's the whole point that needs to be appreciated Last year Utah could have played with anybody but because they are from the MWC they weren't given the chance. A a Cougar Fan I couldn't have been prouder of the Utes the way they stuffed Nick Sabin's own words down his throat....and the whole nation watched them do it...It was great.

@ 5:49

"...if it wasn't for a bogus call at the end of the game Utah would have never won."

No bogus call. The reply showed P.I. The color commentators noted that it was the correct call. OSU Coach Mike Riley neither contested the call, nor suggested it was questionable following the game. Utah won the game because they were the better team.

"You barely beat a very bad Michigan team..."

A win is a win. Michigan scored all their points on short fields due to turnovers. Those errors were subsequently corrected. A narrow victory over Michigan, AT THE BIG HOUSE, does not diminish BLOW OUT victories over Alabama and BYU. Neither does it detract from the fact the Utes had 2 victories over Top-10 teams, and an additional 2 more over other teams ranked in the Top-25.

"Your [sic] trying to tell me Utah would have gone undefeated with the likes of Ohio State, Florida, USC,Georgia,Penn State..."

NOBODY played a schedule facing all those teams. If you want to dispute the Utes claim to #1, then THAT RIGHT THERE is justification for a playoff. Because otherwise, you'll have NO EVIDENCE to the contrary.


Utes deserved a shot at the national championship! No doubt about it!

You could make the argument that Alabama was down when they played... But it's a pretty lame excuse.

I would have voted em #1

a BYU Fan

BCS Booooo....

Stop it | 3:31 p.m. June 26, 2009
...anyone of the top teams could go undefeated in (MWC).

Any top team? NOT true!! I can name one top team from the SEC that wouldn't have gone undefeated in the MWC in 2008 by simply pointing at the scoreboard: Utah 31 Bama 17

Hmmm... there goes that logic.

If the MWC is so weak then I would love to see the likes of FL and Texas playing AT Utah or TCU.

Next Excuse

Stop it | 3:31 p.m. June 26, 2009
So Utah beat Alabama good for them, try playing that schedule week in a week out. Florida, Alabama, LSU, Gerogia.


Well Utah beat #7 TCU which was better then #13 Georgia.

Utah beat #18 OSU which was better then un-raked LSU

Actually, Utah had an easier time beating a #6 SEC team Bama then those two ranked teams and they were home games.


How many first round NFL draft picks came out of the MTN conference?, just wondering.


Utah has surpassed anything the Cougars havde ever done including that fake national championship a 100 years ago. When you think of football in Utah you think of the U. BYU is now an after thought.


I like the way that Utah has emerged from a long drought and has had a couple of really good years... and because the BCS is such a commercially rigged monopoly it was not given the oppurtunity to run the board like it should have...but let's get serious... showing up a couple of times in the last 30 years hardly makes it a dynasty....and until you actually posess a National Championship trophy or a Heisman or an Eastman Kodak award no matter what the sport your still just wannabes. Last season, in my mind you should have had the oppurtunity to have played for the N.C. But it didn't happen...that's what this article is about. I'm envious of your NCAA N.C. in Basketball but if you will look at your trohy it has a lot more dust on it than our 1984 NCAA National Championship Trophy in Football. The real problem here is that the NCAA hasn't stepped up to the plate and taken back control of a lousy situation.. That 84 National Championship is theonly one historically outside the Sugar the Orange the Rose or the Fiesta


REF: UTAH Continued

You see that's the stick that got stuck in the Big New Years boys craw... That win against Michigan on DEC. 27, 1983 in the Holiday Bowl broke all the traditions. Having to give the 1984 NCAA National Championship to some little team from the Rockies that didn't even play in one of the Sacred Big 3 Bowls on New Years Day was unheard of.

I've already mentioned that the Brain Child of the BCS is a former Ohio State alum who also has held the positions of OSU president and Big 10 Commissioner. The big Ten traditionaly won or lost their National Championship games against the PAC 8 or the PAC 10 on New Years Day in the ROSE BOWL ... and on National Televison no less. Not some little podunk stadium in San Diego in December.

So unless your extremely slow on the uptake... you should understand the logic here...and thus the growing call for a revamping of the present system that in 2008 / 2009 denied another little school from the Rockies a legitimate shot. BYU is not the problem Brother.........the rivalry will take care of itself....Try changing your focus


Re: Utah - That's cute. Did you calculate 1984 as 100 years ago all by yourself or did you ask your Utah math professor to calculate it for you? I'm just kidding, you probably never even graduated from highschool.

Re: BS - You must be a Ute putting up a straw man so others bring up your #1 pick. Or you're a cougar who wants someone to bring it up so you can mock them. Either way, it's funny how you ask the question as if you don't know the answer.

Re: PP - If BYU had beaten TCU and Utah they'd have moved up significantly rather than getting jumped by other teams. The pollsters were right to wait until BYU proved itself (which BYU failed to do). Once you're in the top 10 it's all about quality wins.

Re: Don't Worry - As much as I'd like to see market factors drive the BCS out of existence, college football is more popular than ever so the "nobody will watch" strategy isn't going to work. The BCS is unfair and biased and the NCAA shouldn't allow it to continue to exist.

Re: Stop it.

Utah would gladly play teams like Georgia,Florida,or LSU. But those teams are too chicken to schedule a team like Utah because they know that their season could be over fairly quickly. Many "elite" schools shy away from utah because the risk of losing to them is way too high. Utah openly challenged Florida to a game after they won their "national title" but the "national champions" didn't respond obviously they chickened out.

@Utah | 1:05 a.m

Your insomnia has made you delirious.

Dumbest Argument for BCS Ever

Graham Watson, the ESPN blogger that is supposedly for the non-bcs conferences, made the laughable argument that all the conferences agreed to the BCS formula so the non-BCS conferences shouldn't complain. I'm sure the non-BCS conferences agreed to the modifications that gave them more access (which was part of an incredibly one-sided compromise where the BCS conferences gave up just enough to keep congress off its back). But saying that means everyone agreed to this structure is like saying people who vote for a tax cut have intrinsically thrown their support behind every aspect of the Internal Revenue Code. It's ridiculous. All the non-BCS conferences agreed to a broken system with slight access because it was better than a broken system with no access. ESPN is in bed with the BCS so I don't know why Watson even pretends to sound objective when her agenda is so transparent. I did note that ESPN no longer posts a link to the independent's blog on their college football homepage. It's bad enough that they rarely show non-BCS team's highlights. It's just typical ESPN.

The BCS is fine

You guys are whining that you should have played in the national title game. Are you serious? It's utah!! You guys play an easy conference schedule every year, granted its not as easy as boise. Since you played Alabama and won by 2 touchdowns, what would utah have done if they played an SEC schedule? The utes would have ended up with at least 2 or 3 losses and been left out anyway. Be grateful for the trip to the sugar bowl against an unmotivated alabama team!!!!

mwc is weak

Your little conference is weak. There is no national interest in your conference, so why should the national media care? You guys have the midas car care bowl in vegas, so be happy.

Re: The BCS is fine

"You guys play an easy conference schedule..."

The Utes' 2008 SOS was ranked #31. By way of comparison, Alabama's was #32. Had Alabama not blown their late 4th Qtr lead, they would have played Oklahoma in the NC, and you wouldn't have suggested they didn't deserve to be there. Penn State's SOS was #39. If they hadn't blown THEIR late 4th Qtr lead against Iowa, THEY would have played in the NC, and you wouldn't have panned THEIR worthiness. USC's SOS was #40. Had USC not lost to Oregon St, would you have protested THEIR NC appearance? No!

BTW --> The Utes beat Oregon St.

"The utes would have ended up with at least 2 or 3 losses and been left out anyway."

Well, since we're speculating based on NO REAL EVIDENCE, what would have happened is we would have went undefeated, and played [and won] the National Championship. Brian Johnson would have won the Heisman, peace would have been achieved in the Middle East, and the apoplexy in cougartown would have resulted in 7 million fatal cardiac arrests.

Wah Wah

The MWC is a joke when compared to the Big 12 or the SEC conferences. Undefeated in the MWC or WAC conferences has little significance on a national level.

Re: Wah Wah

So, in other words, you have no valid, immutable, or irrefutable argument against my previous post at 6:48.

I thought not. And evidently, neither does Phil Steele, who ranked the 2008 MWC the 4th best conference in the nation. In 2007, the 4th best conference in the nation was the Big 10. At the time that year's NC was played, Ohio St. was ranked #1. In 2004, the 4th best conference was the PAC 10, yet USC met [and DESTROYED] Oklahoma for that year's title.

If the Big 10 or PAC 10 can play in the NC as the 4th best conference, there can be no compelling argument any other conference can't.



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