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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bee's want in to

Maybe we should let the triple A baseball leagues qualify for the baseball playoffs. We all want a SL Bee's vs. Morgantown Bandits in the finals.
Just like football would like to see Utah vs. Bowling Green. hahahahah

SEC fan on the loose

Anonymous Rocket Scientist at 10:19 a.m. says, "MWC should just shut up and go back to playing regional games that nobody cares about."

Pardon me, but your Crimson Tide is showing.

BCS is Good

First off, things can be improved, but the BCS is there to allow those teams who have great fan bases to capitalize on that interest. Granted each conference has a team or two that resemble non-bcs teams in attendance (i.e. Washington State avg 2009 attendance=30k, boise st avg attendance=30k)

A poster said earlier the Pac-10 doesnt deserve to be in the BCS. The Pac-10 has had 6 teams in BCS bowls (4 have wins): Washington, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State, USC.


"Utah, in my mind, was the best team in the country last year," Fairchild said. "What they did to Alabama right after Florida struggled with them says it all. And I'm not sure if you play our league over again last year if TCU doesn't win our league. So we've got some extremely talented football teams. It almost seems like a lawsuit in terms of trying to hold revenue back from certain conferences."
Great Quote !
What's holding The MWC back from a class action suit for due process and revenue sharing ?
Is there a reader here that knows the law and could look into it ?
Again this seems to me like a case that Gerry Spence from Wyoming would love to take to court, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.
Perhaps our state Governors could clan up and do the same.

Ignorant Non-BCS fans

The difference between BCS and non-bcs conference revenue distribution is smaller than you think. Being in the BCS doesn't mean a school will get tons of millions more than non-bcs schools from their respective conference. The BCS stands as a collection of schools who have the more resources (bigger stadiums, bigger fanbases, and more donor contributions)than non-bcs schools. Before the bcs was created, there was clear difference in the wealth of football programs across the country. Now that those programs are defined in the "BCS" people think its the BCS that created that wealth. Fact is, Alabama will always have 93,000+ at their home games, while utah will always have 45,000+.

If a non-bcs team is deemed good enough at the beginning of the year and went undeafeated, they would play for a national title. utah wasn't even in the top 25 to begin the year. If they were ranked early they would have made it.


REF:Scooby at 5:49am @11:06 a.m.
JACK....FYI I graduated BYU 1981....was there during the Gifford Nelson, Marc Wilson and Jim McMahon years...I'm not a so called Yoot Fan...but you ... you're an embarassment to be associated with as a Cougar...so either show a little more respect or keep your mouth shut. Utah was unfairly denied a rightful shot as will be the case for all future MWC and WAC teams until the BCS is forced or broght to it's knees. These two Non BCS conferences are the only conferences who consistantly keep bashing in the BCS doors and that is what has to kep happening. Yes I want it to be the MWC... and I want it to be BYU... but Dude the BYU Utah rivalry is second nature....and it will always take care of it'self on it's own. It doesn't take a frigging bunch of loudmouths to keep it alive.


REF: Ignorant Non BCS Fans
That was rather interesting...I especially loved your ignorance of the facts. in almost all pertinent cases of the money issue. Just because Alabama has a stadium that will always hold 93,000 plus fans and Utah for now only has a Stadium that hold's 45,000 has very little to do with the creation of the BCS.
Just because BCS Schools have more donor contributions has little to do with the creation of the BCS.
I will concede the bigger fan bases may have somewhat of an effect of actual attendence during BCS games but it had nothing to do with the creation of the BCS First and foremost the brainchild of the BCS was /is and always will be associated with Ohio State University and the big Ten conference. The 1983 Holiday Bowl is the only Bowl in the history of NCAA football that produced a National Champion that wasn't from The Present 4 BCS Bowls. The Big Ten and Bowl coalition are the basis of the BCS. The Pac 10 came in on the skirt of the Rose Bowl. TV Revenue is the THE PRIMAY REASON FOR THE CREATION


You have made everyone's point with your own arrogance.
And the revenue difference is...small?
Did you type that with a straight face?
According to your logic, schools with 93,000 (who lost) vs a school with 50,000 ( who beat the school with 93,000) should have a better/easier chance at a national championship because.......
Wait and watch how 'Bama will again be ranked higher than Utah, because of their 93,000 capacity.
Let's go back to the days of teams having to prove themselves year in and year out, excluding nobody.
Regardless of size of stadiums.

RE:@ Anonymous | 11:14 a.m.

If I remember right Boise State taught the Utes a thing or two also...in the Ute's own house to boot!


Right on Coach Fairchild. Tell it like it is.


-----If a non-bcs team is deemed good enough at the beginning of the year and went undeafeated, they would play for a national title. utah wasn't even in the top 25 to begin the year. If they were ranked early they would have made it.----

Actually BYU was deemed good enough at the beginning of the year, and they quickly shot up into the top 10, but then they sat there for 3 weeks (before they lost to TCU) while teams jumped over them. The same thing happened to Utah over the last 2 weeks of the season. Also, the Coaches and Harris polls only had Utah 7th in their final polls and the Coaches was after the sugar bowl. So no, all the evidence shows that Utah got as high as they were ever going to get, no matter where they started the season ranked.




As a starting point they should get rid of preseason rankngs intstead rankings should begin at midseason.


Why don't the the non-BCS schools start their own championship tournament? They could invite the BCS schools (who will undoubtably turn them down). They play the games, crown a winner, yes a NATIONAL CHAMPION. If the non-BCS schools stopped going to the non-BCS bowls there would be a lot of angry sponsors who could press to make changes. Oh wait, what am I thinking, even the non-BCS schools like their non-BCS bowl games and miniscule payouts.

Seriously, non-BCS schools should consider their own championship tournament. Would be interesting.

Stop it

Utah would have never gone undefeated in the SEC, PAC 10 or the Big 10. Being undefeated doens't mean your the best team in the country when you play in a conference that anyone of the top teams could go undefeated in. Remeber Hawaii everyone was proclaiming them national champs because they were undefeated.Gerogia made them look like a high school team. So Utah beat Alabama good for them, try playing that schedule week in a week out. Florida, Alabama, LSU, Gerogia..


The BCS schools will keep things status quo for as long as possible. Only legal action will force them to change. It is too sweet of a deal for those schools as is for them to want to change anything.

Wiser that Cougars

Y all have forgotten that Utah has proven themselves in every sport including Football. What other team went undefeated twice in four years in the past decade????

Utah - blood red

Stop it - how can you say that when they played schools in each of the confrences you related and by the way stomped them... the trouble with the conferences getting automatic bids is it takes away from the schools that do strive for a hard schedule but still don't get the nod from the "rulers" - SEC ie the BCS -- the sum of conferences have completely out grown the BCS... and everyone knows it... the "rulers" are afraid to play with others because it makes them look extremely weak when they lose. Money begets money-- right SEC a lum.?

Re: Stop it

"Utah would have never gone undefeated in the SEC, PAC 10 or the Big 10."

Neither would ANY team in the SEC, PAC 10, or Big 10. So why should Utah have to? Florida didn't go undefeated in the SEC. Should they have been eligible for last year's NC? USC didn't go undefeated in the PAC 10. Should they have been eligible for the Rose Bowl? Neither Penn St. nor Ohio St. went undefeated in the Big 10. Should they have merited BCS bowl appearances? Your logic doesn't hold water.

RE: Utah-blood red

You call the Oregon State game a stomping, if it wasn't for a bogus call at the end of the game Utah would have never won. You barely beat a very bad Michigan team, where is this stomping coming from. Your trying to tell me Utah would have gone undefeated with the likes of Ohio State, Florida, USC,Georgia,Penn State..I will give you Alabama but lets see if you can keep it up for more than a year. I'm guessing 4 losses.

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