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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"There was no overall support for the proposal, although some conferences were interested in considering certain elements of it in the future particularly those related to revenue, access and governance of the BCS arrangement," said University of Oregon president David Frohnmayer, the outgoing committee chairman.

Wow, only some conferences interested in revenue and access? Arrogant automatic qualifier conferences continue to stomp on and belittle the non-AQ conferences. This hypocrisy and arrogance just is inviting a smackdown. Lawsuit anyone?

true blue

The end of the article didn't seem to fit with the topic.


No lawsuit. We only need Utah and Boise State to thump Oregon this year. The whole Mountain West and Boise State need to show well against the BCS. I'll be in Eugene wearing crimson. A Utah man am I.


The udefeated issue needs to be the only issue the BCS needs to address and they can easily do that by forcing a playoff in either a 1 or a 2 game format depending on how many undefeateds there are to place in a pre BCS final selection playoff. The winner or winners would either play one more game against each other or would automatically get either the no. 1 or the no.2 slot in the BCS. It can be accomplished without realigning the current BCS bowl venues... or...it can be accomplished by adding one more bowl venue to facilitate the playoffs....which is what I suggest...and I think the Cottonbowl would traditionally be the best choice to add to the BCS Bowl alignment. Regardless of wheter or not a team is BCS or Non BCS it will address the undefeated problem that is a canker to the present BCS selection format. There should only be one possible undefeated team and no matter who that is they are the National Champions if they can remain undefeated.


Has and always will be a joke! I just hope as the years progress, that the MWC just goes out there and clobbers teams from the ACC, Big 12, Pac 10 etc

Had the WAC never allowed the merge of 14 teams at one time, I can only say the WAC now the MWC would be a power house.


One more point of clarification. If there is only one undefeated team left at the end of the regular season regardless of whether they are BCS or non BCS and no matter where they are in the BCS rankings at the end of regular season play then they get a shot at the then current BCS number 2 in a playoff game. If still undefeated after the playoff they automatically play for the National Championship. You really only need to add one or two games to the current BCS system to make it fair. Figuring out the other top 25 standings when it's all said and done doesn't really matter... but there is no excuse to have an undefeated team that is not the National Champion.

Don't Worry

Bias Media will soon see the down fall of viewers. Attendance at smaller bowls will soon go smaller and same on tv. I lost interest watching any other big bowls games or so call bcs games (except UTAH). And yes more bcs fans will do the same. Only those fans will follow their own favorite school playing their bowl game. College football will fall. I love my BYU team year after year win or lose! It is like this - utah got rob and Florida and U. Meyer is a thief! Or how about this - do I care that LA FLAKERS winning the nba title? No, Kobe is a raper and D. Fisher is a trater. Rich people getting richer and will be more ignored.

Where's Stockton????

The issue can no longer be left in the hands of the BCS....The NCAA needs to take the beast by the horns and show some leadership here... and if need be... THEY... (and not their members attempting to go it alone) should be ones in the courts getting this anti trust mess that they allowed to happen...cleaned up. A simplified 1 or 2 game playoff would be a great start to fixing this hugely oversized bias of favoritism that plagues college football today.


Greed, pride, money. These rule the BC$. It almost wants to make you boycott college football, yet networks like ESPN treat it as a god and totally worship the system. It's hard to keep loving such a sport when it's controlled by such selfish people.


will set the record straight and bring fair and balanced college football revenue earning and recruiting to all teams in the NCAA. he promised us he would do that during his campaign. he promised us a playoff system.


Other than USC, what did the PAC 10 do to earn access? Nothing. This requires a legislative solution. I still think this is an antitrust issue. The NCUA can't do anything because the BCS resulted from a lawsuit on similar grounds by the BCS crowd, complaining of stuff they are now guilty of. It's a mess.


Unfortunately the greed of the BCS teams is going to result in government intervention. Same thing with health care, the greed of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, as well as many physicians, is resulting in massive govt intervention. Will people ever learn?

Cindy on Obama and BCS

This would be a much easier problem to solve than health care, and think the good favor it would win him here in Utah, where he is generally vilified, and all the MWC. He really oughta take it on now and get it done. It's a no-brainer.

re: anonymous @ 7:49

You shouldn't rip so much on the PAC 10, rather, the ripping should be on the Big (L)East, and the ACC. They have proven nothing from the beginning of the BCS. They have only been in there by association, that is basketball association. They have never been consistent in football strength, so why is it that hardly nobody complains about their involvement year in and year out in the BCS closed club. That is where the focus should be, eliminate the Big (L)east and the ACC form the BSC - they are useless in football!!


You should rip on any conference that has an automatic bid. I don't care what happened in the past, all teams should earn there spots in the post season and the only fair way is through a playoff.


MWC should just shut up and go back to playing regional games that nobody cares about.

Obama what?!

Obama said a lot of things he didn't mean on the campaign trail. My personal favorites being that he is a self-described "fiscal conservative" . . . what? Or the time he accused the Bush administrations of running up too high of deficit, then he goes and quadruples Bush's highest deficits. So don't hold your breath on him fixing The BC$.

Re: Anonymous

The BCS should go back to living in their fantasy world, instead of getting their butts kicked in the real world. Go Utes!!!

RE: Scooby at 5:49am

"there is no excuse to have an undefeated team that is not the National Champion."

Says most Yoot fans who still whine about 1984 and the only National Football Championship trophy ever to come to the state of Utah...

@ Anonymous

Yep, the MWC should just go back to playing regional games tht nobody cares about.......like humiliating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Or maybe it was the Big Sky, and Boise State teaching Oklahoma how to play, or perhaps anonymous wants to avoid the repeat of his so-called BCS wonder teams getting a dose of smack-down from MWC teams.......

What do you think?

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