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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Jazz need the second

coming of Malone. He set the tone on offense and defense for the Jazz. Boozer is a finesse player who does not play defense. That sets the tone for the rest of the team.

Sloan designs to much of the offense for Boozer which makes the situation worse. The Jazz need a more balanced attack. The also need player changes.

Boozer is a great offensive player. However, the Boozer/Okur experiment will not take the Jazz to the next level. It can't be fine tuned.

There needs to be a change in team character and coaching strategy.

I tend to agree with Todd. The Jazz need to start planning and shaping the roster for when Sloan is gone. A new system will require different players with a different set of skills.

The Jazz players at the moment are either over paid or have major weaknesses in each of their games. Those problems need to be addressed.

More than anything there needs to be a change in the team culture to one of winning on the road and hard nosed defense. That can happen before Sloan leave if KOC and Miller make it happen.


Go youtube Eric Manyor and watch the Last 2 Minutes of the CAA Tourney against George Mason he will help the Jazz! I love the pick

Play our youngsters!

Play Koufus at back PF/C. Play Maynor as backup PG. Re-sign Almond have him play back-up Sg. We need to start mixing up our lineup with new energy players that want to prove something.

buncha geniuses

the jazz went down to LA because they could not make use of the middle due to lakers guards cheating off the non shooters. So Price can shift over where he truly belongs...2 guard, and back up the point when necessary. It is so easy to conduct an armchair draft...but a lot of "sure things" are watching from the same chair as me, while some "stupid choices" are playing out brilliant careers. The big issue is clearing up all the confusion with the bigs and finding an FA or two.

Baaaaad Comments

There are some seriously bad opinions being posted on this story. These must be the Cougar Jazz fans.


We don't hate CJ. We want him to live up to his potential.

We also know that can't happen totally until Sloan(actually Johnson) starts creating some plays for him.

CJ needs to improve his rebounding and get into the mix more. He also needs to improve defense. I don't care if he starts as long as he plays well. He has the potential but it is not happening.


The rumor is that Price is mad at Sloan for playing Knight all season. Further, he wants 5+ mill to sign with the Jazz.

That might be why Sloan is making nice and claiming to have made a mistake.

To me Price is spare parts. He is not central to the Jazz. He is replaceable. He ran the team poorly early in the year. He is okay for short periods and sometimes shoots well. When he shoots well he also plays PG well. He is undersized for a SG.

The Jazz can do better than Price and especially for 5 mill. I don't care if Sloan loves him. He is easily replaceable and we need a SG who can shoot and defend reliably.


The reason the Jazz have 3 Okur clones is Sloan and his approach to his system. That is by design. I am beginning to beleive that the Sloan system (at least run by Sloan) can not produce a championship.

It is capable of getting into the playoffs (with 3 Olympic players, 4 if you count Okur and 5 if you count Koufos on their national teams) on a regular basis, but it gets overwhelmed in the playoffs. It is designed around Boozer and Boozer can't beat SA or LA or a lot of good teams in a 7 game series.

Utah has few outside shooters by design. Okur and Korver have special plays. Brewer is designed to be a slasher. The Lakers (all teams) can cheat on the outside shooting because Sloan does not believe in doing any more outside shooting than he has to. Further, he does not draft and will not play outside shooters.

His offense is designed to pass until he can get an inside shot or run out of time and take a desparation fling.

Get a different coach and balance the offense and you might win more games. His defensive strategy is also flawed.


I heard Memo Okur opts out - Jazz let him go

If Boozer does not opt out - Trade him for Kwame Brown - who comes off the books next year.
This allows only eats 8 million of their 22 million cap so they can go after a couple other free agents (Gordon).


The Jazz offer Korver and Miles to LA Clippers for Camby. This give them a shooter and a slasher and opens time for Griffen to play.

Trade Harpring and resign Collins to a 3 million deal with only .5 million is guarenteed and trade them both to Golden State for Magette. GS is trying to cut salaries. Both contract expire and it save him 2.5 million. It's writing Collins a half a million dollar check to do nothing - he won't play.

Offer mid level exception to the following players

Ariza (restricted)
David Lee (restricted)

Williams/Maynor/Price -15million
Magette/Brewer - 11million
AK/Artest - 23million
Millsap/Koufas/Suton - 9
Camby/Brown/Fess -12million

70 million under the cap.

Brevin Knight is the

epitomy of the Jazz offense. He can pass but he can't shoot. The Jazz live and die on thier inside game. Go to 82games and look at the stats. You beat the Jazz inside.

Pack the Paint, Jam the Lane and you can beat the Jazz most of the time. It does not take great strategy or great talent. Less than average teams beat the Jazz with regularity on the road.

Sloan has known this is a big weakness of his approach for years. He has never adjusted it. There are reasons why he has no ring. His approach to the game is flawed.

Do you think Phil would have X titles if he did not learn from his mistakes?

Why do you think the players turn it on and off. Why bust your end for 48 minutes if the approach is flawed. Stay close and turn it on at the end. You get paid the same and Sloan is not going to trade you as long as you do it his way.

There are coaches who could take the Sloan system and open it up and win. If you have an inside and an outside game you win.

the Mailman

If they had to get a point guard it should have been Patrick Mills, he would have shown this town what it means to play hard every night.

Hang on, no sorry, he would have spent nearly the whole season on the bench or in the D League, just like Maynor will. My bad.


Maynor appears to be a Solid Dependable Player, with No Deep Baggage, or huge side story.

Solid Dependable Players can become Great Players who have long careers. John Stockton comes to mind, as does Gail Goodrich. Dan Marley and others.

Most people not on the inside, know the names of very few players because they only get what the Media Provides.

I am far out of it (and intend to remain so), that I stopped paying attention after the Suns Drafted Bayer Forest in the 1st Round and gave him a No Cut Contract. Fat Geeks where CB Kings of their Base Stations, in their mothers basement.

So Hall of Fame Careers have been played and I have paid No Attention. Living on an Island, Helps.

My Foster Kids are into Sports so in the last year some has leaked over. I renewed my SI Subscription (spendie) and am better informed.

The oldest one was a 2nd string all State,2 Guard, best player on a losing team. Made up of 7 Guards and 5 guys who just wanted to play. I think he can walk on to a Division 3III School and make a Team.

Mostly they had fun.


The draft is a crap shoot, and you have to go with a proven player over an unproven one. I actually think BJ Mullens could become the pick that everyone wished they'd made in 5 years, but at this point he's a risk because of how raw he is.

I'm OK with the Maynor pick, because we do need another clutch guard to "MAKE" shots and "CREATE" shots. You can never have too many of these type players. Maynor is a Stud with the ball in his hands. My only concern is that he becomes too good and we can't afford to pay him and keep him as a Backup. This guy will fill the Howard Eisley role of the Stockton years, but he has Star potential that Eisley never had.

All in All: no logical reason to complain about the pick. Pendergraph or Blair might have been better for short term needs, but Maynor has the "MOST STAR POTENTIAL" which is what you look for in the draft. If you draft ONLY to fit a need, then you miss out on potential STARS and potential TRADE BAIT! GOOD PICK.


Curious about your new draftee? He's a great leader with no fear. Best single place I've seen to get to know what kind of player our beloved Eric Maynor is, check out what draftexpress has to say.

View several of the videos, not just the Combine video, read the articles for balanced views (no ties to draftexpress; I work for VCU, one son went to VCU, and I love VCU Basketball!).

UTAH JAZZ!!! My New Favorite NBA Team!!! I'm going out to get a hat because I am confident Eric will see playing time and you will not be disappointed by season's end!

P.S. Everybody remembers Duke, but our finest hour was the next game when we came from 18 or 19 points behind to take #3 seed Pittsburgh to overtime!


You guys are getting a very solid player in Maynor. The guy can run a team with confidence and he's fearless. I think he's going to be a player in this league for a long time. Good pick.


This is the most disappointed I've been about a draft in a long time. Kevin O'Connor seems to be in la la land about our need for a power forward and there is a possibility that we could be without one when the season starts.

Instead, he glowingly talks about a point guard that is going to work limited minutes behind Deron Williams. There were some tough power forwards still on the board when they selected Maynor. And what are we going to do when Boozer follows the money trail and leaves the Jazz?


Please...for those critical of the Jazz, who was the dominant center available at #20 we could have picked? Mullens?

After Mullens, there were only 4 players at least 6'10" picked: Norel, Suton, Elonu and Dozier. Blair is listed as a PF but he's only 6'6." I'd rather have Millsap.

PG was a HUGE need. Price and Knight are unrestricted FA's. Knight won't be back (thank heavens) and although the Jazz have stated they want to resign Price, what if he gets an offer elsewhere and decides to leave?

Do we then go out and get a player similar to Hart, Knight or McLeod to run the team behind Deron? And what if Derom misses a few games?

You need three decent PG's. Maynor and hopefully Price give the Jazz some solid backups behind Williams.

The draft was terrible in terms of big guys, but deep in PG's. Jazz had a solid, if unspectacular draft. They got a backup PG, and a player that has the potential to be like Millsap was in his rookie season - i.e. come in and give Utah 10 mins of tough play and rebound like crazy.

If Boozer or Okur leave?

I don't think they will as the market is as dry as the Salt Flats. If they do leave, the Jazz will get by until they can get a better replacement.

Koufos is fully capable starting at C if necessary or playing back up PF until the Jazz can swing the player they want. I think Suton could start at C if necessary. He just needs to learn the offense.

The Jazz will probably make the playoffs with out one of Boozer or Okur since PHO is melting down. In other words they would do not worse than last year.

With both Okur and Boozer they will do no better than 4th or 5th and that is assuming HOU does not get it together.

It is time to figure out how to get a team that can challenge LA and SA. That team is not lead by Boozer, Okur, or Millsap.

Eric Moutsos

Let's just hope he has what it takes

Eric Moutsos

Eric Moutsos says: Jazz just need a center... when they find one..... We will win.

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