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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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On paper the Jazz are a much better team than they tend to play.

Whether through trade, free agency, or watching America's Most Wanted, they need to find some toughness.

Remember Mike Brown? Billy Poultz? Even Greg Foster was willing to pop someone in the mouth. We wont be back to competing with the elite teams until we have someone with a big nasty streak.

todd to chadders

if all these guys holding "our" franchise hostage yes "our" the city you live in and all of the "fans" do not know by now they will never know, good luck to Real tomorrow night, whats up fedor!!

Re: Anonymous

What dominant big man do you suggest the Jazz Get? Shaq? Dwight Howard? Gasol? Amare? Garnett? Yeah there are dominant big men out there but their teams aren't going to part with them or they are way too old to trade for. I am glad the Jazz got the best player available. I am glad you are not running the Jazz.


To those who say Big Men are a thing of the past, and that Guards are most important in this league I ask this question: Name me a team that has won an NBA title recently that hasn't had a good big man?
Lakers: Gasol
Celtics: Garnett
Heat: Shaq
Spurs: Duncan
Lakers: Shaq
Rockets: Hakeem the dream.

The lone exception was Jordan and the Bulls! And well... that was Jordan! Now go through those teams and tell me who the point guards were? Not that great if you ask me! Teams that win championships have a dominating big man.
I do think that big men are changing. The more athletic (Dwight Howard, Amare Staudamire, Pau Gasol) are the most versitle. Yao, Oden, and other moster slow big guys get injured easily and tired easily. They can't keep up.


War the Jazz getting rid of Boozer, resigning Milsap and finding an interior defensive presence.

War Andre and Ronnie learning to hit long range jumpers.

War the Lakers losing Ariza and Odom and watching Fisher get a little bit slower each year.

and finally war the New York Knicks tanking again this year. I will be chearing against them as much as I will be chearing for the Jazz.


After reading through many of these comments I'm beginning to think a lot of Jazz fans are pretty pathetic. Yeah, we are all frusterated with the way last year ended, but quit bagging on this pick. I think they picked the best player available, plus, Utah does need a consistent and credible backup PG. Ronnie Price is energetic and tough, but he's not the best PG. I'm just glad they didn't draft another big unathletic body like they have a tendency to do. The still need to go after a player or two in potential trades or signings, but I think Eric Maynor will be a good pick. Read up on him...all the analysts think Utah made a great pick. Lots of Jazz fans are very short sighted and need to open their eyes.


Yes we are very aware that the Jazz can't make any major moves until the opt outs. What we are discussing are strategies to fix problems that have festered for years with no attempt to fix them.

HOU was aggressive last night in buying 2nd round picks. The Jazz could have paid cash for high second round picks and addressed more needs.

The media pumped the hard nosed, mean nasty player routine. That set everyone up to expect the Jazz to draft at least one good hard defender. The Jazz sucked their collective thumb on improving the defense.

Maynor is okay and addresses a need. I like Suton for a long shot. If management is not aggressive why would the team be aggressive? It starts at the top. The players reflect the corporate culture (all talk).

The Jazz sent one more signal that they are not interested in defense and are not willing to fix the major problems.

That is what is wrong with the Jazz. They do not seize or create opportunities. I am not sure who makes these decisions but something has to change.

Given the FA market maybe waiting was wise.

Please fix problems.

G in VA

I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised by Maynor. He is the only college player I have ever really loved. He's amazing to watch: nimble on his feet, able to make great clutch plays, and really really smart. He only gets better with time. My one concern is that he is solid in the first half but always great in the second half of a game. If he is backup PG, he won't get that opportunity to warm up and really show his stuff. But I think that once he gets the hang of the NBA, you Jazz fans will be pretty happy that he was still around at the 20th pick and other teams will regret not choosing him.

Who was the next pick?


We shall see in a few years if this guard is better than that guard.

todd to above

that is the point of all of this, i could have not said it better


I am psyched about Maynor. If what is written about him is true, he will make a solid backup PG and that was the biggest thing missing from the Jazz second unit last year. Not going to get us a championship with just that move, but it's a nice start.

Suton seems like a good pick too. The Jazz did pretty well for such a weak draft.

A final thought. For everyone freaking out because the Jazz haven't made a trade yet consider this: How do you expect them to make a trade when more than half of your team is a free agent, a restricted free agent, or holds a player option to become an unrestricted free agent? You can't trade something you don't have rights to yet.

I would love to see some bold moves by the front office this off season, but nothingcan happen before July 1.

todd from santa ana

same issue with Darren, he can only back up Chris Paul, he is not the scorer., I would have picked Maynor over Collison.

Everybody is missing the point-I will try and clarify the last time and give it a rest...

I am not at all questioning these 2 picks as good players. The 2 or 3 times I watched maynor, I have nothing to criticize. Suton is more of a project,

The point: Immediate Impact Moves. this could have been helped by trading up in the draft and jettisoning a salary or two like Miles, find out with 4 days left certainly, Okur, Boozie, Korver, see what they are going to do.. If Fez was not resigned i will not knock Suton,

We needed a shooting guard, a small forward and athletic 6'9, 6'10 forward. I am beginning to think we should go after Stoudamire-Golden State is.

Jer (to dismay of the "holics") is likely gone 1 year.

It is to start shaping up this team with picks and trades/free agents to set up the next decade for its new coach.

The Lakers will not be up there forever, and we could have good decade.


To all the comments on here saying the jazz blew it:

Apparently you haven't seen the espn grades on here because the jazz got an A. I will take their opinion over anyone on this board. Plus the people saying that we needed a center, who is available at 20? There was no one. Dejaun Blair has no ACL in either knee. Obviously he isn't that good if 36 other teams passed on him. He might be good but not worth the guaranteed contract of a 20 pick. I like the pick and think he will work good in the jazz system

Team Goals

The Jazz fans deserve

1. a winning road record
2. a winning back to back record
3. a decent defense

These should be team goals for 2009-2010.

Sloan blames the players for failure.

Well get players who will produce or get a coach who can produce.

The problems may be higher up than the players. The Jazz have created a soft do nothing corporate culture.

The whole organization needs to remodel. The Jazz did nothing in this draft to change the nature of this team. They now have 3 Cs who are all clones of Okur. That is by design. They are just as bad defensively as they have ever been. They have done nothing to fix the road and back to back problems.

There is a reason why the needed changes are not made. The Jazz are pursuing a strategy that will not work and refuse to change.

Dumars made changes. He got AI and realized it is about character not how many shots you can jack up.

Dumars is now looking to change the culture of the team. He does not want Boozer, wrong character.

He is looking for Big Ben2. DET was successful with Ben.


I agree with the following:

Picks: (20th) Eric Maynor, (50th) Goran Suton
Analysis: The Jazz failed to address their need for help on the wings and took two players with very limited upside. Maynor is a nice player who should be a nice backup, but they could have afforded to gamble on a small forward with big potential. Suton lacks NBA-level athleticism and quickness.
Grade: C


I find it interesting how you all hate CJ but you seem OK with the Jazz not addressing that problem. CJ will be the starter next year at the 3. Gotta love it.

RE: Deron

Deron, would you happen to be the real D-Will? I'm serious. I think that might be the real D-Will speaking.

Hypothetically speaking, if you are the real D-Will - what would be your ideal acquisition either by trade or FA?

Sports Talk Yahoos

What the Jazz do: Carry three point guards for the past two decades.

What the Jazz are saying: They are going to carry three point guards as usual, and Maynor will have a great opportunity to learn behind Deron Williams and Ronnie Price.

What several local sports talk yahoos are saying: The Jazz are only going to keep two point guards and this pick means Ronnie Price is gone.

Do these guys realize what making such statements does to their reps? I hear a few obviously wrong comments like these and I just quit listening. If they are completely wrong about something this easy, how can I take seriously their other comments?

East Coast Fan

Good heavens Jazz fans. Do your homework before you comment. We had a heckuva draft. Well done on Maynor KOC. I too am more worried about the Jazz fans than I am about the pick. Blair is an under-developed Paul Millsap with no ACLs. Why did we want him again? Read what others are saying about this pick. Let's stay healthy and see what we can do.

Oregon Jazz Fan!

Despite all of that has been written, the Jazz will continue to make the playoffs but will NEVER be a championship team, EVER! What needs to change? Get a solid center (Jazz have never, ever had a solid center). And Sloan needs to go! No matter how good our players Sloan is no Phil Jackson, never has and never will and Sloan doesn't have the true apptitude to coach a championship team. Last year the Jazz (& Sloan) had 3 Olympic Team players (Boozer, Williams, Kirilenko) and still can't get past the first round in the playoffs. Pathetic! Oh and Sloan has coached the Jazz for 20+ years and still NOT ONE championship, how many has Phil Jackson attained in that same time span? Bottom Line: Get a solid center, keep the players we have and get a coach who wants to win a championship and knows how to do it, then the Jazz will become the franchise of champions!!!

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