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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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ESL for O'connor

"because I think it gives us somebody you can put the ball in the hands of."

"I want a team that we can give a championship of winning it"

"We're a good team for winning is"

please tell me it's a misquote.

Jazz Cop

Everyone talks about almond like he was a wasted pick, i don't get it. at the time, the jazz were unsure about brewer and cj, they hadn't traded for korver yet, they needed a solution at the position,and at the time almond was a good pick, now, there are too many players ahead of morris, but that doesn't makes morris a wasted pick, and everyone talks as if it's a foregone conclusion that almond will be leaving and i don't think it is, if korver opts out, the jazz will probably sign morriss, and they might sign morriss anyway.
as for maynor, great pick, sweet, i also like the suton pick as well.




No one knows how this pick will turn out, so how about we stop the bashing.

I find it interesting that Cummard was one of the top players left on ESPN's board, with Nevill near the middle on the centers and Wilkinson nowhere in sight.

What I love about this Maynor guy is how he beat Duke!!!!!! Love it!

todd from santa ana

no actually it would be better "hen" to watch people go by uncontested past Snoozy and Okur time and time again and watch Kyle Korver trying to run like a Bob Backlund Chicken Wing and get over too late to rotate as another "wide open 3 from the corner goes up".

Much better idea.


The first priority is to get a PF who can play against tall line ups and defend, a PF better than Boozer.

There was not one of those in the draft that was obvious, and available at 20. Hansbrough might have worked but his rebounding was weak and he had other questions. It would have cost a lot to go up above 13.

The second priority is to get an SG/SF who can shoot consistently and defend. Harp is old and expiring. AK has dropped off. Korver can't defend. Brewer can't shoot. CJ is erratic and does not rebound.

A lot of people liked Young but I do not feel bad about addressing the back up PG. I am not a Price fan. He has his moments but he is not a PG. He ran the team poorly early last year most of the time. Knight ran it better until teams backed off and he could not shoot.

I do not think the Jazz need to lose a lot of games with Price running the back PG. If he is hurting the team Sloan should play Maynor immediately.

At least try Maynor.


The problem with the Jazz in the draft will always be that unless the Jazz pick in the top five then plan on that pick playing in the D-league for two years. Sloan wasted talent for two years sitting on benches or D-leagues until they are veteran enough to play in his mind. So this pick is really a not factor for two years. Even Dwill was limited in his time in his first year by Sloan.
Did CP have to ride the pine his first year? NOPE
We will always be average with great players until the tractor is started and headed to the field.


FIRE KEVIN O CONNOR! He seems to be the only GM unwilling to make a trade to make his team better. News flash KOC - our current team is not good enough. Wake up and make a freaking trade!

John Wicks

We will never know how good Maynor can be simply because the Coach won't play him. I still say dump Collins and Knight and sign Morris Almond. For that matter dump KOC too.


The Jazz still need a PF better than Boozer, and a shooting/defending SG/SF in one package.

The biggest need is a better defense. That has to come from replacing Boozer and more time for Koufos/Fez/Suton at C. The Jazz need much better defense at SG/SF. More importantly it has to come from a better defensive scheme. The inside is a sieve and the 3 point shooting is bad against good teams.

Depending on opt outs, there may be a chance to trade Harp and CJ for a great SG/SF. There is a reasonable chance of getting a decent back up for Millsap at PF but that does not solve the key problem.

Koufos, Fez and CJ have to develop. Suton has potential. He shoots well, he rebounds okay, his defense is aggressive (more so than Boozers).

If Koufos can play PF we have an answer. He is tall enough and his shooting should improve as will his defense. If Fez gets it together we have one of the best Cs in the country.

Maynor may be able to play.

A lot depends on the development of the young players this next year.

solid pick response response

Hey, speaking of Turkoglu, he is available with Magic's last trade.

Is there a rule in Jazzland that says we can't trade Okur and Korver for him? He hustles, he brings up the ball and can rush the rim or drop it from 3 point land. He would be quite the trophy to bring home if you were the coach or the GM...wink..wink..nudge..nudge.

See you in Orem

Can anyone imagine that he's going to play more than a few minutes per night?


Sloan just got a new player to sit on the bench and send down to the D-League every few weeks.


Kevin O Connor needs to go. Period.

In Case No One Noticed

The western conference had the first 7 picks in this years draft and you can bet that every one of these teams are going to be somewhat better. True they were the bottom feeders in our conference but the players they got is going to make it tougher to just count their games as victories. They all helped themselves inspite of a bad draft class. Also that trade S.A. just made is going to shore them up for a few years. What I'm saying is that this league just got awfully more balanced in just a couple days.

Local guys?

I still say take Luke and Cummard. If they get drafts that will never see the court, why not draft some local guys to get seats filled?

Cummard, at 6'7" could be developed to be better than this guy. He has a proven character. He won't go to Park City and get drunk and give someone else's name.

Luke could put on 30 pounds, get pounded by Jerry to get tough, and give Memo a blow for five minutes four times per game. He could block shots, rebound, pass, and dunk. Can these new recruits do that?

You can't tell me that Price is not better than Brevin Knight. Even if they were the same why not treat the fans that actually buy tickets with a local guy? I just don't get it.

todd from santa ana

Hee hee, read draft review on MSN Jazz rated only a "c", Spurs Aplus/ Jazz rated one of the worst drafts.

Yeah the "haters" know nothing. I agree #20 and #50 O Connor could not have done much better. I rated it a B-/C

However, a 1st round pick needs to be an impacy guy more than a guy to spare DWIL

again hee hee

I am worried about

Sloan's man crush on Price. It may just be a PR attempt especially if he knows Price will not come back, but where is Price going to go?

Sloan will insist on playing Price at back up PG just like he insisted on starting CJ and playing Collins. That lost many games last year. If it is not working Sloan insists on doing it until everyone wants to scream.

The Jazz have no obligation to Price or his development as a PG. If Maynor is not ready to run the Jazz, then get a real PG. We would have avoided the 8th seed if Sloan's Vet bias had not lost more than 5 games. He lost several back to backs by not playing Koufos at back up C while he ran Okur and Millsap into the ground with short rotations.

It is that type of quirk in Sloan that demands a coaching change.

Koufos is coachable. He will try really hard to make any adjustment. They should have played him a lot more. I am sick of Sloan's Vet bias. Collins was a lost cause, nice guy but hurt the team when playing.

Fix Sloan.


I wouldn't be suprised if the Jazz did this so they can make a trade mid season and send Price(so Maynor isthe #2 PG) and someone else maybe CJ or Almond away for a SF that can play defense or maybe a defensive big. Maybe there is something in process that no one has leaked out yet. I like the pick and thingk that it is a good way to open up some trade scenarios in a few months after they know who will be staying.


The Jazz have averaged the No. 20 pick for the past 20 years, and no team that has had as few high draft picks has done as well as the Jazz at choosing players who went on to have productive NBA careers. You're seldom going to find an All Star after the top 12 picks. The dumbest idiot can pick great players with 20:20 hindsight. It takes a team with brains and a high basketball IQ to select low draft picks that actually have an impact on a team. So all you people who thrive on negativity: Accept reality and stop thinking you're so smart. Remember the Jazz pick that drew the most boos ever? John Stockton, probably one of the top 12 players of all time.

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