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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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todd duh

actually troops there were game changers if the Jazz moved up in the draft

Lets wait and see

OK, we all wanted some PF/C with good height and defense, but at 20 nothing was really left; so getting perhaps the 2nd best point guard in the draft is really a pretty good value, especially when we really do need a solid back up and Ronny Price is no guarantee to re-sign.

Go Jazz!


We needed a tough, hard-nosed, defensive-minded, athletic player--Sam Young fit our needs, we missed it! Doesn't matter if other teams passed on him, he would have fit our system and our needs better than an undersized back-up point.


I think you might be right to some extent. I think Boozer will try to sign a 2 year extension with both years as player options. That will give him flexibility to opt out when the economy is better or when AKs contract is expiring.

I think Okur will sign for nearly the same money but for a longer deal. The Jazz are mainly waiting to see how much Millsap is going to cost and if Boozer and Korver opt.

Only Koufos, Maynor and Suton can play for the Flash. If Boozer is gone Koufos will play back up C/PF. Fez could also see some time.

If the Jazz are in the Lux tax they will run with a limited roster. Maynor and Suton cost them little.

If Boozer does not opt or extend he will play until he is traded, maybe for a cheaper PF and a dumpable salary.


That is 15 with Boozer/Price. It would not surprise me to see the Jazz run with 14 or 13.

The Jazz are not better.

The Jazz

may have helped their overall shooting a little. Maynor can shoot better than Knight. Suton actually shoots well facing the basket and can stretch the floor.

Koufos is supposed to be able to shoot. Okur can shoot. Millsap needs to extend his range. CJ and Korver can shoot sometimes.

The alternative strategy to the Jazz inside game is to stretch the floor and open up the inside. If the Jazz can play both strategies that helps. Of course Sloan has to decide to play an alternative plan when needed.

Maynor and Suton do not help much on D as they will not play much and are not "great defenders".

The Jazz need a shooting guard. If Koufos has made enough progress he can play back up PF. His defense is better than Boozers and should improve.

If Boozer or Korver leave and Harp is bought out or traded (also maybe CJ)there might be money for a SG/SF who can shoot and defend. Maybe CJ will get it together.

Maybe there is some hope.

4 good drafts in a row maybe

This is the fourth year in a row the Jazz have had a great draft:

In 05 they had to move up to get D Will, and CJ in the 2nd proved to be a good pick too, A+

06, Ronnie Brewer was a great pick that filled a gaping hole, and Paul Millsap was a rookie of the year candidate and could be a rising star, A++

07 Morris Almond didn't work out, but Fesenko is still raw and I still think he could develop into a good role player and considering he was a mid 2nd rounder it was a good pick. B-

08, I was stoked when we got Kosta Koufus, he didn't have a very good rookie season but everyone knew he was, and still is, a project. We won't know how good of a pick this was until the end of next season.

09, We desperately need a solid back up point guard, and ideally one who can play a little combo and Maynor was the best player available, just youtube the kid or watch the Duke or Mason games

Good drafts

The last 5 years the Jazz have done better in the draft with the exception of Almond. In my opinion Koufos, who would be a Soph this year was a steal. He is already an average NBA big if you adjust for his minutes. There are a lot of bigs around the NBA with worse numbers who are getting a lot more money.

Fez is a similar situation. He may take more time than Koufos but just as a rebounding specialist Fez is already an NBA bench warmer on many teams.

Maynor is going to be okay. I think Suton may be a real sleeper at PF. He only got 10 shots a game at MSU but he averaged 10 points. He can rebound and he can front players and shoot pretty well. He will take time to develop but that gives the Jazz 4 more or less 7 footers.

Fez, Koufos, Okur and Suton. Okur and Suton are about 6'11" with shoes. 3 of them can shoot and all of them can rebound. Maybe some of them will learn to play defense.


Not sure if he's perfect for the Jazz, but Maynor is an exceptional talent to snag at 20. He is an extremely smart, wily point guard and is cool as a cucumber out there. Anyone who has seen him play knows his potential. In a good system, he'll be a much stronger force than several of the guards chosen before him.

If you look at Suton's

You tubes, he boxes out, he shoots well, he bangs. He is a little slow with his feet but has great hands. I watched his workout with the Kings. He was pretty good in the drills around the basket.

If he can improve his foot work he may be a decent player. He seems to be an intelligent BBall player.

In the long run he may be as good or better than Hansbrough. His shooting is okay but he rebounds better than Hansbrough.

Everyone is an expert...LOL

Willing to bet anyone complaining about Maynor hasn't even seen the kid play. Not sure why some keep calling him 'undersized'? He needs to bulk up a bit... I'm sure he will. Everyone who has seen Maynor play has very positive things to say. Like it or not, the Jazz very much need a SOLID back up PG. Yes, LOVE Price.... his energy, his attitude, etc., but his play is erratic and he seems to struggle with the leadership necessary when running the point. Not only did the Jazz need a solid back up PG for DW, but I do believe they got the best player available at the 20 spot. While I'm no Sloan fan these days, I actually think this kid will get some PT, and I see him earning the back up spot.... with Price as the 3rd PG. I like Price a lot, and hope he chooses to stay with the Jazz... but I don't think he will end up with the back up spot.... I think Maynor will prove himself, if Sloan allows it, and will be the back up.

Bill Simmons on Maynor

6:26: Utah grabs my last favorite player in the draft: Eric Maynor. Why do I love him? He has been handling the rock since he was probably 2. He hasn't played a game since junior high where the other guys didn't immediately agree, "That guy is the point guard." He's old school. You could say he has "ownership" of that position. He's not a converted shooting guard, or a long-range shooter who brings the ball up, or even a short/fast guy who plays point because he couldn't play anywhere else. He's a pure point. He owns it. Complete control at all times. That's why I like him. Solid pick. It's all about backups and foreign dudes from here on.


Sorry to hear that Luke Nevill didn't get a shot, but found it funny that the great almighty spiderman Lee Cummard is headed to nowhere along with his love thug. And to think that Tavanari thought he had a shot, ha!


How does drafting their franchise player's BACKUP get the Jazz any closer to contending with the Lakers and the Nuggets?

Who's going to reliably and consistently and EFFECTIVELY deal with Nene, Gasol and Bynum, not to mention Yao?

From a Lakers fan's perspective, which I am (don't flame), this is not a smart move. Yes, they picked at 20, but there's plenty of talent to fill actual NEEDS.


Anybody who's actually watched Maynor play has high praise for him. Let's all stop wringing our hands and see what happens. The off-season is still young! Free agency could bring many new surprises. I'm looking forward to the next three months.

No Center?

Then trade Boozer for big center. Oh well, so much for drafty

Apollo Sun

I hope this kid works out for us. He seems a good all round PG with a sweet floater, so not a bad addition to the roster. We didnt need another Center (even though, as pointed out already, none were any good anyway), because i think Koufos should be given a lot more minutes. I'd like to see Koufos and Okur split minutes depending on the matchup. Attack the opposition with Okur and his range, keep them away from the basket with Koufos' Defense.

I think the key for the Jazz is to sort out the positions between PG and C. This popular idea of replacing Boozer with Millsap at PF, i agree with. Millsap with work harder and gives us more protection. But one think to bear in mind, that leaves the Jazz with Deron Williams as the only real offensive threat. I mean We'll be relying on him for 30 points and 10 assists a night, just to win a game. I say go ahead, release Booz, but sign someone at 2 or 3 who can give us a scoring threat (and defensive cover ideally). We're gonna need to replace Booz's 20 points!!!!!!


The only thing a jazz fan from SC can think of is going after a biggie in free agency or trade.

FIRE Kevin O Connor

Every team in the league is making deals and getting better. KOC sits on his hands, asleep at his desk and does nothing. I am so frustrated with the Jazz I'm close to quitting them all together. WE NEVER DO ANYTHING! Why the heck would you bring back the same team that barely made the #8 seed? FIRE KEVIN O CONNOR RIGHT NOW!!!

Really, Kevin?

""Remember just a few years ago when we didn't get J.J. Redick and we got Ronnie Brewer?" O'Connor asked a draft-party crowd gathered at EnergySolutions Arena."

Remember when we could've had Tony Parker and ended up with Curtis Borchardt?

"Ronnie Brewer" is your claim to draft fame, really? He isn't in the top 2/3 of two guards.

You have NO room to be smug, Kevin. If it wasn't for the free agent signings of Memo and Boozer, the Jazz would've been in the lottery for the last four years.

There isn't enough space here to recite the Jazz' bad picks since you've been here.

The average fan with a dart board could do as well.

Just what the Jazz need

Another wing player who can't shoot.

Kevin, you are HORRIBLE.

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