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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I dont know about the Maynor pick mainly just because he played at VCU which means he hasn't competed like most other guys in the draft at a high level. BUt I do like the Suton pick but I wish we would have gone with Sam Young, or Dejuan Blair with that earlier pick.

todd from santa ana

nothing against the VCU kid, but O Connor did not fit the Jazz immmediate needs. If a kid averages 22ppg and he is too small to play with DWIL< then him as a backup is a total waste 1st round pick.

The better pick would have been a forward. Portland getting Pendergraph I assure you will be far better than Mr. Suton who has a shot but not great in the blocks and ESPN rated him an average rebounder. It would have been better to draft an off guard who could shoot 6'5 6'6 or a small forward who can create.

I know the VCU guy is considered clutch and a good player but his size is an issue. You certainly cannot team him up with DWIL unless they go vs a small lineup 2 guys at 6'3 cannot make up starting backcourt.

AS usual I was right. O Connor did not move up to get the right guys. Portland has gotten better (again), Budinger (i would have taken over mr VCU) is now with Houston.

Summary-like predicted, -maybe Knight and Collins, exact same Jazz team as 2008-2009 with 2 draft picks

oh help us please

yada yada...we watch as the water runs out of the drain.

We got a point guard who will take 2-3 years to gain momentum in the league. How long is Deron signed for? We have no intention of keeping Deron as his contract will be huge by then. We drafted his replacement tonight so we can attain "mediocrity" atta go Jerry and Kevin you guys do us proud.

How about using some brain parts and getting us in contention and trading for some decent players to help our stars win? Guess what then players would want to come to Utah and fans will feel vindicated for sticking with this program "FOREVER" Why waste Deron and Boozer get them some help.

Brewers game increased exponentially last season but he will never be the shooter we need. Korver cannnot guard nor is he a superstar. Okur can shoot every third or fourth night. We have many trading pieces to put together a winning franchise, be bold be brave.

If water runs out the drain again I hope you two slip and slide with it.

Doesn't Matter

Dave at 8:14 got it right - this kid will spend far more time in Orem than downtown SLC. Until Sloan decides to trust the young kids (i.e. anyone under 30) the draft is meaningless to the Jazz.

todd on snoozy

snoozey, Okur back again clear as a bell and pack the "paint" let him shoot, no improvement seen in 2009-2010 Jazz club..


you guys are crying about them not picking a center!!!! ha ha jarron collins would have been picked top 15 in this draft, that is how bad this draft was for big guys...
on to maynor he is a great player and a true point guard that guess what folks can score the ball too.. so when the shot clock runs down and we need the pg to score he just might do that. great pick for the jazz.


When you get down to the 20th pick, you're lucky to find someone who will still be in the NBA in 5 years. Good job, Jazz, for taking a chance on Maynor.

todd from santa ana

I will wager the SPurs pick for Blair, will turn out better than the Jazz picks.

Expect it...


Reading this board has made me worry more about Jazz fans then about the future of the team. Great Pick.

Solid Pick response

If you will read, I wrote "true center." Other than Shaq, all of the players mentioned are power forwards and not true centers. My comment was in reponse to Jazz fans who clamor for picking the big 7 footer everytime one is available, no matter how clumsy, slow, and unathletic he may be. There is a difference between a big man and a true center. The league, and in particular the big men, are getting so athletic that the league has passed by the true centers. Teams with big men (e.g., Dampier, Bynum, and Ming) often don't even have their big men on the floor during crunch time because they need guys that can not only play the middle but guard guys like Nowitizki, Turkoglu, and Rashard Lewis to name a few.


All I can say is that the jazz must be dead set on signing milsap, okur and boozer....because they did nothing except fill one hole on the team and that was find a decent back-up for Deron.

I expected Sam young or Dejaun Blair to be our pick, and am a little disappointed but it leads me to believe that the jazz don't want anymore forwards, because they will sign boozer an milsap this summer.

Honestly if maynor is a solid back-up, and the jazz are healthy this season, we'll be just fine without any big moves...just have a little faith in our team. We're still a top ten team in contention, and we can become a top two or three team if we just iron in the idea of defense win's championship...if all five guys on the court work their tails off on defense, we'll be very, very hard to beat and surprise the enitre league.

There's obviously no change coming this season to the jazz, and i'm very excited about the upcoming season. We're a young team with no changes and more experience.

SA, POR and maybe HOU

helped themselves a lot. OKC got a lot better. MN was goofy but they will probably do some more trading.

Suton will be a decent back up big but not solve any problems. Maynor is an adequate back up PG. There are no good FAs available that the Jazz have the money to pursue. So how do the Jazz get better?

Dallas is still trying to dump Stackhouse's (big expiring contract) and there are other teams out there who can deal. Cuban will try to make the Mavs better. PHO is dead.

The Jazz just seem to be treading water but I guess they have to until the opt out date is past and they know what strategy to pursue.

If Korver opts that save 5 mill. The Jazz can get a 3 point shooter who can defend for less than that. They should be able to trade CJ for something decent. CJ will perform much better in a different system.

If Boozer opts I think he is dead financially. Ditto for Okur and he is bright enough to know it. Millsap could cost 6+ mill or more.

I doubt if AK can be traded in this economy.

Good Pick

Especially considering who was left on the board. People are complaining about us not taking Blair but 13 other teams passed on him after us. Big risk to throw guaranteed money after a guy with bad knees. We needed a backup point and if he works out, he could also play along side Deron some. I wanted Teague who went right ahead of us and maynor was the next guy, Espn had him rated the 12th best player in the draft and if he would have played at a bigger school whould have been potential lottery pick.


we have Price for a backup!

todd to cowboy joe

read the comments; "we need no changes lets just stand pat got a great squad, just need a little more effort on defense we have the best coach in the league"

hee hee hardy hardy har

I am rolling over I am laughing so hard

todd to BOOOOO

NO comment....

Byron Another great pick by Utah

The Jazz' weakest position is by far the back up point guard and Maynor was the best point available in a draft that was deepest at the point position. Math does not get easier than this folks. Picking Maynor here was a no brainer. Every expert loves this pick for Utah, look it up, or better yet youtube the kid. Maynor is a 4 year guy who can contribute right away and he is a score first point so if he becomes good enough to warrant more time the Jazz can play him at the 2 as well.

For those who said we should have drafted a Center, I ask who? This was the worst batch of Centers ever. Next Center on the board was BJ Mullins and he got owned by Luke Neville, and Neville didn't even get drafted.

The Jazz not only got the best player available, they actually filled their biggest need. (Hopefully):)

Great pick!

Anyone who doesn't like Maynor at #20 doesn't know squat about basketball. It will be nice to have a true point guard running the second team next year. And about Blair and Young? They fell to #36 and #37 so all the other teams had a shot at them also and they still dropped to the second round.

Idaho Jazz Fan

For all the KOC and Sloan bashers, stop talking about how horrible this pick is! Unless you got Griffin or Thebeet, there were no real big men game changers in this draft. I do like Blair, but he does the same stuff Millsap does. I was hopeful the Jazz would get Maynor because he will be a huge upgrade over Knight and by next year much better than Price. He will allow D-Will to get a few more minutes on the bench without having to worry about the backup PG blowing the lead he built.

todd "the championship squad"

Opening Night. DWIL and BREW at guard, Boozy, Okur and CJ up front.

Off the bench Maynor, Kirilenko, KOustos and Fez on and off shuttling between options left on the Flash then joining the ALberquerque Dukes, Millsap.

12th man poss Collins or Brevie

See you in the finals.

Injury Free we should beat the Lakers easily, Boozer and Okur are great Defensively.

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