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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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on 1320 kfan

They dissed this guy a couple days ago saying he was not an nba player. Locke said he saw nothing that impressed him at all. Locke is not an expert on drafting though. They passed on some pretty good talent to get this guy. Personally I am extremely disappointed with the pick. However I would not have take a big man. No big man available was worth taking.


Remember Stockton from Gonzaga? Everyone moaned about that one. Not at all saying he is the next Stockton just saying lets give this guy a chance. We could use a nice backup, Knight was horrible

I wonder if Blair

will fall all of the way to 50? Even with bad knees he would be worth a 2nd round pick.

Gattney from UMass may be a decent pick. The Jazz are freeing up money for resigns. There is still a lot of teams making changes for money purposes. There will be a few more about mid season.

Boozer and Millsap could be cheaper than originally thought. Boozer could also be traded up to mid season if signed to a reasonable contract.

Great pick

I can't believe all of the unknowledgeable Jazz fans. ESPN has Maynor ranked as the 12th best player in the draft, and the Jazz get him at 20. I'd say that's pretty darn good.

Wiley Old School

This Richmonder is pretty excited about the pick. Nice pick and nice fit. In a few years I expect there to be many Koufus and Maynor fans in SLC!

I love it

Here's what ESPN says of the Jazz picking Maynor:
"I thought they might go with Sam Young here, but I have to admit that I love this pick for the Jazz. They needed a backup for Deron Williams, and Maynor is perfect for Utah as one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft. He has a high basketball IQ and great leadership qualities. The Jazz fill a need and get a guy who I think is the most underrated player in the draft.

The Jazz can buy

any of the already drafted players tonight for cash. They could still buy a PF or whatever if they really wanted the player.


I thought Sloan said he mistaked not playing Price behind DW after playoff loss to Lakers. Price can run the offense, connects with bench, and goes strong to the hoop. He was highly regarded in Sac.. that strong monster dunk over Boozer 3 years back was the best play of the year here. I loved it when Utah pick him up. Is RP in Sloans game plan or not? Stick with Price all the way.. he more than deserves the backup position.. he's proven.. he earned it. Sloan supposed to like those old fashion values. Maynor gets to develop this year.

Solid Pick?? comment??

Solid Pick says the NBA is no longer dominated by big men? Who are the teams that have won the most championships had since 1998? Answer: Shaq, Duncan, Shaq again, Rasheed and Ben Wallace (who were dominant at the time--beating Shaq, Kobe, and Malone), Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol (one of the best PF in the league now days). Name 1 team who has won the finals without a big man since 1998?

Not since Jordan, which was before 1998? He obviously knows nothing about the NBA. Guard dominated--that is the most ridiculous thing in the world. The 3 best players in the league are Kobe, LeBron, and D-Wade. NONE of them have won without a top big man, NONE!!!

Only Jordan could do it.

Won't Complaint

I never liked O'Connor and his decision makings. I rather liked Ty Lawson as the pick but obviously Lawson not being available, Maynor will suffice.
What the Jazz sorely need is interior defense and without a strong presence inside, every team will run over them. And for the ideal that big men are less of a significance after or so 1998; Paul Gasol, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and Shaq. End of discussion.


Big guys don't dominate the NBA anymore? Ever heard of a guy named Dwight Howard? He only led his team to the NBA finals this year. Has Kobe won championships without one dominate center or 3 7-footers?

Ernest T. Bass

The jazz should draft the skinny dude from byu. He and Araujo would take them to the championship.

SA got Blair

Knees or no Knees he will cause trouble for the Jazz.

Maynor may be okay. Price is erratic in the running of the team. He gets in to deep and is forced to shoot a bad shot. On nights when he is shooting well things go better but he is not a true point and really can't run the team on a prolonged or regular basis. He was cheap insurance who could sometimes run the team for short times. He was really streaky and either very good at shooting or very bad.

POR just got better, they traded for Pendergraph.

The Suns got Taylor Griffin which saved the Jazz from getting him.

RE: bob carlisle

I agree. Brevin knight has been the worst part of this franchise during th 2008-09 season. Any point guard is a step up from him. Knight is the only player who can consistently blow a lead. Brevin "Double dribble" knight will no longer play in utah

Develope our 7 footers!

For everyone complaining about not drafting a big... Where do you think Fesenko and Koufos would have gone in this draft?

If Fesenko would have played in college my guess is that he would have been a lottery pick. He is still only 22! Koufos was a projected lottery pick last year.

Lets develope these guys who at least give us a shot of defending the paint.

Sad to say but the only years we went to the NBA finals Greg Ostertag was our center. He may not put up Boozer's 20 points a game But at least he didn't give up 25

Just brilliant

team O'Connor,and Sloan! Another player with no length and needs improvement at defense {per espn}It just proves that they are more interested in ticket sales and not winning.Sure he might be a great pick at 20, but with a weak draft {per espn} draft the pick and 2010 pick and get some vets that are seasoned and can teach the young guys on the team.


I thought they would pick Blair for sure, and was even more surprised when we fell as far as he did. I am finally learning to accept the Jazz not getting a championship. Lets face it our best chance was with Stockton and Malone back in the 90's and they could not even do it then. This team is a far cry from the Jazz that made it to the finals.

VCU Loyal

Ive watched Eric at home games for his whole four years. I sit behind the bench. He is as good as any of the PG's taken in this draft...with the exception of Curry (who is a better 3pt shooter). Dont worry about his defense. Have you ever heard of George Mason? Ask their fans what they think of his defense....he picked their PG twice in 20 seconds in the last minutes of a 8 point deficit to win the championship in 07 (yr after their final four run). When he isn't worried about fouling out (coaches choice) he is all over the PG's. He had top rankings in assists, free throws, FGs and points all season and was a good three shooter and defender.

Keep in mind, teams doubled him all year. VCU started three sophs and a freshman, so he basically had to do everything to get VCU to the dance....TWICE. He WAS VCU. He BEAT DUKE in MARCH.

Jazz fans will NOT be sorry about this pick. BTW, good luck to Eric and thanks for 4 incredible years at VCU

Jazz Cop

Whoever isn't stoked about this pick doesn't know anything about manor. SSWWEEEETT. I'm not going to butter his toast for everyone, but if you never watched him play you should get a copy of the vcu duke game. Plus, I think he'll do well with sloan. This is who I hoped the jazz would get, sweet.


Defense is still our biggest problem--hopefully we can address that via trade/free agency with someone like a younger Raja Bell/Bruce Bowen.

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