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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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When will the Jazz ever understand that we have no center on the team. Another guard?? Yeah, that's going to win championships. Jazz lose......again!

Awful pick.

The Jazz need speed and length and defense. So, what do they do? Pick a small, poor defender with no length.


The Jazz decline started at the end of last season and it continues. Terrible pick.

I like the pick

The Jazz picked 20th tell me what center is worth picking there? Maynor will be a OK backup to an All Star Point Guard. What the Jazz need is a blockbuster trade to make them climb the hill to a championship, (Its never going to happen!) So be happy with your 48-60 wins a year and playoffs every year.

bob carlisle

he has to be better then brevin knight, has to be.


who is this guy?

Is he any good?

did we want a PG?

lets go jazz beat la


Stupid is as stupid does.


apparently Awful pick watched alot of VCU games.


The Jazz must have felt Blair was not a good pick for them? I don't see how Maynor gives us any value but I really haven't watched him play either. Maybe he will be a sleeper? But as I have been saying, I don't think Maynor will play. So it doesn't really matter.


I understand that Marcus Camby may now available -


Who exactly do you think the Jazz can draft at center at the 20th pick who can play in the NBA? They badly needed a backup point guard, like it or not.

Nice O'Connor

Add this pick to the ever-growing list of bad picks for the first round for Kevin O'Connor. I can't wait to see how he is going to waste next year's lottery from New York.

Get him out now before he can do anymore damage. He has no vision or imagination. He just sits by and drafts guards late in the first round only to release them 3 years later.

What a joke.


with the 20th pick the Jazz drafted Eric Maynor for the Utah Flash. I don't see why there is any complaint here because Sloan won't play a rookie anyway. Remember he had a hard time playing D-Will until LHM questioned him about it. As for length I think all the good tall defenders were long gone at this point. Jazz need a back up pg, I thought they would try for one in the 2nd round, but the players they wanted were already drafted.


And who would you complainers have picked? I'm very interested...

Somebody always has to open their mouth.


Hoopsworld reported earlier this month that Maynor was a big time sleeper in this draft and would be a household name in a few years.

Good Pick

The Jazz always have leads dwindle when DW goes out for a rest. They need a GOOD backup that can give starter type minutes for 8-10 minutes per game. This seems pretty obvious to me. Also provides insurance in case of injury. Drop BK and sign Price as the #3.

Pick the Yewt center in round 2 and make a BIG trade.


Chad Ford said Eric Maynor was the most underrated player in the draft. ESPN rated him the twelfth best player in the draft. He has very good stats and some big wins. I'm optimistic! People are too hard on Kevin O'Connor and Jerry Sloan.


is not as well known and maybe not as good as Teague. However, he is a true point who can play now if necessary. It says a lot about Knight and Price not coming back. It signals that the Jazz are less worried about the bigs and resigning the bigs.

They did not go with Blair, Gibson, Young or another PF. The Jazz need rebounding and a PF and an SF who can stretch the floor.

Gibson had the most potential to do that.

They may pick up an experienced back up PG later.

It will be really interesting to see what they do with the 50 pick.

Maynor is a safe PG pick. He will not be great but will be a smart capable back up who is smart and can run the 2nd unit. Defense is a question.

Solid Pick

Too many Jazz fans are still living in an NBA world that was dominated by big men. That era ended about 1998. The game has changed with the elimination of hand checking and is now dominated by guard play. Guess what, most NBA teams don't play a true center anymore. The NBA game is all about guard play. Anybody that has watched Maynor play knows he is tough, clutch, and can flat out play.


Wow Guys way to be supportive. I don't know if you know this, but the jazz have no back up point guard. this kid is a solid back up point guard with size, and there were no big men in this draft anyways. Yes the Jazz need a Center more than anything, but they need to go sign a free agent already in the league if thats what we're looking for. Good Choice Jazz!


This was a great pick for the Jazz. There wasn't a good 5 available after Thabeet, Maynor was the best pick available. Great player

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