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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Obsess much?

Wow ... I can't imagine that the Founding Fathers had much to say about the auto industry, since cars didn't come along until much later. Take a chill pill. It's going to take more than a few months to undo the untold damage to the U.S. that Bush inflicted over the past eight years.


Don't we need green cars, isn't it in everyones best interest? We all have bosses that tell us what to do everyday. Let's be fair here, President Obama is handling one of the worst economic crisis we have had if not the worst. I applaude him for getting the right things done at no one's expense and nearly everyone's benefit. The auto makers should have been on top of this years ago. Remember they didn't want to give up their private jets or make financial concessions, they just got a little encouragement.


you are so right on all counts Frederick... too bad America was so stupid as to buy into the "change" mantra imposed on them by the antry, hateful left. The price was way too high and apparently going to go higher!


When you say the founding fathers sought equality with the Declaration of Independence. . .did that include their slaves? No? Oh. . so you are lying then.

When you are saying the president ORDERED the car industry to change. . .how did he go about doing this? Pressure that they so richly need? Well that isn't ordering. A president can't "order" the car industry to do that. So you lied again.

So why should anyone believe your silly opinions? I have a feeling you are still hurting that your "team" lost so bad in November. Poor sweetie.


One and done, door closed and a lot of Americans will right the ship Left or Right, even those that voted for the guy are starting to see the holes in his agenda. Stay tuned!


President Obama makes this American PROUD once more. The arrogant thieves of Bushco are GONE! There is hope for our country despite people like red-ranters who entertain us with their letters to DES NEWS.

Oh brother...

Mr. Anderson,

We get it that you don't like President Obama. Many Utahns don't. OK, fine, you're entitled to your opinion.

The fact remains that the "door" that the majority of American voters showed Mr. Obama was the door leading into the White House. Deal with that fact.

It's called democracy.

I think he's doing a fine job as President.

to the letter writer

Someone clearly hates America but I am not sure its Obama. Why so much hate and anger towards our fairly elected president or democratic voting process and the majority of Americans who voted for him?


Amen, amen and amen.
He violates his oath of office nearly every minute. What has the Obama administration done that is constitutional? All the Czars? The seizing of the banks, manufacturing, financial take over, medicine, firing CEO's , setting pay and bonuses? Where in the constitution is he given this power? I can show you the articles that make what he has done and is doing ILLEGAL. Is this the CHANGE you voted for Democrats? Power to the dictator? You really want this? He is starving out the Californian farmers just like the Kulak's were starved out of their farms in Russia. When are you going to wake up? Look at Iran see how hard it is to get your freedom back once it is lost?


Paranoid much?

orders from headquarters

"President Obama "ordered" the car industry to make green cars. The Founding Fathers called this tyranny."

Then what the [blank] would you call "ordering" an illegal, immoral and unwinnable war?
Neocons have clearly lost their minds.

Out there

Qualities like leadership and oratory skills are certainly to be seen as alien in Utah. Put the tinfoil hat back on, they're coming to get you!


It's too bad that Frederick does not buy into the whole democracy thing. There was an election. The President won overwhelmingly. Frederick will have his chance to vote for or against the President in 2012. Then America will choose again. Frederick, that is democracy, the system we have. Your hatred is palpable, evidenced by this letter and the others you have written. You might want to reign it in, because, like it or not, the President is in office and will remain so. Instead of viciously attacking, why don't you affirmatively promote your own candidate for the next election. And explain why instead of calling names and making completely false statements. Tyr it sometime. Maybe you could actually study about our system of government, too.


Yo Fredrick, move along Rush will be on in a couple of hours!

Voting people to death is okay

Re: orders from headquarters

"Then what the [blank] would you call "ordering" an illegal, immoral and unwinnable war?"

That's different. Ordering other people's children to fight and die in a preemptive war against another country which did not attack us is fine but ordering a business to do something or not get any government help is a horrible thing.

"Neocons have clearly lost their minds."

Once you realize that they are always right and that they can vote on who lives and dies then everything will be fine. Also, make sure you don't go anywhere near their money. That's off limits but they will tax us to their hearts delight and use our taxes to advance their own interest and in the process they may even make sure a few thousand of us die in wars of aggression so they have a higher chance of winning an election the next time they vote.

To sum up their position in one word: ME

If it doesn't have to do with them then it doesn't matter but if it benefits them it is good and if a few thousand people die so be it.

Dear Mr. Anderson

Ahhhh. The shoe is on the other foot now. Had we only been able to show Pres. Bush-league the door so early in his tenure.....
We would have hundreds of trillions of extra dollars not frittered away on lies, un-needed wars, and lining the pockets of his fat-cat Repub cronies.
Sorry pal. Grin and bear it.

to: orders from headquarters

I am beginning to think it is the democrats who have no minds. Falling at the feet of Obama and worshipping his every word and deed. At least try and be objective.

I for one was very unhappy with President Bush and I am a conservative. Just because Obama is different does not make him better. He will destroy your freedoms and you are kissing his feet as he does it.


Why is it that whenever a DNews letter mentions "the founding fathers", I feel the need to turn the page? I am sure the founders were nice guys and all, but they were after all politicians and divided fiercely into partisan camps at that. This letter trying to connect the fathers, the auto bailout and the President takes the cake. Next.

Just give them a tax cut

If we just gave this letter writer and everyone else a tax cut, we'd all be happy! That's the GOP way!

Go Bristol Palin! You go girl!


To Paranoid Far Right Wingers: Attention! Attention! President Obama gets to tell the US auto industry what to do, because our representatives voted Detroit a fat bailout, for which in return we the people now own a majority of GM! For too long Detroit as dragged it corporate tail trying to keep change from happening. Now it will! The Founding Fathers never wrote anything about Detroit because they could not have conceived for such an industry. They mostly embraced Tom Jefferson's idyllic social construct of a nation of independent, self sufficient farmers. Michael: I don't think you can compare the giant agribusinesses and millionaire farmers of California's central valleys with the Kulaks. The kulaks were peasants, the subsidies these California agri-giants receive put them in the regal class. Had Bush and Cheney not engineered this economic crisis with weak bank regulation and wasted money on war in the Iraq, President Obama and Congress would not be taking such historically significant actions in the first place. I love your myopic view of the situation. It makes me laugh! Please see a good optometrist, it make you feel better when you can view reality without your distortions.

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