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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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such a sad end to such a strange man who led such a strange life, he had talent but it is tragic that he lived so unsure and insecure with himself and everyone around him. I am sorry that he lived as he did so scared of himself and everyone, but children and animals he missed out on so much in this life because he was so insecure and closed off from the real world. Life is for living and not for hiding from, to die at 50 is so sad, all the fame and adoring fans and to be known for how weird his life was is pathetic. I liked his music and admired his talent but he could have done so much more if his life was normal and he had taken better care of himself. I guess the lesson for us all is to live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey and to make sure your life is known for more than what a weird and sad and strange person you have become over the years.


Apparently 'areyouforgettingthis' is unaware that his/her words and sentiments are fairly bristling with thistles.

Yes...I am aware that many have lived through horrible abuses in their childhoods, and managed to emerge as relatively normal adults...and I say bully for them. They will receive the fruits of their own harvest.

But I sincerely doubt that most people who endured such abuse were also forced into the magnifying glass of public scrutiny at a tender age, and endured this scrutiny throughout their lives, as well as being subjected to so many false rumors about every aspect of their lives.

The Lord alone can righteously judge an individual...because only He can see into the soul.

He will judge Michael Jackson righteously, because only He knows what truly happened, and why.

Just as He will judge us all.


What a great talent. Who knows what kind of life he really lived? At least we are talking about him. For all those critics out there: who will say a word when you die?

Roshanda C. Bishop

Haters will never gain anything, and remember when you haters die we will be looking down on you to judge badly, Creating judgment on information that the media hypes, lies, and destroy people .Do not hide behind your hate because you haters are seen an viewed as hating someone better than you all. Commenting out of jealousy as a lot of you, folks do. Nobody dances or bring it like Michael, so I would appreciate if people would stop comparing him to other stars because there are no comparisons in talent. Moreover, rhythm and soul can never be mistaken, or forgotten where it have originally come from! I wonder did someone possibly overdose him to get rid of him because of his outstanding talent, that was going to be coming back as the final touch. Is it jealousy, that no one can bring it like he the king! Moreover, a certain set of people should not judge others when information is noticed on their set of people, for what they have been about,for decades regarding children and women of color.


The problem is that you folks do not like to here the truth regarding your people judging others.What's up with that?Let's talk about who take advantage of children;this cannot be hiding at all.Your allowing these people to make comments about the king of pop,but do not want to post what I am saying.Why is that because the truth hurts!


While it's sad to see anyone die prematurely, life goes on. My question is, why do we get so emotionally attached to celebrities who don't even know or care about any of us individually? The way some people talk, you think a close member of their own family had just died. How many others die prematurely and never get recognized for their lifes works?

Grow up people and stop living in the past.


Look people can die from a heart problems at any age. There are many more important things happening out in this world today. I feel bab for the jackson family, but let's move on people....


Have any of you heard the song he did for the movie "Free Willy"? Remember that show? The song is titled "Will You Be There". Those of you who are being so judgemental should listen to it. Nobody is perfect. And if I recall it says in the Bible "He who is free from sin let him cast the first stone" I see alot of you casting a bunch of stones at Michael, are you perfect?? I hardly doubt it. I for one will remember Michael Jackson for who he was an awesome performer and he had a kind heart. I read the article in the deseret news about what Jimmy Osmond had to say about Michael..now there's a great tribute! From a friend to a friend. So who's to say that Michael didn't have friends like I read from somebody's comment. Looks to me he did.

to thou shalt not judge

We judge every single day. It is normal behavior. You make judgments as to whom you will or will not allow your children to play with and what toys they are permitted to play with. Would you want a 3 year old to play with a knife? Well, your judgment and action determines that. You judge whether you will do or not do a many number of given things again every single day. We have court trials in which we judge or we would have complete anarchy. Heck you even judge the posts that don't agree with yours and then post to state so. Again, what does your scripture state about millstones and children? Would you idly sit by if you knew a child was being molested because you "don't want to judge because God is the only one that will judge righteously?" Of course not, hopefully, because such is nonsense. Christ's example showed that he did not ignore sin, nor did he expect us to instead teaching us to sin no more over abdicating all reason to "god will eventually judge."


Michael Jackson was a good person who suffered from two horrible diseases: Lupus and Vitiligo.
He will forever live on in our hearts and souls.
His death, however sad, should be a celebration of life and music.
Already reatilers are selling out of his albums, who knows, maybe this one tragedy could play a part in turning around the economy?
Don't believe me? His record sales are through the roof and his legend will live on for eternity.


Haters are abundant here in Utah, don't be surprised by these peoples comments, its part of the culture here in the land of the perfect.


is a tricky thing...what is it when we hear someone sing and decide that we know what kind of a person they are? What is it when we decide a person is bad because they disagree with us? I never liked a single piece of Jackson's work...not one, and everyone treated me as if I am the guy who killed Santa Claus. I don't wish for anyone to die but let's don't go canonizing the guy for dying...he was never so great when he was alive.

re:Michael who

right on

wierd military uniforms

what's with all the weird military uniforms that Jackson wore?


I am only 10 years younger than Michael Jackson and I have grown up listening to his music my whole life. It is difficult to come up with a favorite song from an extraordinary artist and performer. I think that the real lesson that we can learn from his life is that fame can really damage a very sensitive and kind person at the deepest personal levels and perhaps change to the point that they don't even know who they are anymore. I will always remember Michael Jackson as the man with a voice and talent that can always bring a smile to my face. He has the most danceable music out there and I will miss him. I am grateful that he is in a place that he can work on his challenges and rise above them. I surely want that chance when my time comes.


weird your the one that's judging. No one cares if you liked Jackson's music or not, obviously you are in the minority.

To JS.

We get attached to celebrities because we link them to times of our lives. I grew up listening to the Jackson 5.

Micheal Jackson was so talented. I could watch the video Thriller over and over.

It's too bad he couldn't overcome his demons. There would be more music to love.

Wake up,

It must be Judgement Day.
And so many Judges!!!

Micahel Jackson is not even cold and buried and there is all this judgement flying on this page.

We ALL do good and evil in this world.

Like my Grandmother taught me: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.


It makes me so sad that some people do not respect the deceased. I am sure none of us personally know him so we shouldn't judge. He was an amazingly talented musician. He came out and did things no one had ever done before. His style of dance was very unique and no one can top it. His songs were great. I pray for his family and children. Rest in Peace.

Jean Baudrillard

Welcome to hyperreality.

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