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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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he was innocent

michael was a good man and that his how he should be in peace with your heavenly will be thoughts are with your children they have lost a loving father.


He is gone too soon.He was once maaried to Elvis' daughter.Elvis went away so young.Any coinsedence.


I Love Rock and Roll, Michael Jackson could Rock and Roll.

I never cared what a Star said or did, who they Voted for or what caused they supported or did not support.

All the Stars that have died in the last few days have done some good for their fellow man.

I am sad for all their families. Ryan O Neal most of all.

I like Michael Jackson for his Music and for his Dancing Ability. His ability to bring people of different Races and Cultures Together. Helping US all to be Americans.

Michael Jackson had issues, Picasso had issues, Psycho Babblers have massive issues. The Statue Of David is Anatomically Correct and some of you have an issue with that. We all have issues, but does it take away from our Talent.

If our issue is all we are Judged on then we are Judged to harshly. Sometimes We are good at Beating Our Selfs up badly, along with others.


I grew up on the music of the Jackson 5 and I really enjoyed the albums of Michael Jackson. I was saddened to hear of his passing, hopefully now he will be able to have some rest and peace that he didn't feel while during his mortal life.

Need the T-Shirt

I want a T-Shirt that says, "I out lived Michael Jackson".

Never thought I'd live longer than the guy who could afford those special life pods he used to sleep in every night. All that money and fame must be good for something in preserving long life, right?

Oh wait. I guess not.



Matthew 18:6
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Sorry, as a mother, I just can't praise a man who harmed little children, even if a pop idol. While found not guilty, some of the jurors allegedly regretted that decision soon after the trial. Hmm, I wonder if there is a scripture about false idols too?
It amazes me how our current society turns a blind eye to horrific crime so long as a celebrity commits it.


I am sick of seeing things like "the man had flaws" and equally ridiculous statements. Is pedophilia a "flaw"? This is the same group of people going ape-nuts over gay marriage. Go figure.


he was a pillar of the community..why not every else getting felonies in utah is held up to be. Forget about his pedophelia why that is what made him Michael.


I love how people say,"He will be missed." Oh please! Few people truly were friends with him and everyone else knows him for his music and questionable morals with children. If he died and no one knew, his music would live on, and no one would give a hoot if he was dead or not.

People are so funny when they pretend to care about a "celebrity."


What a waste of talent and money. He had everything going for him, had great opportunities to help others, but because he was so self absorbed he wasted it all on drugs, weird obsessions, all about himself. Three kids without a father, those three kids never had a father.

ask yourself this

would i let my child sleep over? Case closed!

He Was Talented

Yes he was but just like all the other talents out there in our world many of them have issues in their lives that just seem to be overlooked only because they have the "big bucks". It's sad to me that the "almighty dollar" rules and is the measuring stick in someones life as to what kind of a person they really are! I will just leave the whole "Drug" thing alone for now but that and other lifestyle choices do determine your life longevity.


Good riddance.

Talent for a generation

He was the talent of a generation. There was no one better. He was also disturbed and damaged.

I will miss him.


The King &
The King of Pop

The sad untimely death of an Icon -
the birth of a new industry:

Michael Jackson Impersonators!!!

Viva Las Vegas....

Re: just keep pointing the finge

thanks for the right perspective. Everyone is quick to throw stones. If he was a molestor God will judge him. No one is praising him but music is important in peoples lives. I remeber when Billie Jean was popular about the time my son was born. It was a good time in my life. Music is a powerful tool and can take us to a places we've long forgotten.

Sad life

It seems, in an odd way, a fitting end to a troubled existence. I was never a fan, but could not deny his talent. He was never seen with friends. Elizabeth Taylor? Please. A grandmotherly figure, at best.
I never saw him in the company of guys his age. In every interview he seemed distant and apart from reality. He was the richest guy around, and one could assume one of the unhappiest as well.
All kinds of allegations, UNPROVEN, to be sure, of questionable contact with kids. Just a weird scene all the way around. I hope his soul rests in peace, because it sure seemed like his worldly existence was anything but peaceful.

walk in his shoes

nobody really knows what/why jackson did, what he did. I bet he had a really messed up child hood. lets not judge! I dont think we will ever know unless we have walked in his shoes. He was pure talent so lets just say we wil miss his music. he inspired all with it!!

simmer down

People, the man was found innocent of any crimes by the law of the land. It's not your place to judge.

I hope that, when each of you die, all your neighbors go over to your house, and tell your children about all the mistakes you made in life.

The man is dead, so it's time to let go. Whether or not he did bad things is moot at this point. He needs salvation just as much as any poster here does. He was a great musician, and deserves, for just one day, to be praised for the good he contributed to the planet.

The only fitting punishment for the callous attitudes of so many here is that you are judged by the same standard by which you judge.


"I bet he had a really messed up child hood."

Its a known fact that he had a messed up childhood. Go look up the kind of stuff his father subjected him (and his siblings) to when he was a kid. It was cruel, its no wonder he was so screwed up.

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