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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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sad commentary on DN posters

such boorish childish behaviors from so many posters, truly sad.


Maybe he can rest now. RIP.


Whats really sad is so many people place such value on these entertainers. There are plenty of people just as talented as MJ & Farrah, they were lucky enough to be discovered. Just look at Susan Boyle.

It was a very sad day when my mother died but it didn't make the news. Their was never any speculation that she was a drug abuser or pedophile either. Maybe that's why it did'nt make the news.

To me, June 25 will always be the day after my birthday.

Our sympathy should be for their families.


A few days ago, the 40th anniversary of the death of Judy Garland -- and now this shocking development.

Mr. Jackson possessed enormous talent, and most people do not understand where that sort of creativity comes. Thus he had to endure the insults and the sniping of the little talents and the jealous wannabes.

I remember something that Bernard Shaw wrote in the notes to "Caesar and Cleopatra" He compared-contrasted Caesar, and Charles XII, and Joan of Arc, and Admiral Nelson "who were like most modern self made millionaires half witted geniuses, enjoying the worship according by all races certain forms of insanity." The adulation that the public heaped on Jackson seems today to validate Shaw's assessment --

but we didn't realize how insane Jackson really could get. For example

He settled the 1993 pedofile accusations out of court, and the 2005 jury found him not guilty of child sexual abuse by getting kids drunk -- yet somehow he never quite shook off the image.


As they used to say in Washington: Elvis has left the building! Or was that just another impersonator?

Michael WHO??

One last WHO RAH for Michael. His name will soon be for gotten like it has been for the past ten plus years. Sorry to say but pedophiles don't desire praise!

just keep pointing the finger

Michael Jackson made some of the best pop music I have ever heard. Everything that his music was about promoted peace and love. It's easy to say that he was a child molestor and that's all he'll be remembered for. I don't know whether he actually molested a child or not, I wasn't in the room (although he does fit the profile of a pedophile). We may never know what really happened. But to everyone pointing a finger and proclaiming him guilty, I say he among you without sin should first cast a stone.


I am so shocked and saddened to hear this news. This came out of nowhere. Michael was the first artist I can remember liking. I had a poster of him that I kissed every morning before school and every day after. He may have had his struggles but he was a talented human being. My prayers are with his children at this difficult time. And I hope he is finally able to find peace.


He was king of pop at his time. Rest you troubled soul. You music will be forever remembered. RIP Mike.

Husker Fan

No need to tromp on the mans grave, he's a real american ICON who gave so much for his country and the entertainment world. Somewhere between heavan and paradise is a rockin party going on!!!

Off The Wall

For my generation, we won't remember Michael for Thriller or MTV, we will remember him for Off The Wall (1979). That was a GREAT album. I don't think there was anyone in my High School (class of 1981) that didn't have that record.

Thank goodness we can remember Michael when he was young, innocent, and immensely talented--before he became the King of Pop.


Michael Jackson:

Tons of talent.

Some really, REALLY weird ideas of "normal".

Personally, I wish he would have worked more dilligently at staying what really was "normal". All that plastic surgery where his nose got narrower and more pointy and his skin got whiter and whiter. And the facial makeup. Then there's the whole fantasy land thing (or whatever he called his home) and having kids sleep over at his house, and reportedly, in his bed.

Not normal, people, not normal.

I sometimes felt bad for the guy because he had, through his own choices, put himself so "out there" it was hard for himself to shed the image of "weird former superstar."

Well, Mr. Jackson, I hope you are more at peace....

Dara Lynn

NO ONE really knows the truth around the alleged
molestation charges, so it is ignorant of anyone to even bring it up at such a devasting time , he will be missed deeply, he was still a loving father and had a family and fans that loved and stood by him, let them have their privacy with no
talk of the past allegations......in our hearts forever, may your soul find peace as you reside with our heavenly father....God Bless you Michael


What can I say? Michael Jackson was a musical revolution. "Thriller" was arguably his very best effort. The music video for "Thriller" is still the best music video ever made. It's unfortunate that he struggled with many issues for many years and that he died before making the big comeback. Even though I'm not his greatest fan, I'll remember alot of Michael Jackson's stuff with fondness. Thank you, Michael Jackson, for the memories, We'll miss you here on earth, and be at peace. You too, Farrah Faccett. May The Good Lord with with all of their families and loved ones in this challenging time.

What I think is sad.

I think it is sad that Ed McMann died broke. He was having to do cheesy commercials the last year of his life, and he was 86.

I think it is sad that Farrah's son is in jail, that she never knew that he was in jail. How sad that this boy and his father were busted a while back for drugs and their son ended up being behind bars the day his mother died.

I think it is sad that Michael Jackson had gotten into financial problems. I also think it is sad that fame destroyed this young man, look at the progressive pictures. To start out, he was a cute charming little boy at the end, his eyes are so sad and I would bet that he suffered from a few mental illnesses.

But from these three people, we can see that fame is not all it is cracked up to be.


"he will be missed deeply, he was still a loving father and had a family and fans that loved and stood by him, let them have their privacy with no"

Oh, ok, let's just talk about the good stuff shall we? The man had flaws and when you are a public figure you get both sides of fame.


I was angry at the injustice of Jackson being acquitted of the charges of molestation. Other than that, I've had no emotion regarding him since I was 11 years old and obsessed with his dance moves. So, I was quite surprised that I felt so sad when I heard the news. He was a huge part of my upbringing and that of all my star-struck girlfriends, even though he didn't know us personally. I'm not sure that this fact was a good thing. It is a crying shame what he did with his life and his talent. Many people who had tough childhoods do not become sexual perverts. Let's miss him, but not idolize him. He was just a human being like the rest of us. He let all of his supporters down, but he owed no responsibilty to them. We all have the freedom of living out our private lives and dysfunctions, but we get to do so without world-wide knowledge. That being said, those who preach that he's up there singing with Jesus are as bad as those who say that he's rotting in hell already.


He and Elvis can continue their long relationship now

Lamar Cole

The passing of Michael Jackson is like a star being plucked from the sky. The sky becomes a little dimmer.

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