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Published: Friday, June 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Thanks Deseret News for the insightful story.

Frank Azaria

He was a strange man but I grew up on his music, this is a sad day overall.

You beat

both CNN and Fox with the official confirmation. Way to be on top of things, DN.


A sad disturbed man, yet still an icon that changed modern music. Rest in peace.


Has this been publicly confirmed?

Mark in Draper

A pop icon has passed away. He'll be remembered as an Elvis Presley to many in the world.


It is sad to hear that, just after he was trying to get back into giving concerts and maybe being a little bit more normal.

Mark in Draper

A pop icon has passed away. Another Elvis Presley to be remembered.

Billie Jean

Boy, it's been a bad day for crazy entertainers. First Farrah now Michael. Who's next? Rosie O'Donnel? Perhaps Rosanne Barr.
Too bad too, I liked MJ's music, not to sure about his personal life but hey who am I to judge.
May they both rest in peace.


Now what happens to those poor little kids that are supposedly his children?


although michael went through quite a rough patch, he should be remembered as a very talented and gifted musician. his music was amazing! condolences to his family and friends!


What a weird day. First Farrah and now Michael. Two icons who will be sadly missed.


Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson... RIP...

Run Forrest Run

"he should be remembered as a very talented and gifted musician."

Yes, let's just ignore the pedophilia and multimillion dollar hush payments.


What's happening DN?? First there is 4 comments then 12 comments and when clicking on see comments I get "There are no comments for this story. You can be the first to comment on this story."

What's happening DN??


Walter Cronkite is in bad shape, too. They must be in need of entertainment in heaven.

@Billie Jean

"but hey who am I to judge" I think you already did.


I know he had his moments of controversy but the music industry and world has lost a great talent.


I'll miss that guy.

Dave from Midvale

I am devastated and will be taking a bereavement day tomorrow from work.

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