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Published: Thursday, June 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Maynor is better than Flynn,

or Ty Lawson and they were picked ahead of him. Dick Vitale said Minnesota was crazy not to take Stephen Curry. He thought Minnesota's coach will get fired because they missed an opportunity. I did like Rubio at #5 for an up tempo team. The Jazz may have wanted Jeff Teague more but they did well with what they had. I was disappointed that they didn't try to trade up in the second round for DeJuan Blair or Xavier's Derrick Brown. The guy from Michigan State is a poor man's Hansborough. I am disappointed guys we wanted like Hansborough didn't slide but we did the best we could with the cards we were dealt. I'll give Minnesota a C; an A for Rubio and a D- for Flynn (has a great verticle but undersized) and the Jazz a B.



dumb and dumber

the jazz should have traded up when Blair and Young fell to the second round and drafted one of them. Suton is not doing to make it in the league. Jazz brass again to stupid to do anything.


Suton is a good pick. He really has the potentially to be a tougher Okur.

Maynor is a good player, but does anyone remember what was wrong with our team last year? We weren't tough. We should have drafted Sam young or Dejuan Blair. Both players are tough as nails and play hard. Each could have made an impact on our team next year.

Bottom line is the Jazz picked a very good player, but one that we don't need. I think this either means we are planning on letting Price go or we are planning on adding Maynor in on a trade because he is a good young guard that isn't expensive. If we don't trade Maynor this was a huge mistake because we needed Young or Blair.

I'll say it again

If you don't like the pick, rememeber we had a bad round. There wasn't much left after 20. The jazz should have been focusing on trades last season. Now they can't do much because of everyones contract expiring. The jazz may end up a very young and inexperienced team real soon. Sorry D-will, good luck. I know you'll need it to run this team by yourself.


Everyone has the potential to be tougher than Okur.


WOW! it happened just like I said it would, yesterday, before the draft.

Who would of thought it?

While drafting at 20 and 50 the jazz are not going get anyone who will help them win a championship,

maybe help their bench,

You have to get really lucky or have management that can actually evaluate talent.

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