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Published: Thursday, June 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Now Take That Anti-Korvers

How does this set with all of you Korver knockers? Maybe you will appreciate him a little more IF he decides to stay with us. Being selected to this group is not a mis-print folks, he has got talent and fortitude. What do you say Miles? I don't see C.J. asked to be on this team. Alot of you so-called experts better re-think your thought process, and analizing of talents.


Millsap is a restricted free agent.


Nahhhhh Korver stinks... No defense...

millsap restricted

Sometimes I wonder how much these sports writers really know. Or is it that they just don't proof read what they write. I don't, but i'm not publishing in the paper either. Seriously though.



Korver can be selected to whatever team that want to put him on but he will never be able to defend anyone in the NBA. Korver did not make the Jazz better. Since he got here, our playoff record is worse.

Paul B

Greg Oden? How long can he float on reputation alone? The guy's gotta be like, what, 60?


Greg Oden=Sam Bowie
Could have been good but sadly couldn't stay healthy. Kinda like Raul Lopez for the Jazz

Happy Korver Fan

Korver made the Jazz a lot more exciting to watch! Korver brought fans to the Jazz games that never had an interest in basketball until he graced the ESA! Korver brought more fun to the game! He is still one of the greatest pure shooters in the NBA if the offense knows how to use his talents! The Jazz were fortunate to get Korver in a trade. Korver needs to stay in Utah, he is indeed one of the best draws Utah has!


Hooray for Korver. Glad to see he is being recognized for his basketball talents! Now we need to work on keeping him in Utah!

Where's Korver

Hey Korver where are you? It's been quiet! Sure hope no news is good news for the Jazz! Korver will stay in Utah, get a contract extension, and happily shoot 3's for ever more in a Jazz uniform! Can't wait to see how that wrist improves the shots.


cant DN get a better picture of korver??

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