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Published: Wednesday, June 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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As I read through the "Bigfoot sightings" I was amazed to discover that if you don't know what you saw it must be a bigfoot.
As nature deprived as our society is most people don't know the difference between a deer and an elk. How can we expect them to be able to identify what they see in the mountains in the dark after spending hours around the campfire telling ghost stories?

On Darwin

Darwin might not have found the missing link, but scientists after him did...in fact, lots of missing links.

The giant squid wasn't found until recently because it lives IN THE OCEAN. We humans are land dwellers only barely stepping into the water. A large animal, would need to have a shelter for survival, sometimes fairly long term considering birthing and the time necessary for recovery post delivery.

Dinosaurs, while quite large, are buried in the ground so also are not easily found until uncovered.

Where are the skeletal remains, hair left on tree branches (which should be abundant) or any real evidence?


I have seen bigfoot on 2 separate times.

The first was in the mountains east of Idaho Falls, Me and my friend were comming off of the hill from a hike at dusk. As we came around the a bend I could smell something aweful. My friend was walking in front of me, but it wasen't him. As we got around the bend we startled one and it took off running down the trail a ways and then through the brush. It was clearly a bigfoot and not some dude in a costume. The thing left prints on the ground and we started to follow some of the tracks. We then heard the scream. Hard to describe but extremly frightening. It was pretty dark at this time so we left.

The second time was while we were hunting out the mountains west of Randolph. We on a ridge scoping out the area when we saw a bigfoot head across a clearing toward a small creek down below. We just stayed there and watched him drink, and then it walked off down a ravine. We found his tracks and were able to come back and get castings.

to dbf

What do you mean " noone sees it?"
There are thousands of reports. I never saw it, but 4 of us were backpacking in the Marble Mountain om the Cal/Ore border, and at night, there were horrible grunts and screams, and the next morning, one of our backpacks was crushed. From the top down to the bottom, the frame was compressed. Not a single tear in it like a bear claw would leave, and we know this because black bears have opened our packs before and they are always in shreds. This was just dead weight applied to the top of the frame, and it was crushed down to a height of about 14" and was 30 inches new. Wierd.
There is no logical explanation, unless a de-clawed bear happened upon it. And a large bear, larger than those found up there.
So I'm open for just about anything.
Lindsey in Sandy

Look frame-by-frame

Find your way to bigfoot encounters. They have a spectacular frame-by-frame show of the Patterson-Gimlin footage. No way a suit advanced enough to show muscle movement and contraction was available in 1967. That is exactly what you'll see on the thigh, calf, shoulder and chest muscle as "Patty" walks away.
A suit back then would have been little more than some carpet or somesuch, and that would hang on a man like, well....a carpet.
It's cool to see. Watch the fingers open and close too, also not possible as her arms are much longer than some big guy in a suit.

i hope it stays

away from the worst species on earth as they wiped all the wild life , just look at all the towns called such things like elk point , moose crossing, bearfoot(oh, maybe not that one) but some of those places haven'tseen the animal they were named for in years as man has destroyed them all!

FBI agent anonymous

The Sasquatch species is indeed viable and authenic,however 99% of the public would not be able to even comprehend a fraction of the nature or even the origin of the species!


Maybe there is a bigfoot, mwahahaha... or maybe not. If they find anything I probably will be surpirised!

Thanks, Des-News

I like this article. It is good to know that Bigfoot is out there somewhere. I will keep an eye out for him next time i'm in his neck of the woods :)

Believer's Mother

I came back today to check the latest on the blog. Haven't had such a good time in weeks. We need articles like this just to counterbalance the rest. Thank you.

Normally I call for the demise of these blogs, but this one on Bigfoot shows why they should be kept alive. Wish we could keep such a good sense of humor on all issues.

anonymous by choice

Just by reading the scathing comments towards people who believe in Bigfoot or claim to have seen one makes it completely understandable why a huge number of sightings go unreported.

I saw bigfoot in 1980 in the Uintah Mtns near Betsy Lake. I was walking alone through the woods and felt like I was being watched. It was a feeling that made every hair on my arms stand up. Looking around I noticed what looked like a tall man observing me from about 40 yards away. At this point, thinking it was a human being I started to walk and kept looking at it. It paced me, staying parallel to me and at roughly the same distance for about a quarter mile. At that point the trees started thinning and I was able to see "the man" better and I noticed it was very tall and covered in a gray/black fur. At that point I panicked and ran.

When I got back to camp my best friend could see I was freaked out. He went out looking in the same area and came back saying he had seen the same thing.

scoff if you will, I believe.

Search for the Truth

While your at it, why don't you look for the even more elusive 'real truth about the Mormon church'!?!

Hill Billy in Utah

Folks, come on!!! Of course there is no Bigfoot. Let's see, scientist have caught, analyzed and cataloged over 15,000 different types of butterfly, but not a single hair, bone or legitimate photo of Bigfoot.

Humans have managed to put most of earth's species (land and water dwelling) in danger from over-hunting. Yet, nobody has killed a Bigfoot yet?

Folks, use your brain that God has given you. There are no leprechauns, hobbits, dragons or Bigfoot. This is silly.

This is Like the X-Files

All of you Bigfoot believers would be happy to know that there is currently a 1 million dollar cash reward for ANY credible evidence of Bigfoot. Credible means a single hair sample would suffice because they could do DNA testing on it and find out what species Bigfoot is related to.

Also, of the many hundreds of Bigfoot footprints that have been analyzed by scientist, there has never been any skin cells or microscopic tissue that they have found. All other animals that leave footprints leave plenty of material in their footprints to do DNA testing on, except Bigfoot. Gee, I wonder why?!

There is a sucker born every minute.


Jeff Meldrum and some other researchers DID obtain DNA from a board that had nails in it from a place in British Columbia (I believe) and had it tested. I cant rememember their exact wording on it but I believe they called it unknown primate. It was on Monster Quest.

To Destiny

Wrong. The DNA test results showed that it was "Buffalo hair".


In about a972, my wife and I took our 4WD truck up the very rugged road leading to the top of the Henry Mountains. We broke through a drift of snow covering the road (in July) and stopped at the highest pass, a meadow in thick pines, to eat our lunch. I heard branches snapping in the trees on the eastern downslope, and when I looked, I saw something big and covered with black fur hurrying downslope.

I only caught a glimpse, not enough to identify it, but the pine branches about ten ft. up the trees were swaying back & forth as it moved. Needless to say, we left in a hurry, and I have never told of this experience to anyone.


I have 50+ years outdoor/wilderness experience. Until 10 years ago, I was a skeptic, of the Bigfoot issue. Now... I know what I saw was not ordinary, nor was it a "known" animal. My comment, is in reference to the unfortunate, inadvertent error; or possibly disinformation in the article. Though minor, it undermines any credibility the author may have had.
"When the Deseret News first did an overall look into Utah bigfoot phenomena back in 1993, it found at least 36 total purported sightings/signs of the creature from 1977 on. In the 16 years since, there have been at least another 49 new alleged sightings (an average of more than one a month) reported in Utah." With 12 months per year, a 16 year period yields 192 months. With 49 sightings in 192 months, there was 1 sighting per 3.92 months. Sensationalizing the numbers destroys credibility by implying ignorance or intent to deceive. It does disservice to both believer and non-believer alike. I suppose 'editing' has gone the way of the Dodo. Maybe credibility, like chivalry, is an endangered trait. Maybe, I'm too picky, to expect accuracy in reporting. Oh well...

Come On People!!

Will the next person who sees Bigfoot please go back to where you saw him and get "1 strand of hair".

That is all we need folks to test Bigfoot's DNA and put this to rest for good.

Many of the above stories have bigfoot shaking or rustling trees. Surely Bigfoot would have lost a hair or two. Come on!!!

Re-Union :) :) :)

So you have a fiber and it tests "Unknown species, similar to known primates". Lets say that you have a bunch of fibers collected from different places, at differant times, by different people. Each matches the other, but none of them match any known species.

Lets for arguements sake say that the first section is all true, documented, and undisputable. Would it change anyones mind on whether there is an undiscovered bi-pedal primate that allows us to share it's habitat. I doubt it !!! Most will require a body before they are convinced, because until a body shows up they don't have to be afraid.

I'm sure that I'm not the only person that hears JAWS music when I'm in the ocean. Before the movie we all swam around comfortably, not worrying about being bait.

These guys and gals aren't hurting anyone or anything. They don't care whether you believe or not. Myth, legend, biblical, supernatural, non-existant, or REAL, take your pick- who cares.

I'm sure we all have a hobby that we don't want the relatives to know about.

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