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Published: Wednesday, June 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ryan Layton is my cousin. For MANY years we have told stories of experiences here in Utah. I, myself, have never seen (or smelled)one, but members of my family have. I make it a habit of NEVER saying NEVER. Until there is proof that there isn't... there IS the possibility. Those out there that feel the need to bash "believers" were probably bullies in school. Who cares what you think really? I believe in what my cousin does and sure hope he and his group eventually come up with something "solid" so they can say "told ya so" and once and for all shut the "bullies" up!!! GO RYAN!!! I support you!!!


This guy looks like he played to many games of D&D when he was a kid. Can anyone take this guy seriously, he looks like he would be scared of his own shadow. He is no Doug Miller or avid sports man thats for sure :) still laughing in amusement.


Hmmm, from the pic supplied I could see how others might think HE is big foot, I mean snooping around the forest, I might mistake him for a Sasquatch!

Never saw a cougar either

I am open to bigfoots existance. I have spent thousands of hours in some of the most remote areas in Utah and have never seen a cougar or a bobcat and only once have I seen a bear. There are thousands of each of these animals and yet we rarely see them. It seems a smaller population, especially if nocturnal may be able to avoid being captured. I have also never seen the corpse of any of the above animals outside of a museum, so again a small population may avoid having their remains found especially in light of the remote areas which they are said to inhabit. Oh, if someone wants fossil evidence, there is the gigantipithicus which is a giant ape that lived in asia around 300,000 years ago. If humans crossed the landbridge some the last ice age, could not this creature have done the same either in a prior ice age, or a small remanant that we are unaware of?

Hide 'n' Seek

This is so typical of BigFoot...while they are hunting for him in the Himalayas, he vacations in America. When they hunt for him in the States, back he goes to play yeti in China or Nepal...all it takes is a different coat...question is, how does he get there???


Ryan came across one of our camps once. I think we scared the tar out of that guy. And Igu we have been watching you for some time now. You will be one of our next test specimans.

Anyway we will leave some foot prints in the uintahs this weekend to give you all some more to feed on.

Loving this little dynamic we have going on.

Take er easy


does anyone else want to dress up in bigfoot costumes and run around up there this weekend?

RE: Igu@3:02

I don't think I could call you a liar, from what I'm reading from you now, but somebody might be able to call you a cook! Maybe even 3 times a day!

Re Bigfoot / 1:16 p.m.

That is amazing. I didn't know you were so techno savy.............LOL!!

The Missing Link

Darwin couldn't never find the missing link. Roger Patterson found it instead! Good ole Roger. The aggravating thing here is we can't get any photos for the history books! I think old Sasquatch is a pretty smart feller and knows if he gives one photo the Paparazzi will bleed him dry!

Eustace C. Cornflower

I seen him near Coalville too. He was as big as a growed up Elk and had great long arms. Once he saw me he walked away real fast.

My question

is, if this creature is out there roaming around on its two legs, and with the techonology out there, why can't we pick it on our sattelites orbiting around the globe? We can pick out anyone sunbathing in their backyards or some drug dealers's hideout somewhere in the middle of a rainforest in Colombia and yet no sattelite images of some 8-9 foot massive bigfoot? Someone is making money from the fees you are paying, people.

Been in that area

I have spent most of my adult life in that area but I never did seen bigfoot, but I did see Elvis there once! He told me to tell everyone, "thankyouverymuch". LOL


Bigfoot is nothing but folklore and the figment of someones great imagination. He is a nobody comic book character... However, some humans have BIG FEET and they smell too.


Thanks for all of your contributions. It was a "hilarious" read.


bigfoot is real. Not sure why all the doubters. Believe.

Re: Been in that area


Open minded

I have been on a few of these expeditions and I am very open minded.I also agree that at least we are having a great time and the results could be life changing.I would also like to say that a whale can live eating one of the smallest organisms in the ocean.There are just way too many sightings by very reputable people.On the other hand there are also some nuts in the mix and hoaxers.

Tongue in cheek Openmindedness

In the 60's some high school kids out around Duchesne pulled off a prank one winter after a good snowstorm. Had people all abuzz for a while. They made a couple of pairs of stilts with big bare footed feet and plastered an area with footprints out in the cedars...then sat back and had a grand time watching people from all over come out to check them out before the sun melted the snow and they melted away. Lots of excitement. Nice to know traditions and folklore never die....... Stories can really grow...if you put enough imagiation into them.

@ Never saw a cougar

Maybe you haven't, but chousands of others have and we have them in captivity as well as dead specimins for proof. With all out modern technology such as inrared and night scopes, we should have concete evidence.

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