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Published: Wednesday, June 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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People are born with great imaginations and seem to love to use them. They love to dream up stuff for others to believe and add to the imagination of others who cannot dream up the BIG stuff. It also makes people feel like their life is much more worth while in telling great tales, and that they have made a great mark on humankind and the world, or in this case a Bigfoot footprint.

Roaming Hippie

re: Hmmm | 8:04 a.m. June 24, 2009

Lol, yeah if I was thousands of years old I would probably stop cutting my hair or bathing too.


The first rule of science is skepticism. Dr. Meldrum has made the case for Big Foot and it is the other scientists' job to make him prove it. He needs to provide something like hair, feces, etc. DNA analysis could provide proof.

People have seen something but that doesn't make it BigFoot.


FTI, no-one had ever actually seen a "real" Giant Squid until 5 years ago.

"In 2004, a giant squid, later named "Archie", was caught off the coast of the Falkland Islands by a trawler. It was 8.62 metres (28.3 ft) long and was sent to the Natural History Museum in London to be studied and preserved."

The first photographs of a live giant squid in its natural habitat were taken on September 30, 2004, by Tsunemi Kubodera (National Science Museum of Japan) and Kyoichi Mori (Ogasawara Whale Watching Association).


There is a person in Wellington, TX that claims to have shot and buried 2 BigFeet, a male and a female. Then the Gubbinmint done came and dug them up! There were multiple black SUV's and a backhoe that showed up at his house in the middle of the night.

Do a search for Ed Hale and BigFoot, Wellington TX. Also, search for Art Bell and his interview with Ed Hale, AKA "Bugs" that is available for listening.

Kinda reminds me of

Grimm's and fairytales.

Thinkin' Man

I'd enjoy the hunt for Bigfoot if this were all done in fun. But the fact that some take it seriously makes me sad that in 21st century America an adult citizen would have such a lack of scientific understanding.

Same could be said for listeners of Art Bell and George Noory.


Hello all you humans,

I am the real bigfoot. We do exist. We are very smart as is evedent in the fact we have not been discoverd by you. I just thought the timing was right to let you humans know that we are real and we do exist. We can do a lot of things, including tie into your emails systems and internet to post this message! We always cremate our dead so that is why you will not find a fossil record of us.

Anyway, good luck finding us!
Take er easy!

Lots of evidence/witnesses...

Like many of the dozens of the accounts in this story, I also have had two friends/neighbors that had very similar encounters with a large, hairy man- one was at Fremont Lake and the other in the Wasatch mountain range. One was seeing the creature at the edge of the lake drinking while out boating, and the other sighting was similar- unearthly screams and a very foul stench. I trust both of these people- and I'll bet you'd find a hundred other folks in this area that haven't shared their stories.


My only regret in the "Search For BigFoot" is that Human Nature is to KILL! It's not a common creature, so if you see it, KILL IT! Stuff it, put it on display and MAKE MILLIONS! That is the scary part of the "Search For BigFoot", proving it is real is not enough, man wants to have an actual specimin to gawk at, to relish and say, I GOT THE FIRST ONE, dead or alive, and that is what I hate about the natural man.


We smell funny because we like to keep other animals away, like grizzly bears. We use a special mix of herbs and spices to make that scent! We also make the noises we make because it is our lanquage. It is simplistic and effective. your human lanquages are very complicated, except maybe cherokee. That is a simplistic language. I would love to do a today show apperiance, but I am affraid I would be apprehended and taken into custody for research. By the way we have been doing this similar research on humans for thousands of years.

The best place to find us is in the Cache-national forest, Logan Cave, old deserted mines, and the BYU campus. You have outlawed yourselves from going into these places and so it makes it an easy home for us, and the other places we just seam to blend in.

Snipe Hunting

Searching for Big Foot is the adult version of the snipe-hunting escapades that help older Boy Scouts "bond" with younger ones.

The snipe-hunting phenomenon is so ingrained in our culture that Pixar celebrates it in the wonderful new movie "Up."

I remember fondly both hunting snipes as a Tenderfoot and organizing the hunt as an older Scout.

It's harmless, and might even be fun. The more the "older kids" tell their stories, the more fun the "younger" kids have.

If Mr. Salmond wants to spend some time huntin' snipes--I say more power to him!

Oh, and, BTW, I understand it attracts them better if you put peanut butter on your cheeks.


The real actual Bigfoot according to "World history of the United States" book of records, lists the person Bigfoot as a retarded teenager who stood 6'8" tall and has an IQ of around 40.His father who was not much better off than the kid, could only make the child obey him by stomping on the kids left foot. After several years the kids food grew to twice its normal size due to the repeted injurys and healing.
Thus, the legend was born.
Not big harry people living in the mountains.


I have seen bigfoot. He does exist. In fact I have a picture of him that is irrefutable. These people are looking in the right place. The Ashley National Forrest is where I saw and took my picture of bigfoot. Others may not believe, but, as thy say, seeing is beliving. I have seen and i believe. Before any of you call me a cook or a liar, please understand that I am neither. There is no need to lie or deceive anyone about this. I also have a plaster cast of a bigfoot footprint. I have had it evaluated by top scientists in the field of anthropology and every one of them states that it is genuine. I may have thought I was seeing things the first time if it hadn't been that I had another encounter with a bigfoot one evening while driving north on Beck street. It walked across the roadd in plain sight and was very easy to recognize. Bigfoot does exist !!!!!!!!!


When you find him see if he can play d line for byu. we are really hurting ever since Lenny Gomes left.


I've seen big foot, he was in the movie Harry and The Hendersons, For real.

Lochness Monster

Stop looking for my friend!


Re: Snipe Hunting

By your post, it sounds like you think that a snipe is not real. Actually, there are close to 20 species of snipes, making it one of the most COMMON shore birds with worldwide distribution. It is because of the difficulty in hunting the snipe that the "Boy Scout Snipe Hunt" came into existence. (This sounds vaguely familiar). Military "snipers" were also named after the snipe.


This dude in the camo is probably a really good Republican. Haha.


those Cowboys Football Linemen out again running around on the mountains in their gorilla suits, scaring people? Something needs to be done about them........LOL!!

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